A note to My Readers-some notes on new series coming: The Bridge Series 2 BBC4 & Revenge E4 (Virgin TV 144) and some i have seen: Borgen 3, BBC4, Lillyhammer 2 Netflix, Never wipe Away Tears Without Gloves BBC4 & Storyville-Fame In China BBC4-Gareth Malone’s Choirs At work BBC2

Dear Readers.  some news of some new series in January 2014:
& some that i have seen:

Some notes on catch up & on demand viewing, Netflix & old series available on Virgin Media TV
Nb. All BBC programmes are available to catch up on in the UK on the BBC i-player online:

Series 1 of The Bridge is on i-player.

& on TV by pressing on demand whilst on BBC1.

Also, i have learnt that Netflix (about £6 per month) can be shared within a household on different computers by other users,  if one person in that household is a subscriber to Netflix.  The Netflix subscriber just adds you as another user.

E4 can be seen later on TV via 4-On Demand.

For Virgin TV viewers: 
There is also the chance to see Series 1 of The Bridge on the Virgin media TV Channel number 100 entitled:
 On Demand Previews-then press blue button on your remote called Guide/ home:
go to Catch up TV-then go to to Search and type in The Bridge using the numbers on your remote for letters. eg. number 2-tap twice for B
(Nb. 0 is a space)-then go to the heading shown:
TV Choice-the whole  The Bridge Series 1 comes up & is available for another 11 days!

OMG: have just checked and the whole of Series 1 & Series 2 of Maison Close is available through Virgin TV Channel 100 via the same method as described above.  How cool is that..
As is, as i have just checked Forbydelsen/ The Killling Series 1 &  2.
(Nb. i don’t work for Virgin tho maybe i should)
Have also found hre: series 3 of Underbelly, Underbelly NZ and series 1 & 2 of  *Wallander with Henrik  Kristerssen.  I have written about series 1 of Underbelly on this blog.

*Please note-as of 2nd January 2013 the Wallander series are no longer available*

New Series in the New Year:
Revenge-yey! 4th January-see my previous write up on Revenge.
Frothy but glorious fun in the vein of Dallas/Dynasty.  With a great, snarling yet ever smiling evil heroine..
Actually two.

&Series 2 of The Bridge.  also 4th January.  Starting at 9pm on BBC4:-two one hour episodes back to back.

Until then i am afraid it is pretty much a televisual desert.   OK one more episode of Homeland to go.  Boring boring Borgen 3 finished.  I have a small write up on that to put up although i couldn’t really stir myself to write episode per episode.  Since it was seriously underwhelming.

I told myself i would save up Lillyhammer-Series 2-having recently been inculcated into the joys of Netflix.  But then i had to go and watch the whole series in three or four nights.   It was that good.

Series & Documentaries i have seen recently:

Then there is The Tunnel, SKY Atlantic which turned out, in apposite to what i said here, really rather good.  One more episode to go which i am quite dreading .  Since as watchers of the Original The Bridge know-the ending is really rather sad.

Actually-scrub that, it looks like i was right in the beginning: the ending did not merit the whole watching of the series . In spite of it picking up in pace a little along the way.  You could not help but agree, just a little, with the TT’s opinion of our eponymous hero..

I have watched an excellent short series called:
Never wipe Away Tears without gloves on BBC4 which is a Documentary/ Drama, I have to finish a write up on it and will put up.
Although warning-it is very sad.

Then there was Storyville-Fame In China-BBC4 which i really enjoyed-a one off Documentary about a Chinese performing arts school putting on their first ever musical-Fame.  My favourite person in that Documentary was Professor Haig who we got to see in her earlier incarnation as a fearsome deadly martial arts fighter in old films.

So that is about it between now and January.  O, there will be a new Sherlock Holmes for Christmas i believe.  Correction: you have to wait until New Year’s Day, 9pm BBC1 for the new Series of Sherlock Holmes.

  Not even anything silly and fun to watch like the Canadian:
 1-8000 Missing which was my secret silly TV for a while.  I actually found myself slumped watching:
 ‘The best and worst of X-Factor tonight’ until i roused myself, in mute self-recrimination.  Anything, come on, anything, has to be better than this…

Nb.  The Bates Motel i thought was excellent-reviewed here in a one off review.  So good i didn’t want to spoil/er it.

Oh i must give a special mention to Gareth Malone’s Choirs At Work Series on BBC2.
Final on Sunday 22 December @9pm
In which Gareth Malone, a highly trained Choirmaster, chooses and trains members of the public who work in various Companies or Public services to form and then sing together in a choir.  He also auditions for solo singers for that choir.  For this series Gareth goes to find members of the public from: Sainsburys, P& O Ferries, The Cheshire Fire Service, Citibank and Birmingham City Council staff.

 The series is bitty and superficial in the teaching segments due to Gareth flitting about the the country to reach each Choir and only arriving to officially poke about inside the business: meet all the different staff members and give an unerringly big fat plug for said Company/ public Service: leaving the chosen choirs and their signposted meaningful and hopefully emotional back stories to be tutored by unknown choirmasters.

Gareth then returns to coach the Choirs for each first impromptu (supposedly) performance to the public and then their first official performance in the competition for Choir At Work of the Year.  Although worryingly, for the Citibank choir ‘s spontaneous performance in the street below, i noticed that they were deemed to require several lurking just out of camera-Security Guards.

Gareth, although obviously a very nice guy and well meaning, cannot help but be patronising to the point of insult. Especially to the people doing the less than salubrious jobs such as the frozen folk wearing frosted balaclavas with T-shirts as a sartorial badge of pride in the cavernous cold food section of Sainsburys.
 “Gosh, I wouldn’t like to do this job!” Gareth repeatedly exclaimed.

Gareth was oblivious, it seemed to the very real pride exhibited and exuded by those responsible for feeding part of the population and ensuring that they never, ever, ran out of stock.  In a system as huge, cavernous and impressive as any imaginary toy making factory run by industrious elves at the North Pole for Christmas.

Conversely, Gareth similarly or one could i suppose argue fairly, treated the Citibank folk to a reverse snobbery and stock stereotypes which perhaps he felt duty bound to express-who knows. As if each and every person in the bank right down to the security guards, translators and the really very nice gentle man in charge of accounts at no less than £22 million, were all personally responsible for the banking crisis.

Gareth then just as loudly declared vocally to all concerned that he had discovered-shock horror:
“that they, Citibank,  were human beings/nice people after all!”

It did seem to me that Citibank, as the only choir who could all mostly sight read music had rather an advantage over the other choirs who mostly could not.  Thus was the class divide exposed for all to see.  Then all the choirs were forced to go to The Royal Academy of Music and learn classical pieces in Latin and or Italian in the short space of a few days.

Any one who expressed their worry and stress at such a gargantuan task was tut tutted over and declared, as in a short argument within one choir, as:
 “having lost their unity as a choir”.

However the Choirs’ performances for the competition and the unwittingly amusing three Judges who when really feeling the performance literally get their groove on albeit in a muted and  scholarly way in the audience: are worth every minute of the rest of the show.

The sung performances by the workplace choirs are fairly to truly staggering and moving to behold.  As are the dejected and often weeping reactions by the poor unfortunate choir that is voted out each week.

Next week is the final, should be an electric experience: as in fizzing with unseen electricity strangely affecting both heart, soul and engendering unseen goosebumps over arms forthwith.

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