Homeland Series 3-Episode 9-Warning:spoilers-recommended for those who have watched this episode-on in the UK on Channel 4 or on Virgin TV Channel 104-@ 9pm on Sundays

Homeland Episode 9


Nb. I missed the first few minutes.

Carrie & Brody are both hospitalised and under armed guard.

Carrie is not speaking.
The Doctor was a bit harsh.  As if she got herself shot on purpose.

The Senator talks the most sense of everybody!

Brody is quite muscley for someone imprisoned x number of months.

Saul & Dar Adal discuss:
“How does the Senator know about Caracas?”
So Alan Bernard is the Senator’s guy..

The Senator & Carrie
The Senator wants to know why he is the bad guy when Carrie has been shot and the CIA:
“still close ranks on each other”.
Good point.
The Senator:
“The CIA are not allowed to do operations on American soil!”
Blimey!   You could have fooled me.

Shocking scenes with Brody flipping out and stabbing himself with a chair he broke.  & Predictably Brody flashes back to a similar scene in Iraq.  & (hallucinates) The stereotyped Drill Sergeant before that:
“You are a US Marine!”

( in Brody’s hallucinations) Abu Nazir is bandaging Brody in a kindly way.  Brody looks like Arrow (from the series Arrow) when Arrow was ship-wrecked on the desert island.

Saul & Brody.
“Why didn’t you just let me die?”
“Please, I am done..”
“You can be a US Marine again..”
“Please, just kill me!”
“You wanna die?”
“We will see about that”

Outboard dinghy out on a lake at night.
All alike-looking-to-the-Doctor-Special-Op- guys throw Brody overboard.
Doctor/ Special Ops  guy:
“I am going in”
Other guys:
“No, He will come up!”
Obviously an old tried and tested Marine method..

Doctor/ Special Ops guy to Saul.
“Just push it back 6 months..”
“Are you done letting us into your thought process?”

Saul & Carrie.
“How are you feeling?”
“I was about to clear Brody!”
“You lied to me”
“Don’t you wanna know how he is?”
“What have you done to him?”
“You know the assumptions behind that are so misguided..” (BS-bullshit)

“I have a play, it involves Brody, I’m hoping you will convince him it’s in everybody’s interest..”
“Darbani Akbari, the head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard”
“Brody seeks political asylum there..”
“Akbari is better protected than the Ayotollah!”
“it is something to break the log jam”!” bla bla…”
“get two countries talking for the first time in 30 years”

(door opens)
(footsteps approach)
Carrie comes to see Brody.
She sits in silence.  Then:
Is Carie gonna tell him she is pregnant?
Brody turns away.
Carrie cries.

Carrie & Saul.
“What happened to Brody in Caracas?”
“A world of shit”..
“(He) got hooked on painkillers..(?!)”
“An Iman and his wife were murdered..”
“‘Cause of him?”
“‘Cause of him”…”

Saul finds out about Alan Bernard-who is Mossad!
“What shall we do about him?”
“Put him in a dark fucking hole..”

Saul & The Senator.
“Alan Bernard was interviewing me for an article in Le Monde..”
“Do we have a deal?”
“We do”.

(door opens)  (door closes)

Oh no, Homeland starts going into the montage!
& Plays montage military music!

Brody is drilled:
“What language are they speaking?”
Special Ops guy holds up a porno magazine.
What is her name?”
“What is she famous for?”
Oh that will come in useful..

Brody is one of the cool Special Ops (operations) guys now.  He might even get to grow a beard!
Like all of them.

In the Mission room.
Sergeant in charge of the Mission:
“Our code name is Nasrudin..”

Carries is having a naughty fag/ cigarette.

Carrie tells Brody about Dana’s suicide attempt-finally.
& Brody and Carrie go to see Dana.

Brody to Carrie in the car:
“I will come back from Tehran, and not just for her..”
He looks at Carrie.

Brody ships out.
is she gonna tell him?
“See you on the other side!”

Sad violin music plays like a 1940’s movie.

end of excerpts


So another humdinger of an episode.  I missed the first few minutes and a bit around the scene when Brody is hallucinating.  But this time, big time on Obagaine and not just cold turkey from heroin.  With Saul watching dispassionately through the glass.  As cold and clinical as any evil scientist in a concentration camp.  I have no desire to re-watch &amp catch up.

Brody broken down to be built up again and groomed for a mission.  Just like in Iraq.  Although oddly as per usual in Homeland, Abu Nazir is portrayed as a kindly semi-Jesus.

 Although there is little difference between the two zealots: Saul & Abu Nazir of course.  That is our necessary teaching moment.  Both men equally deluded and dangerous.  Ruthless too.  In their use of the innocent.  Both taking revenge for the deaths of the innocent & so on.

 Carrie & Brody, the star-crossed lovers are misled by Saul in his grandiose delusion.  Sounds like a lunatic mission for sure..

So I am getting shades of The Unit: a hugely daft but enjoyable series watching this episode of Homeland.  The Unit was about a super duper secret Special Operations (Ops) Unit who flew out to far away places and were parachuted in and miraculously blended in with the locals.

 Not that the men of The Unit didn’t fit in, because they were consummate at disguise.  I always wondered why the small towns and villagers never noticed that the men were strangers.

 Presumably this need for blending in is why most of the Special Ops Unit in Homeland all have ostensible beards.

I will look forward with interest to the next exciting episode set in Iran where this Unit and newbie Brody will do their thing.  & We will find out just how good these guys are on the ground.  Because something tells me Brody is going to need them.

 Since Saul does not seem to have considered that the first line of action or reaction in Iran could be poor Brody ending up in just another hole.

Still, we know that Brody, swiftly and amazingly rejuvenated from several circles of hell both mental and physical just by jogging, drilling and being a band of brothers again with the boys: is really rather good at thinking on his feet.  Lets hope so.  ‘Cause I for one don’t trust Javadi one little bit.  Any more than I do Saul.

Figureheads and heroes whilst temporarily useful for the powers that be, tend to be expendable.

All of this must by why Carries never let on that she is still, thankfully, pregnant.  So as  Brody could stay focused and Special-Ops super duper sharp.

I must say I am enjoying the romantic and classic turn that Homeland took this episode.  The aching goodbye, the words that we wished to be said, unsaid.  The shipping out.  Even, the poignant, worried smoke whilst gazing out into the distant night by Carrie.

(what did i say about the erstwhile non-smoker unearthing a cigarette in times of woe in a previous episode?!)

It’s all so very timeless in movies.  The soldier’s last night before he goes to war.  The womenfolk (& babies) left behind.  This could be any movie, set in any time, in any war.  Deliberate or not as another, irksome teaching moment (or whether it is a manufactured war?) I don’t care.

Homeland has us all waiting and hoping, caught up in the romance.  I half expected a fountain to spurt or waves crash on the beach to signify sex like movies used to.

& I forgot it wasn’t a movie.




I do like the eponymous de-bugging scene in spy dramas.  There is something almost amusing yet meditative about the whole thing.  Perhaps it is the mime-like quality of actions without words so rarely seen now since silent movies.

Then there is the mutual unspoken co-operation between the pair of de-buggers.  It is usually two people.  For reasons other than to spies, unknown.  Who invariably in spite of knowing perfectly well the need for silence, put one finger to the lips in warning when they find the mysteriously hidden bug.

The de-bugging scene is like a grown up game of hide and seek dripping with silent unspoken drama:
the mystery, the threat and the reveal.


Some notes on The Unit mentioned in my review.

The Unit
The excellent American series The Unit featured the grizzled serial beer drinking werewolf Dad of Alcide in True Blood as the Sergeant of The Unit. & Denis Haysbert who were both brilliant as was everybody else, the women included.

The Unit was created and many episodes directed by David Mamet  Which may have been one of the reasons The Unit was so good.  There was plenty of human interest in it along with the fascinating and dangerous missions of the Unit abroad.

Having watched several series of The Unit (now sadly ended) i realise that i now consider myself qualified to comment on such Special-Ops missions abroad!  In a drama..

Homeland episode 9 & Parallels with True Blood.
Watching Saul observe Brody so dispassionately from behind the glass recalled recent similar scenes in the series of True Blood  that has just ended in the UK..

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