Wentworth Prison-Series One-Episode 6-Minor spoilers-on in the UK on Channel 5 & Channel #105 on Virgin TV

Wentworth Prison Episode 6

So its Vera this week.



Vera is in front of her mirror.  She has one of those cards with a face on and her recommended colours from having your make-up done in the shop.

Young Vera.
Some girls can wear make-up and some can’t”!
“You need to know now..you..don’t”..

present day.
Hayley the News Reporter & Vera.
So first Hayley:
“I like what you’ve done, it looks really good”,
“If you like, I could make a suggestion?”…

Vera: to Mr. Fletcher  (the ex-soldier Prison Officer)
“Fletch, do you want a coffee?”
“Mr. Fletcher, i was thinking that wearing my hair back all the time was giving me a headache”..
“and the volley-ball?”
she continues
“uhum, think it would be good to spend some time together”,
“outside of work..”
“What about the boyfriend?”
“Oh, I’m sure he would be fine..”
(yeah, coz he is made up, right)

Will Jackson & Bea.
“Stuff from home..”
“Just wish I could reach out to her”..
“She is only a teenager”
“If there’s anything I can do to help..”

Toni comes to to the Yard from Cold Turkey isolation and sits with the girls from H3!
“The boss wants a word with you..”
“Come in..”

Ton goes into slow motion..down the corridor.
“I haven’t asked you”
“If you want a cup of tea?”
“Milk? sugar?”

No thanks.”
Jacs pours boiling water over the cup!  Toni sees it coming a long way off!
Toni collapses in slow motion too.(scream)
An horrific scene.

Lets start with who supplied you the drugs?”

I just love how Vera with her new lippy and make-up on so once long ago scarred by her horrible evil Mother: is getting lots of positive feedback on her looks by all the prisoners!

Franky & Erica.
“Acts that violate normal human rule of ethics and human behaviour”
“Right Conduct”
“Laws control the lesser man”..
“Right conduct, she better..”

Franky is aceing Law and walking all over Erica.

& Vera dares to say so!

“These sessions are at the direction of the authorities..”

fight-fight!  Toni & sue fight.

Bea comes up and asks Jackson, begs him to let her use the phone at night outside hours.

Its all on the CCTV-we see.

We also see the heartbreaking situation of Vera. Her fake boyfriend Adam is actually her elderly Mother.

Vera walks into her Mum’s bedroom with a pillow in her hands!
(she has had enough)
We have seen Vera walk down the corridor in slow motion to that effect.
We are let to wonder: s Vera going to be going to clink/ prison?

Because it looks like Vera is just about to murder her Mum..

Mum wakes up-looks up with frightened eyes.
I’m going out”
Says Vera woodenly, imperceptibly holding the pillow aside.
However her Mother isn’t fooled.  Not for one minute.

We are in Horrorsville.

So Vera is hungover.

I always thought Franky had a cruel streak”
“but to do that to one of her own?”
Jacs gestures to Franky.
“Ask Toni who got her back on the drugs”
“Franky gave me the drugs”.

Jacs & Toni.
“More tea?”

Toni & Erica & Vera.
Franky gave me the drugs”

Erica to Toni:
“We both know it wasn’t Franky!
“You’re lying now”
“prove it!”
Man in suit:
“Franky Doyle”..
“do you have anything to say?”
“You are a complete waste of time and resources”
he continues
“Put her back in the slot for an extended stay”
“Stop it!”
Man in suit:
“Are you going to let one of the prisoners F up your career?”
“Are you going to be the Governor I know you can be?”

Franky & Toni are locked up separately in solitary confinement.

Franky looks out in to the CCTV-knowing Erica is looking!

Ah. Vera & Fletcher.

The Trouble With The Templetons is playing:
“fevers raging beneath those bones”
“tales you tell”
“seen to tide you well”
“but all my rage & scorn”
“let off course when I’m done”
“Fathers tell their sons”
“go and run”…

Vera’s Mother smiles,
“You are all I got”
“I don’t want I would do without you..”
I’m here Mum..”

Jackson & Bea.
“If there is anything I can do to help..”
“Mr. Jackson..
Walks, looking  suspiciously at Jackson.

At the end of the episode Liz warns Bea to watch out for Mr. Jackson.
“Oh, but he is only being kind”
says Bea.
“It isn’t anything”.
says Liz sagely.
“Believe me,”
“anything is always something..”

end of excerpts

So now i remember about the original Prisoner Cell Block H & Vera & her Mother.
Because the storyline was in the original and it was equally horrific then.  If not more so. Because Vera’s life was all so very ordinary.  Until then. That pillow moment.

At the same time you can’t help liking and feeling sympathy or sorry for Vera who is trapped inside the confidence of a young girl.

Due to years of psychological abuse by her Mother.

Mind you, it isn’t easy asking someone out.

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