Homeland Series 3-Episode 8-warning major spoilers-recommended for those who have watched this episode-on in the UK on Channel 4 or on Virgin TV Channel 104 Sundays @9pm

Homeland Episode 8


Saul & Mira.
“When this is all over I would like to go to that Island in Su Hulu (?)..”
“Can I pour you a cup of tea?”

Carrie& Quinn.
They look at photographs..
“Can’t believe all these people are gone..”
Photo of Estes.  Ah.

“Where is Ferah?”
“She was supposed to be here an hour ago!”
Ferah drives away from the car park.

Saul & The Senator & Mike (not that Mike)
The Senator:
“This is bullshit!”
“Regime change?”(!)

Mira & Alan Bernard.
“We have decided to give the marriage another chance!”
I was under the impression you had given up on that, that you had?!”
(so was I)
(hello, Mira, have you seen Alan?!)

Ferah & Baba Joon (her Dad or Grandad)
I knew they would give her Middle Eastern music!

“Don’t worry, my job is safe, at the investment bank”
Baba Joon:
“So why aren’t we rich?”

Dar Adal  & Bennett.
Dar Adal:
“I do terror now, your name has come up..”
“Sounds ominous?”
Dar Adal:
“Co-operate with us, come clean..”
“Ten years ago, I might have fallen for that weak shit..”
“Come after me, I have nothing to hide!”

Carrie has two handbags and two mobile phones.
Text:Red wheelbarrow.

Franklin & Carrie
Don’t tell me, a Catholic Church?  No, Orthodox.  Greek or Russian.
(beautiful Icons on the walls)
“I hear the weddings go on for hours”
“Longer than the marriages”!

Saul & Mira.
“Is that Carrie?”
“I can tell by the tone of your voice,”
“You never talk to anybody else like that”

“I have to go away, only a couple of days, a week at most”
“I’ll come with you”
“There is nothing I would like more..”
“but it’s not that kind of trip”

Carrie’s scan.
Ultrasound Technician:
“I’m getting a real clear image here,”
“do you want to know if it’s a boy or a girl?”
“Carrie, you’re not on your own any more”

Ferah and IG Officer (dunno-Internal Government?)
IG Officer:
“You sat in the parking lot..then went over to Longhill road..”
“your current state of mind..”
“Tell the Agency not to worry.”.
IG Officer:
“Tell them yourself at work tomorrow”

Baba Joon:
“”What happens when the Secret Police find out in Tehran?”
“Your uncle, his children, they will all be hanged!”
“I’m an American!”

The operation watching Franklin.
Man in charge:
“Stay small, stay cool, stay out of sight..”

Franklin & Carrie.
“Take a breath Carrie”
“Don’t patronise me!”

Carrie & Co listen in on Franklin & Bennett who phone each other.
(a bit dumb of them)

Uh oh-it’s Alan Barnard! He’s doing something to Saul & Mira’s computer.
He’s a spy.

Surely Franklin & Bennett are playing Carrie and the team?
“We’ll send a tactical team to the Hotel”!
That doesn’t sound like a good idea.

They all watch Franklin.

American looking guy in hotel.
“Do you want your exfil (ex filtration) package or not?”
“Room 220”
(Franklin is gonna kill him)

Boss of operation:
“I’m authorising force!”

In the van Carrie & Quinn.
“Come closer, where the fuck is Saul?”
“Something’s not right”

How was your flight?”
“You should see the summers here..”
“Perhaps I’ll buy an air conditioning unit with the 4 million dollars..”

end of excerpts


Well Lordy, Lordy, Lordy. I nearly swallowed my Garibaldi.
(OK they don’t make them any more)

I asked for a thundering yarn and I surely got one.  Homeland was firing on all cylinders like some turbo-charged boy racers around a multi-storey car park.

OK some hiccups of flat mundanity along the way.  They just have to have Baba Joon, Ferah’s Father or Grandfather playing suitably Iranian/ Middle-eastern music with little tea-lighted officially Eastern lamps.  Last I heard Ikea was everywhere.

People died so many turned up at a new branch in Saudi Arabia.

Yet programme makers demand that ghostly Arabian music shall play in the distance, bathrooms are forever marble and fronds of ferns like fans of mini-palm trees shall decorate Abu Nazir’s house in previous series.

Still, Baba Joon, being older would more likely have traditional nick-knacks from home.  So where is Ferah’s mother and the rest of her family?  A tragic end we can only surmise,  Back in Tehran.

&Poor Carrie’s position and pregnancy become very precarious indeed.  Carrie had high blood pressure and now she is losing blood fast.  Please no, as in demanded dramatic device, don’t let Carrie lose her baby!

I am a supporter of the love story that intertwines throughout.  For me possibly the strongest thread holding Homeland together.  & Always has been.

Somewhat hilarious in the moment was Quinn, thankfully, snatching the sniper’s rifle as if to say, give it here, numbskull, you’ll only go and kill her!..

“Come closer”, Carrie beckons to Quinn as we’re all (well me) silently hoping she will tell him she’s pregnant,but nope.  Carrie as perspicacious and on it as ever has twigged to the absence of Saul..

& Much as I was also, along with everybody else on the scene, count them, i mean there was a whole city of SWAT,  berating Carrie for being wilfully disobedient again: another still small voice was saying, no, Carrie is right, she’s always right.  (and you’re wrong)

& Saul’s grandiose long term plan ain’t worth diddley squat.

As rudely caricatured as he maybe, I’m with the straight talking Senator on this.  Unlike the easily persuaded mysterious other Mike.  Wondering off swallowing hook line and sinker the grandiose Saul-led delusion of “regime change”.  Uh huh.  Surre.  With who in charge?  The evil and ever slippery (i predict) Javadi?  I have my doubts.

Or perhaps Saul could don a merry white turban and a wide smile whilst continuing to hang people by the dozens.

& Finally we have the biggest surprise to date so far.  Because quite clearly, it is:
” not that sort of trip”..
Not that sort of trip at all.

& Just where has Saul come into possession of a cool 4 million we wonder.  & I feel cruelly light-hearted in my ponderings last week as to the pristine nature of Brody’s white T-shirt and longing for some enjoyably uniform gloom.

As we discover the answer to just such questions and my wish is fulfilled.  Homeland, in it’s point-making exercise shows us that Brody has been treated as badly or worse than the hole in Iraq.  Which Brody pleaded with his captors in fear that he could not survive again.

Only difference is that there was no torture.  Just a long term medical variation instead.  & Not even a loo in his room.  As his bleary. blood-shot eyes far too slowly take half a forever to focus: we wonder whether Brody has lost his mind. & He looks up at the man responsible.

In the midst of what 4 million dollars buys you.

I apologise internally, I wasn’t really itching to get back to this, sorry Brody.  I can only hope that the star crossed lovers will be reunited.  But something tells me that there will be no happy ending.

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