Homeland Series 3-Episode 4 & 5-warning minor spoilers-on in the UK Channel 4 or Channel # 104 on Virgin TV Sundays @ 9pm

Homeland Series 3- Episodes 4 & 5

Episode 4


“I’m an Associate at Bennet Parr & Hamilton..”

“No matter who the hell you are, you’re working for the Syrians, the Iranians”

Carrie wakes up.
“Let me go, no, no!”
(heavy breathing)
Carrie looks on.
“Is everthing here OK?”

Saul & Fera:
“That’s a hell of a way to clean money”
“Nassar Hejazi”
“You know him?”
“Yes, he played goal-keeper for Iran in the World Cup!”
“It can’t be him”
“Becuase he’s dead!”
“I’ve always dreamed of owning a football team”!

Carrie’s lawyer:
“Don’t forget to tell the board you are grateful..”
(about time Carrie had a Lawyer to fight her sectioning as it is her right)

“You’re transitioning back into the community..”

Carrie & the Judge.
“If my Dad said he was coming he will be here!”

They don’t let Carrie out.

Nurse to Carrie:
“Your nails have got long”
“We will have to trim them later”

Ah, lovely Mike returns!

Beardy guy:
“The department is weak Saul and it could die of the common cold”
“and she (Carrie) is the full blown contagion!

Virgil gives Carrie a clue:
“Say hi to your Mom for me”

Dana and boyfriend:
“Kubla Khan..down to the sunless sea..”

(birds chirp)

I don’t want to see you again Mr Bennet!”
(Mr Bennet?! very Jane Austen)

end of excerpts

So there was a real twist in the tale of this episode.  & no Brody.

Interestingly there was a point where we hear a woman crying out against a man”no, no” “Leave me alone” “Stop it!” & i immediately thought it was the young girl in Caracas.  Fighting some guy in the tower block off.


& Dana is on an adventure with her beloved, or so she thinks.


Episode 5


Mia, as obsequious as ever,
“Come in…he’s going duck hunting”
“I’m going duck hunting, how do I look?”
“Why would you want to do that?”!

So who is Max? Ah.  Virgil’s brother.

So it was Quinn who came to see Carrie in the hospital.

The Senator & Saul.
The old games..”
(geese honk)

(jazz music plays)
doesn’t it always.

“There won’t be a prouder man”
“Or a humbler”
(a humbler)

(distant drilling)
glass breaks.

She’s on her own Saul”
“She’s always been on her own”.

end of excerpts


So Homeland bowls along at a merry pace.
I know that some are rejecting it on the forums and that viewer figures are reported to have dropped.

However me, I’m loving it,  When examined I suppose this could be down to rooting for Carrie.  As when it comes down to it, Carrie is the heroine.  & thank goodness for a strong and officially feisty heroin.  Inventive, resourceful and ever a survivor.

Carrie is real, not plastic.  & if her face is ever more mobile and sometimes crying with fear and frightened with her big bug eyes i just like her all the more for it.

Since Carrie still fights back in the middle of paranoid obsessive and manic periods.  For her status, her job, her respect.
(she won’t be labelled hysterical or mad or woman)

& It’s all so very refreshing when compared to the legions of frozen faced women.  With faces like melted cats.

Yes, the disorder they have given Carrie officially and something categorically gives her character a get out clause for her behaviour.  But it also relentlessly re-labels her when useful to her superiors.

When it is the aspects of her make-up that particularly lends itself to her being very good at her job.  Me, i was silently cheering when Carrie threw her tablets away.  At the same time as exclaiming:
“No you didn’t!
(not of course that i am recommending this and we know that Carrie can get very ill)

Because Carrie wanted and needed to have all her wits about her.  A heightened mental acuity at that.  A healthy dose of paranoia isn’t really paranoia at all in her job.  It’s real.  & Carrie is right.

Right now Carrie needs all her wits about her.  Every one.

I am also liking Quinn’s new maternal protectiveness towards Carrie.  Ah.  With his little mini-binoculars that he can conjure out of thin air.

Question: why watch Carrie from the front of the house?  Since evil baddies are unlikely to knock at the door?!

Oh yes, and how did Mrs. Brody (Jessica)  know where Carrie lives?

& Duck hunting seems to be the American equivalent of hunting with hounds.  Except they go off, trundling in fancy Jeeps like a throwback to Mash with black labrador hounds and talk of trusty Remingtons.  A rifle not an electric shaver apparently.

& Saul, all in all, for all his right on mumblings about drones and the old school spy ways, is evincing the coldly calculated aspect of some kind of surreptitious CIA pimp.  With Carrie as his pawn.  He’s playing now for all or nothing.


footnotes on episode 5


& Just what on earth is the oddly subservient usually, Mira up to?  entertaining the decidedly younger than Saul and deliciously handsome “Alan Bernard”?

In the etiquette of married couples, book of and a fairly conservative one at that, where is the chapter on inviting male friends to dinner at home when husband is away?

“I didn’t expect you back for another night”
Oops.  we can see that!
I can’t quite decide if this evokes a completely innocent conscience or not.  Mira certainly didn’t mention it, which would have reflected that.  (it was no big deal)
Why not?

& Whatever happened to going out to dinner or for a drink?  Oh i guess Mira could have been spotted and that could have set tongues wagging at the CIA?  Like the CIA were bothered about such things after a full blown terrorist attack.  Perhaps Alan Bernard is a known face?
 Who knows.

I find Mira distinctly annoying, i do, i can’t help it.  She really should have given Saul a good slap by now or at least a metaphorical kick up the arse.

Mind you apart from Carrie and the new, thankfully evolving Mrs. Brody, the women in Homeland are either completely absent or carbon copy Stepford wives. OK except Ferah.

I am so proud that Mrs. Brody  remodelled the bathroom, did her own tiling and grout.  I will even forgive her her new 1950’s hair.  Although it’s getting wilder by the day.  Escaping strand by strand from her previously perfect coiffure.
 & She is ever more beautiful for it.

& Thank goodness, Dana comes home.   Because the slight slip of concentration on the road by her beloved was a very bad sign.  Methinks he was going down the road into oblivion, for the both of them. Into a tree or off the highway, on the road to nowhere.

All because he didn’t want to work in Burger King.  All right he was really rather bonkers.  But not in a good way.

I await with interest to see if my prediction for Dana comes true. Dana, deeply attached to and linked with her father whom she literally replaced with her boyfriend.
(we were shown this as Dana put her boyfriend’s photo on top of one of Brody)

Now Dana is alone with her pain, her loss, her grief again.  She is desolate and bereft.  Dana cannot or will not connect with her Mum.  She is a Daddy’s girl and the little red prayer mat is calling, her only connection to her Dad.  Dana may convert.

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