Homeland Series 3-Episode 7-Warnings-spoilers-Recommended only for those who have seen this episode-on in the UK on Channel 4 or on Virgin TV Channel # 104 Sundays @9pm

Homeland Series 3-Episode 7


Police at the scene.

“So what are we looking at here?”
“A 22, the top half”
“Some kind of peach wine”
“thought Muslims didn’t drink?”

Shit.  They let Ferah question Javadi directly?  Is this safe for her, for him to see her face?

Ferah has a go at Javadi in Farsi.
So she is Iranian.

“So this is it, is it?
“I was brought down by two girls?!”

Javadi & Saul:
“There’s a deal to be made, or I would be in prison by now..”
“I want a compound in Miami and all of my money, unfrozen!”

“I have other plans, you’re going back”
“I’m your new Case Officer!”

Quinn takes a shower.
(that will make all his fans on the forums happy)

Dar Adal comes to visit Quinn.
Dar Adal:
“I understand it was a damn slaughter..”
“Fuck you”
Dar Adal Shows Quinn his own photo..
Uh oh.

So Javadi has to have a third bleed from his nose whilst he sits there with his blood spattered shirt..

“Why did you kill her?”
“She was unfaithful”
“She was your ex-wife”
“In the eyes of God, we’re still married..”
(like the Catholics eh)

Javadi makes a Shar’ia joke
“I should have stoned her to death,”
“If you had given me more time!”

Police Captain & Carrie.
Carrie has to go throw up.

Javadi & Saul.
“You and me, we toiled in back rooms,”
“while shallower men held the stage..”
he continues
“Who was responsible for the bomb?”
“It wasn’t him,it was one of Abu Nazir’s guys,”
“who exactly, I don’t want to know..”

Saul & Mira on the Mobile.
“Where are you?”
“No, back to work.”

Mira is dishevelled, she’s in bed with Alan..
In their house?
“I wanted to tell you..bla bla”
“When are you coming home?”
“The usual, not till late.”

Hasn’t Mira head of having an affairs or whatever err, not at your own house or Saul’s?

Javadi finally puts on a new shirt.
(he exhales)

Uh oh. Ferah is hanging out in the kitchen now with Carrie & Javadi!
So Javadi’s henchmen see Ferah now!

But Ferah looks glaringly at Javadi and reaches for the scissors..

Javadi & Carrie.
“You never told me whose idea it was to hang you out as bait”
“don’t tell me, its classic Saul”
“the abuse you went through..”

“Not Brody?”
(don’t give yourself away Carrie)

Police Detective& Quinn.
“Your compadre..”
“actually I’m just trying to understand the shit you people do”
he continues
“So you killed the daughter?”
“with what?”
“Walter PPK”
“The mother?”
(the Detective answers himself)
“plum wine..”

Senator & Saul.
“Javadi, bla bla, corruption IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Council-i think)
“So in Iran, that is Tuesday!”

Javadi & Carrie in cosy chat in the car.
“Almost there and you still haven’t asked me..”
“who moved the bomb?”
“who gave the keys?”
(hmm good point)
If it wasn’t Brody then it has to be the mole.

Senator & Saul.
“Every time I ask you a question and get a big gaping nothing,”
“it reminds me of your relationship.”

This is a once in a lifetime operation,”
“that can transform everything!”
“You sound like you’re fucking high!”!

Saul locks in the Senator.
“Make me!”
Saul-you’re dead!”
Senator to Dar Adal:
“Darl-you’re dead!”
“what the Fuck?”!
( ha ha ha)

Javadi & Carrie
“The man who built the bomb and moved the SUV,”
“he didn’t die in the explosion”
“he’s still in the country”
“ask the man who brought us together.”

Dar Adal & Saul.
“Plane has left airspace”
Dar Adal:
“An audacious operation..”
they clink glasses.

Quinn & Carrie.
“What do they say, confession is good for the soul..”
“Wrong crime, right guy”
he continues
“I’m done with this, the CIA,”
“nothing justifies the damage we do..”

I can prove it now, I need your help”

Mira & Saul.
“How as your day?”
(it is the same bedroom, i hope Alan Bernard isn’t in the cupboard)
“I had a really good day..”
Mira hugs him!

That infernal Jazz plays.

end of excerpts

Oh Homeland.  Homeland, Homeland, Homeland.  What are we to do with you?

Like an old, eccentric and endearing companion. Or a comfortable yet crassly battered old pair of trainers worn fondly around the house and maybe outside on Sundays: Homeland may not pass public muster.

It is interestingly unclear whether Homeland takes itself supremely seriously or not.  One hesitates to apply unfair stereotypical shades of satirical innocence, an immunity to irony or even just a sense of humour default.  Just because it is American.

Is a drama about terrorism allowed to be funny?  & Is it likely that an American production would deliberately do so?  It seems unlikely.  However as much with Homeland, who knows.

Homeland has metaphorically been languishing on ludicrous Lane at intervals recently.  Then one might say it took a turn into ridiculous Road and somewhere along the way: veered off all roads completely into the optimistically as always named (since there is no forest left in evidence) into the Forest Rise of farce.
 French farce if you like.

Yes, Homeland is lost in the Forest.  In amidst the thickets and the trees.  Where perhaps we can’t see the wood for the trees.  Which is what spy-craft is all about.

Perhaps Homeland is lost and wondering in the dark and enchanted wood where one is never supposed to venture in Fairy Tales.  Because bad things happen if you do.

Instead of making it to the Woodcutter’s cottage and his buxom smiling wife with a large pot of bubbling hot stew on the fire.

Or is it that Homeland, along with the viewer has become tangled in the dark wood and clawing branches and bushes.  That are pulling at  clothes and poking us painfully in the eye.  To be suddenly released with out warning to stumble and near fall, down a sudden dip in the ground. Unexpectedly emerging back into sunlight and sky.

A forest thick with farce and nonsensical situations of intermittent hilarity like sunlight needlepoints glimpsed above.
Such as Saul locking the Senator, somehow, in the Conference room. & The Senator not knowing how to use the phone.  Well it is difficult if you don’t know which number dials out.

Possibly this was all so daft that it really happened.  In Spy-land.  & Saul has nothing to lose.  With some pretty amazing electronic gadgetry, & Saul showing a previously unnoticed mastery of such.

Then we are meant to believe that Ferah, whose cover as a back-room agent was already wilfully blown by Saul in front of the shamefaced but presumably powerful banking men.

Yes, Ferah is then doubly risked by being left in a cosy kitchen of the safe house with plenty of sharp objects to hand to question and berate a man whom they know to be a homicidal maniac.

Along with Carrie of course, who is later employed alone, to drive aforesaid murdering maniac in a long and leisurely trip to the airport.

Whilst Carrie & Javadi have almost therapeutic and intimate chats on the subject of Brody, bombings and the ever mysterious mole.

& The soap-opera element i referred to last week that so lent itself to my fantasy of Ferah being the long lost daughter of Nassir Hejazi the goalkeeper for Iran or someone else entirely: rears up again as a possibility.

Otherwise just why is Ferah getting quite so aerated?  & wasn’t it annoying that they didn’t subtitle the Farsi?
Or is Ferah just offended on behalf of Iran and it’s loss through Javadi’s embezzlement?.  Whatever the reason, Ferah’s emotional outbursts are most un-spy like and uncool.  As in risky.

 Javadi could have easily killed them both, Ferah & Carrie, in the blink of an eye without pausing for breath.  With just another subtitled sigh.

Yet it is Ferah we see in Super 8 soap opera style, reaching in slow motion, for the scissors.

Go on, Ferah, do it, I silently urged her.  Pretty sure the world would be a better place.  As Saul once said.

Perhaps Javadi has killed somebody in Ferah’s family?  Way back in Ian.  & She is out for revenge-Du na du na..

Yet Javadi s such a smooth talker and quite charming all in all.  if it wasn’t for his penchant for blood and blood spattered shirts.  Such a well spoken man, so polite.  Yes the trilogy of imagery of falling blood they gave him, completed by the nose bleed.  Started with the hamburger sauce.  Could it be a religious allusion?  Who knows.

Oh and just who is the mysterious mole?
Still deep and underground in his hole?  My first thought was Estes but he was speaking when the bomb blew.  We saw it.

Saul?  Who was off overseeing Bin Laden’s burial (mostly) wasn’t about. (however see footnotes)
 That just leaves Dar Adal who is too obvious and the mighty Quinn.  Could it be him? Quinn seems to obviously principled. yet Quinn is officially jaded and he knows how to build bombs..

Or could the mole by mostly mysterious Mira? Was she around then in the CIA building?  & Conceivably have gained entry as Saul’s wife? although it’s not clear if they are married.

Mira is certainly being shown as some kind of plotting Lady Macbeth, filling up the screen with her extreme beauty and dark negligĂ©e’ ensembles.

Thing is, I’m interminably bored of both Saul and Mira now and almost itching to get back to Caracas.  To check up on poor Brody. The state of his ever pristine T-shirt, Levis look-alike jeans and possible heroin habit by now.
  & Just some enjoyably uniform gloom.




Nb. Although a thought occurred that even Javadi, his recruitment by Saul in his unnervingly zealous like zeal pronouncing that this operation could:
“Transform everything!”.

 That this all rests on the rather dubious and shaky idea that Javadi:
“will want to see it through to the end” rather than just escape to sunny Miami.  All of this could be art of the long play..The long con by Abu Nazir.

& It will shortly all blow up in their rather too smug too early, satisfied faces..

& yet & yet..
another possibility is that Saul, who was indeed bustling about the CIA building just before the bomb could be:
 “The man who brought us together” as described by Javadi to Carrie.

Beware of zealous pronouncements, since they are usually uttered by zealots..

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