Homeland Series 3-Episode 10-Warning-minor spoilers-on in the UK Chhannel 4 or on Virgin TV Channel 104-Sundays @ 9pm

Homeland-Series 3-Episode 10


Nb. Turani & Azizi are some of the Special Operations guys in the Unit.

“How is your shoulder?”
“Brand fucking new”
“I took a look at your medical records”
“You’re 15 weeks pregnant”

“First of it’s not his” (Brody)
“Second- its none of your damn business!”

The Unit & Brody

“The secret is to relax the goat,”
“before you cut it’s throat”
Brody has a daft looking head-dress.

“I am turning my socks inside out,
“it keeps them fresh..”

“Join Al-Qaeda, see the world!”

“I am out of Black Jacks, any more out there?”!
“There is plenty more out there”.

Uh oh, (officially) Arabian music plays.
Now Brody is praying.
So the other guys know but Saul sure don’t.

(door shuts)  (engine starts)

Off they go.  Bang.
Suspenseful drums and music ensue.

Azizi-“shit-borders blocked”.
“Zero kilo alpha”
“Yeah, wait out”

“How long is this gonna take?”
“Those rear echelon Mother fuckers”!

Carrie to Saul:
“You chewing your lucky gum again?”
Black Jack is not gum!

Brody (shuddering breaths)
Brody freaks out.  He has a face full of blood.
“Bit late for your vagina to chime in”!
“Here, wipe the blood off your face.”

Azizi & Brody drive along.
“What did you wanna do when you grew up?”
“What did you wanna be?”
“Zero-kilo alpha”
“We hit a mine!”

Nice or not so nice Mike then decides it would be a good idea to use the hellfire missile & kill Brody and Azizi.
Saul says no.

Brody goes into action.  (yey Brody)
“zero kilo alpha”
Brody turns into a Unit guy and does all the right things.

“I never thought I would be this fucking guy”
“Me neither”
(on radio)
“suppress me”

The Unit guys come for Azizi.
“Are we aborting the mission?”
( I don’t think he got the message)

I knew Brody would get stubborn.
“Put the passenger on the line!”

Sheete.  I am not telling what happened.

Carrie & Ferah.

“You had a crucial role in recruiting.”
“You have an Uncle in Tehran”
she continues;
“We have a brother agent in the field, soon to be in mortal danger..”

(mens’ voices nearby)
Brody is the strong one now.
It’s Javadi:
“Are you ready to go to Tehran?”
(shuddering breath)
(Brody sighs deeply)

Now we go to Tehran..”


end of excerpts


So all very tenseful and exciting but mostly in the damn dark.  With the usual drone feed half familiar white/black shots of the ground from above and moving plasma blobs of figures.

Some of this is visually familiar I realise from Cop/ Police programmes that delight in showing said white squidgy plasma blobs having legs and plopping up and down, uselessly over fences and running through gardens.  The blobs being burglars or fugitives from hastily abandoned cars.

 Poor blobs thinking they are free or hidden behind a tree. Because the helicopter above is watching them.  With their special infra-red night vision.  There is no

This must be why such visuals are half familiar to me I realise.  Since I have not  seen many drone feeds.  None of us has except the rarity on the news.

All in all I find there is not much to write about this episode.  Myself i was mostly busy being upset about the collateral damage involved.  Or more specifically, the people, on both sides.  As always one might say.  It all
seemed so unnecessary, nay unlucky.  As things just went from bad to worse.  Calamity  upon calamity.

Although the mission was saved i suppose.  It all seemed a high price to pay.

It did seem blindingly obvious to me that a blue eye pale faced American would stand out in a crowd.  Ginger haired people being found across the world, yet usually with brown or more commonly, green eyes.

 Had this not occurred to anybody?  The planners in the CIA, the Special Ops guys?  All the cover stories in the world wouldn’t wash with that.

 On reflection perhaps green contact lenses would have been helpful.  Or was Brody meant to be a distant American cousin or convert?

The rest of the episode was mainly Carrie getting weepy in the control room and Saul surprising us all by revealing a penchant for a very British sweet called Black Jacks which are definitely not “gum”.  I didn’t know they had Black Jacks in America, or that anybody outside of the UK had ever heard of them!

 I can reveal my own predilection for Black jacks, normally jettisoned after childhood, which turn your tongue and gums temporarily black being made of wonderfully chewy liquorice.  Yum.

In other news Carrie denies that her baby is Brody’s.  Pull the other leg Carrie, it has bells on it.

We are left to wonder what annoyingly unsatisfactory cliff-hanger we will be left with next week. Me, i found myself getting excited at being the metaphorical viewer of Tehran in the shortly, as promised by Javadi, trip
down town..

I can’t think that anything definitive will happen in the next two episodes.  Other than another deathly happening or a deeply moral conundrum.

Still, at least Brody came too out of his obvious and ongoing post-traumatic stress when his Marine/ Special Ops training kicked in and he became the strong one.

What did i tell you, Brody can usually, think on his feet.  No back up beyond Ferah’s now dangerously at risk Uncle and the eponymous safe house.  Like that will help.  Being Muslim will be in in Brody’s favour however.

Brody is back.  We will all be rooting for him.  & Saul no doubt will have miraculously white teeth.  Instead of black.

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