Homeland Series 3- Episode 6-Warning-major spoilers-Recommended only if you have watched this episode-On in the UK on Sundays @ 9pm Channel # 4 or on Virgin TV Channel #104

Homeland episode 6


The Irahhnians. (American pronunciation)
” Carrie Matheson”!

“Trying for the drone feed..”
“So we lost her”
(he sighs)

So: no microchip then.

Javadi & Carrie.
“Firstly I must apologise..”
“If we are to establish a relationship we must have trust”

Mira & Saul (We Were On A Break!-Friends)
“His name is Alan Bernard”
“He didn’t spend the night”
How un-French”!
“Do you love him?”
“he makes me a laugh, we have fun,”
“the day is better with him in it”
“Get angry, get angry at something”
“get angry at me”
(no, why don’t you get angry?)

Carie fails a lie detector Test.
(long sigh)
“The machine says you’re lying”
“It’s time we talked about Nassir Hejazi,”
“the Iranian goal-keeper..”
“You used his name to embezzle 43 million dollars, you are now an enemy of your own state!”
“Bravo, Miss Matheson”!
“So when did you and Saul hatch this plan?”
“Saul Berenson, still putting people’s lives at risk”.

Javadi taps an un-tipped cigarette..

“I just changed it”
“(we meet at) Raffi’s coffee shop”

Saul to Ferah:
I watched the man i thought i knew turn into..”

Is it really wise of Saul to be showing Fera all these photos?

“So this operation is revenge?”
“No, revenge was when I got his wife and son out to the West,
“look, Fariba”..
(more photos)

??So why does Carrie have a million pregnancy testing kits in her drawer?
& didn’t it say pregnant?
Uh oh..a wee Brody on the way..

Dar Adal (nasty beardy guy) & The Senator.
“May I speak plainly?”
“The agency is a mess..”
Dar Adal:
“”The hope is that you are the reformer..”
“Past is past,I’m more interested in what happens next”
“No more skeletons, no more Sergeant Brodys, no Carrie Matheson..”!
Dar Adal:
“God forbid!”

Dana at The Court House.
“I can’t imagine what Y’all are going through..”
“Would you permit me to pray for you?”!

“(Javadi) “He’s making a point”
“You may have me over a barrel,
“but I’ll never be your bitch!”

(tyres screech)

“Racial profiling a neighbourhood?”
“The CIA calls it Domain Management”!

Javadi goes all baby talk.
Sheeete.  So that was who Javadi was watching when he was eating his hamburger.

Chris speaks!
“Dana Lazzaro-it sounds pretty cool”.

“Hi, I’m Angela”..
“I’m moving”

How old is Dana meant to be and where is she getting her money from?!

“I can’t live this life any more, it nearly killed me,”
“I’ve gotta leave”

Ah, I hate to see Jessica cry.
(Dana has developed freckles since her escapade)
Dana just leaves, she hasn’t even given an address!

Black van man:
“Somebody must have called it in, we have got Police Homicide here..”
(who called it in, the Mole? or Carrie, for the baby)

Saul watches moodily from behind the tree as they bring in Javadi with his blood spattered shirt.

Quinn to Javadi:
Quinn to the rest of them:
“This is just the fucking beginning”..

Nb.  As Homeland likes to do-the blood now is the echo of the hamburger sauce stains on Javadi’s shirt in the previous episode.
end of excerpts.


So a thundering episode of Homeland.  Mind you they all are to me.

Also horrifically violent and shockingly graphic.  & No usual warning of: Scenes of a violent nature that some viewers might find disturbing.  For sensitive souls like me.  So i can get ready with my handy baseball cap. ready to pull it down, one handed over my eyes.

Or even a vertical forest of fingers and hands .  Truth be told, i am a bit disappointed in having to now add Homeland to my shrinking list of trade-offs and increasing omissions. Of dramas so horrific yet good enough to decide to keep on watching like The Walking Dead & True Blood.

 However i have reached a saturation point for  gore.  Murder most horrid, most vile.  So lately this means rejecting any thing more on top in a similar vein.  All dark and disturbing dramas.

So in spite of Ripper Street having grown on me and a well reviewed drama The Escape Artist being on recently: i have rejected them both.  Since i just can’t watch any more murder, dreadful disfigurement and death.  Mostly of women.  So I am keeping it in the very low numbers now.  Oh and I’m watching The Tunnel.  Enough to be going on with I would say.

Keeping the horror in numbers countable on the fingers of one hand.

So now Homeland has to be counted, great.  & Here was i just hoping for a thundering yarn.

Carrie is as impressive as ever.  Quinn as reliable and steady.  Saul, purely on the grounds of uttering at intermittent moments: “trust me”, should, of course, not be trusted.

Not in the same way as it is looking like Dar Adal cannot be trusted or even the ever mysterious mole.
 (so quiet and forgotten now, he may well be in his long and winding hole, waiting for the flood)

No, Saul cannot be trusted, as Javadi rightly pointed out, “with other people’s lives”.  & Especially with the life of Carrie.

Saul is at present. too emotional.  He is not thinking straight.  Odd that Saul only just has admitted that he knew Javadi personally after all this time and has a score to settle, past bitterness, and has carried out acts of revenge on Javadi.

All of which means Saul probably should be taken off the case.  Carrie had no idea Saul & Co did not have eyes on her at all.

All most outrageous and outlandish a risk really.  Pimping out Carrie alone, to walk into the lion’s den with Javadi and multiple henchmen in a house with iron fencing all round in the middle of nowhere with nobody but a few distant golfers in sight.

The prime plan being to blurt out all their intelligence at once, in an insulting declaration of Javadi’s embezzlement/ crime.

Well insulting to Javadi.

Great plan Saul.  it was a miracle Javadi left Carrie alive.  She clearly believed that she was toast on the long winding country drive afterwards, as I did.

Yet, luckily, Carried only has to lightly jog many unspecified miles home.

Yes, Javadi seemed almost nice for a minute.  Chatting amiably on the verandah, tapping his untipped cigarette on the rectangular, sliding box.  Old school style.

Guess Javadi saves the homicidal murdering mania with practised use of household object to hand for family members only.

Women included. Kerblamm or rather plop, and fast action pumping of a once beautiful pale peach hand blown glass bulbous vase smashed to half handy size with cylindrical jagged edges.  All the better to puncture that jugular with.
 Over and over and over. Far too many times.

In more comparatively light-hearted news, Chris finally gets a line and speaks!

& Dana sulkily skulks off. using her own suicide attempt as emotional blackmail on her own mother.  Nice.

& I had so hoped Dana might go on some solitary, soul searching quest. But mostly confined to the garage, the little red prayer mat and the Qur’an still hidden wrapped up in  it’s silken cloth,in the garage.

I suppose that idea wasn’t really logical, all things considered. Since Dana still believes that her Father is guilty.

However who the hell is Angela?  & Why on earth did Jessica let Dana go with out a shred of information as to her whereabouts, how Dana was going to make a living and anything else sensible?  is Dana finished with school now?  it’s all inexplicably unclear.

Still, Homeland is sphinx-like and inscrutable of countenance in such earthly matters mundane.  We must, it seems, necessarily,suspend all disbelief and logic.  & Just go with the flow.

Oh and in a scene of sublime slithering horror based on the very ordinariness of the circumstance and the security that we have been lulled into assuming: we are shown the casual contents of Carrie’s bathroom drawer.

As if we had, very rudely and naughtily opened it up ourselves in somebody’s house.

The contents of which are revealed in their multiplied munificence and numerous identical rows.  In the midst of the pristine and ordered surroundings, the scene seeps with horror at this unexpected hidden secret.

Carrie is more than a little mad.  In fact a little bit bonkers.  Hospital corners on the bed she may have.  Carrie has the sort of drawer arrangements shown as usually belonging to serial killers or psychopaths.

If you had glimpsed into this drawer whilst unforgivably peeking as a visitor, a swift and short exit would ensue.

That said, I could completely, well mostly, understand it. Hey, i like to have duplicates of things. That way you never run out when it’s inconvenient.  You almost believe that you will never run out of anything at all.  Just like the magic pot of beans that is never empty.

& Saul & Mira finally have their showdown.  & Mira finally gets just a little bit angry with Saul.  & He, inexplicably, doesn’t at all.  Poor Saul.  But then how could he compete with the death-knell words of Mira describing Alan Bernard:
“He makes me laugh”
“I’m happy when I’m with him”.

Yes, that’s what life is supposed to be like Mira.  When you’re not playing second fiddle and eternal Stepford wife of the all important saviour of the world who is barely home.

Who you’re officially not supposed or allowed to get mad at because his job is just so very important.  It would almost be unpatriotic of you not to complain.



Of course Carrie (and her drawer) is more mundanely and in a concrete and visible way: keeping record.  Perhaps diaries or making notes are not her thing.  & She has been really rather busy.

Carrie is also checking.  Checking that she still is or maybe isn’t.  & By just how many days, or times that she has tested herself.

I feel rather mean describing a swift exit upon such a discovery.  Since I would probably stay.  Carrie is alone with no one to talk to about this except her super duper efficient sister and recently disappeared Dad.
(from Carrie’s Hearing at the Hospital-so he must have known she wasn’t getting out)


My random thoughts-not posted: On a discussion of Dana leaving home.

It also left me wondering:
is Dana over 18 then?
and if so, thank goodness we haven’t really been forced to watch her having under-age sex. (pretty much)

So Dana wasn’t there mainly for prerequisite perving.as most dubiously aged teenage girls seem to be in dramas these days.
(see selfie for ex. and icky scene in the laundry)
Hence the complete lack of screen time for Chris.

i mean, wasn’t Dana at school at one point?
has she and Chris just stopped going now?

& If Dana is under-age then her mother did not have to let her go, nor did the mysterious Angela have the right to turn up at her door and just take her?

Not to mention, as rightfully pointed out here, with no details whatsoever of Dana’s whereabouts at all-except possible contact via mobile phone which she could easily throw away.

I mean, how is Dana going to live?  by working at Burger King?

Plus, as sympathetic as i am to Dana, felt it was a bit of a low blow to dangle her suicide attempt over her mother to get what she wanted, emotional blackmail or what?

Don’t think that is in the book of healing/ therapy speak somehow..

Oh and in the real world, wouldn’t it be much more likely that the family of a known
(well they think they know) terrorist who blew up 200 people have had to go into witness protection or similar for their own safety by now?
Or even just to get away from the Press..

But nope: Just: bye by,& manyana, maybe?!

Transcripts of my comments on the Guardian online Homeland Blog

On Dana leaving home:
Exactly! Dana is a security risk.

Agreed-it was all quite ludicrous really..
& is Dana of an age to leave home (officially) in the first place?

I was wondering whether Angela was some kind of spy?
& There was a reason that they wanted Dana…du na du nah..


Carrie and Quinn not really drinking coffee back at the safe house:

My take on that was it was a wee bit of medicinal in there?

Yes, they mostly never do drink invisible liquid in ostensible coffee cups on TV though, do they?

if this had been a European or British Drama a usual non-smoker would have unearthed a hitherto fore hidden packet of fags and puffed, moodily whilst staring off into the near distance!  their colleague may well then turn to them and say:
“give me one of those”!

However this being an American Drama that would be tantamount to jacking up there and then so they have to make do with imaginary coffee.

Not really the first thing that would come to mind after having seen two absolutely horrific murders, here, have a bit of old, flat coffee, i could really do with one & or a nice cup of tea!

Still, this is, i felt part of Quinn’s rather endearing care and compassion lately for Carrie perhaps?

In reply to the question: Why did Javadi kill those women?

Because Saul, as earlier tells Ferah, was friends with Javadi (well sort of) Saul knew Javadi back in the day in Iran in

the time of the Shah and before the revolution when Ayatollah Khomeni replaced the Shah.

Saul was an intelligence agent and Javadi summat similar. Anyway-when the revolution came, Saul arranged for 4 close

agents/friends to meet him at a safe house. With a view to getting the out of Iran i think.

But somebody, Saul believes Javadi, shot and killed hem all. Saul shows Ferah the photo of them all lying in a row.
“So, this operation is about revenge?” Ferah asks Saul.
“No”, Saul replies,
“Revenge was when I got his wife and daughter out to the West, look, Fariba..”
(Javadi’s wife in a photo)

That was when i started thinking-Ferah, Fariba, similar names, i wonder if Ferah is her daughter? and all sorts)
So now that Javadi is back in the West, we see him in the previous episode gazing at child’s toys in the front yard of a

house and eating a hamburger and getting dripped red sauce on his shirt.

“First, I have to change my shirt”! he says when he returns, to his henchmen.

So this week , i guess having saved up this murdering spree for his revenge and mainly to P** Saul off,
Javadi goes to the house, his son’s house i believe, & shoots his daughter in-law who answers the door.
& then does the dreadful deed on his ex-wife Fariba, who is there visiting her daughter in law and her new baby, Feriba and Javadi’s Grandson.

Mainly this is revenge taken on Saul. Plus i guess Javadi took Fariba leaving for the West as a betrayal.
“You betrayed me! he says . Before he most horribly glasses her..

This means this daughter is still about somewhere…
Could it be Ferah? du na du nah..
Hope this helps.:)

Nb. It does seem odd that Javadi would kill his son’s wife.

The moral of this story, i couldn’t help thinking, was not to leave the door open out of politeness, but to close it and then come back, (however rude you may feel that to be)
when you have an unknown and unexpected visitor and are going to check them out..

Correction:it was Javadi’s wife and son who were spirited to the West and not his wife and daughter.

Fair enough, thank you:)

i couldn’t bring myself to watch it again, not after that dreadful scene..
i mean whatever happened to the usual warning of:
“graphic scenes that some viewers might find to be disturbing”
(that would be me)
or is this sorta thing not considered to be so any more?!

I was quite enjoying my mysterious and mistaken plot though!
Oh well.. This makes things a lot simpler.
cheers for that.

Who reported the crime to the Police?

*I could really have done without seeing someone get bottled to death.

*But on second thoughts i think Javadi used a silencer?
“plop” sorta sound..

Saul & Carrie’s Plan:
*I was surprised that the plan was to blurt out all they knew about Javadi up front?  Wouldn’t it have been likely Javadi just arranged Carrie’s demise forthwith?  Rather than chat amiably on the terrace whilst tapping his untipped cigarettes on the box!

I mean wasn’t it a bit early in the game for that play?

Still loving Dar Adal’s eyeliner but sadly waiting in vain for him to cackle, swirl his long black cloak and bring out a glowing sceptre from the folds.

On the contents of Carrie’s drawer:
*Good point, I think it had a plus sign for positive.  Although i thought it was meant to be a blue line or summat.  They even tell you how many weeks now apparently.

On the question of Ferah being privy to so many secrets and could Alan Bernard be a spy?

*Agreed, about Ferah, whilst i have had to drop my mysterious sub-plot about Ferah possibly being the long lost daughter of Javadi and Feriba:
 i still wonder at her emotional reaction as you say, to the events in Iran as related by Saul.

Remember how she gave an impassioned speech to the Banking guys?

As mean as it may sound-i too did wonder if Ferah is cleared to be privy to quite so many details including the photos shown to her by Saul?
 Wasn’t she originally brought in just as a translator?

Now Ferah is hanging out in the safe house monitoring top-secret missions and intoning about incoming drones!

I am still holding onto the hope that she maybe the long lost daughter of somebody?
How about Nassir Hejazi, the long dead Goal-keeper?!

I realise that this is all quite soap-opera-however what’s not to love about soap?!

Also agreed about the mysterious yet deletable Alan Bernard, i even question his name: doesn’t it mean fox in French?!

Or is that Reynard?

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