Wentworth Prison-Series One-Episode 8-Minor spoilers only-on in the UK on Channel #5 or on Virgin TV Channel #105

Wentworth Prison Episode 8

Jac’s Episode.


Erica & Jacs
“I haven’t heard much talk on the ground..”
“I would like you to agree to go into protection..”
“If yo don’t take my offer,”
“I can’t tell how long you’ll last”..

Flashback to Jac’s Life.
“How dare Vinnie put out a hit!”
“I’ll rip his heart out!”

(back at the prison)
But what’s this?
Jacs is panting once inside her room

(muffled voices)

(steam press hisses)

Bea to Jacs:
“I only spoke up…”
Jacs (dreadful flashback)
“We all get what’s coming to us in the end…”

Bea’s daughter to Brayden:
“Is it better than smoking it?”

Fletch & Vera at lunch.
“It’s Mediterranean couscous..”
“em, there’s a Bond movie marathon”!..
“Well maybe..”

Jacs & simone.
“You’re a good woman Simone…”

& Jacs gets some bad news.
“Seven year I’ve been in here and another seven years all because of you and you’re sorry“!

Jacs walks along the corridor in slow motion…

More horrible flashbacks.

jacs to Brayden:
“It’s time, time to break up with Debbie..”
“Time’s up..”
You’ll be back!”
No, I Won’t”

end of excerpts


Well I have to say i nearly baulked about watching or writing about Wentworth Prison any more.  Since relating sexual shenanigans is one thing but describing verbatim violence is another.

Thing is, I found the ending of this episode to be utterly horrific and deeply upsetting. Not much fun to be had in writing about that.  No Siree.

I suppose i could say that Jacs takes the ultimate revenge.  Looking back on the episode we see that it is  tit for tat escalation of violence.  Predicted and warned about by Erica to Bea.

Loyalties are fluid and moving and some of the women, or nearly all and certainly Doreen: are subject to brainwashing and blackmail from the sinister power of Jacs.

Franky fearlessly fights Jacs on behalf of her gang/crew and as a lone power struggle one on one.  Indeed like the two matriarch Hippos in my original allusion.

Hey you don’t mess with a Hippo.  Ever seen two fight?  It ain’t pretty.  Likewise they could be any primates locked in a fight to the death battle.  Or at least a mortal wounding leaving the other to limp off, preferably seen as useless now and lost in status to the rest of their group.

Often left isolated and alone.

Erica too, is a powerful contender.  As once she leaves off fiddling about beneath her desk and mooning over Franky she too is battling to enforce some order, some power.

 & Erica is playing hard to get with Franky.  Either that or Erica has decided she really is straight.

& We see a whole other side to Vera that is rather unexpected. & Just what, we are left to wonder did Jacs ask Vera to do that caused Vera to have a full blown panic attack in the corridor?

Hopefully it just involved needles.

Yet how sweet and swift was Fletcher with his brilliant cure for panic attacks?
“Breathe in through the heart.”
“Breath out through the stomach.”
Look at me, look at me”

Ah.  I had high hopes for Vera & Fletcher. They may well still go to that movie.

Fletcher, whose blood-stained shirt changing caused Vera to increase her speed to furiously scrubbing the stain as we all, along with her, paused for an infinitesimal expectant moment for Fletcher to take his vest off too.  However this apparition never occurred.

But sadly Vera has given Fletcher the we-are-colleagues-and- I-wouldn’t-want-to lose-a-friend speech.

So there will be no Vera & Fletcher.
Sitting in a tree (on the steps at the prison)

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