Homeland Series 3-Episode 11-warnings some spoilers-On in the UK Channel 4 and on Virgin TV channel 104

Homeland Series 3-Episode 11



I get all excited thinking it was Tehran.  But no it is underground prison with Alain Bernard in it.

In Tehran.
Brody and Interrogator/Doctor.
(against an obvious backdrop of sky and a stone balcony?!)
“An Iman helped me get out of Caracas”.
Brody’s cover story is crap. They could easily find out.

Carrie arrives in Tehran in a women’s taxi.  They speak only French in the Hotel.
All unlike a certain other country.  Which is perhaps our teaching moment.

Javadi is summoned by Akbari, we almost sympathise with Javadi.
It’s annoying how Javadi does that.

Carrie phones Saul.
(she sighs)
“Is that a headscarf you are wearing?”!

Carrie catches sight of her bump in the window.

Mossad Agent:
“This ain’t no gun, its cyanide”.
(no, really?!)
“We have C4”..

Saul’s Plan.
“I am aware it has a lot of moving parts”

“Shouldn’t Carrie be extracted before all this?”

Brody & his Guard.
“Where are my shoes?”
(this was my favourite few lines)

“What is this place?”

I tended to agree with the Mossad guy-this is not a good set-up.

“‘Fuck is happening?”
that is really what he said.
“For the last fucking time”!

There is an emotional reunion bit with Brody & Nasrin, Abu-Nazir’s wife,  She cried.
Nasrin to Brody:
“We dig them out of the rubble..”

Slightly odd scene where the crowd cried:
“Allah Akbhar” to Brody.

Then Carrie is back to doing what she does best.  Which is skulking around Middle Eastern market/towns in a Hijab.
(running her agent on the ground)

(Nb.  Strange how this story is mirroring exactly the missing American in Iran right now who hasn’t been heard of since 2011)

Brody goes for a dangerous play now.
But probably a good one..

Saul, for once, is lost for words.

end of excerpts

This episode really delivered even though mu excitement at taking a metaphorical trip down town and seeing all the sights of Tehran in my invisible accompanying of Brody in the car with Javadi were all cruelly dashed.

For once, some wide vista views were missing.  Not even the ubiquitous aerial ones I usually find so annoying and vertiginous.  Sigh.

Please note, sigh is now an in joke, i just invented.  Since if you like to have the subtitles up as i do, a habit
borne out of Scandinavian Dramas and or general mumbling, you will notice there is a plethora of plenteous sighs signified in the subtitles.  Everyone is always sighing!  Javadi sighs for England or rather Iran.  Carries sighs in abundance.  This episode was added “long exhales of breath”.

I do declare i am addicted to subtitles now as once you se the sound descriptions you just cannot give it up.

So no, no down town sights of Tehran sadly.  Only the ground upwards view of pale coloured dusty apartment blocks and a green and verdant garden with a nice classic Mercedes in thedDrive at Ferah’s Uncle’s house.

Thankfully they saved us from the stereotyped Arabian courtyards and officially Middle Eastern markets like that was all there was.

So we discover that this, Iran, is where Abu Nazir came from and presumably, where Brody was first radicalised.

Well according to Nasrin, Abu Nazir’s wife.  Although I could have sworn it was Iraq and then Afghanistan and Abu Nazir was a Sunni.  But no, apparently it was Iran so Abu Nazir was a Shia Muslim. I suppose that explains the links with Iran.

Abu Nazir’s house in the early series was full on stereotype and seemed more like it was in a small village or n the country.  It is all a bit mind bending as I try and remember why x is the baddie instead of y.

Still, delicately moving along, this was a cracking episode with Carie back to what she does best, which is to run her agent on the ground.  Carrie is in her element.  & so, surprisingly or not in my predictions last week, is Brody.

There is the stereotypical barking back and forth back home by the coterie of shouty men.  Who all drop what Americans call the f-bomb.  With, one would have thought in such high ranking officials, with shocking abandon.  Yet again i find myself thinking the Senator would do a better job than Saul.  The Senator certainly talks more sense.  Or would he? Perhaps someone of Saul’s severe ruthlessness is just what is needed.

Just as Javadi previously mentioned to Carrie when they first met in the desolate house on the golf course:
wherever Saul goes, or rather his plan, death follows.  A swathe of operative are scythed down as collateral damage;  Whether directly involved or not.

This is why i am worrying already.  or Ferah’s uncle.

As for the last scene, I was never truly fooled. OK maybe just for a minute.  however my eyes had already alighted upon a certain object on the desk with the very same thought that Brody had..

& Now: how on earth is Carrie gonna get Brody out of there in the barely blink of an eye’s worth of time as the clock is metaphorically ticking and the seconds rushing by?  Does she have Javadi’s phone number?  Can Brody abseil it down the the window to the ever eponymous thronging crowds below? Even if the window opened?  A window which

Brody has already checked out and retreated from?  Who know.

The whole affair is like a deliciously authentic classic adventure.  I half expect Brody to find an unexpected and errant sword, grab a non-existent tasselled silken curtain pull and swing across the room then down the stairs, swashbuckling his miraculous escape.  Like Errol Flynn on crack.

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