Wentworth Prison-Series One- Episode 7-Warning: Adult themes which some may find upsetting-Minor spoilers only-on in the UK Channel #5-or on Virgin TV Channel #105

Wentworth Prison Series One

Episode 6

Mr. Will Jackson’s episode.


So Mr. Jackson is getting drunk and shagging.
(Whilst looking at the photo of Meg)
& is in a right bad mood the next day.

Liz to Mr. Jackson:
“Why have you done that?”
“What are we going to play with now?”

Jacs to Bea:
“Did you ask to be excused?”

Bea to Mr. Jackson:
“Can i have it back please?”
Mr. Jackson:
“So you want another favour?”
“I’m stil waiting for you to pay back the first one..” Uh oh. (He is still drunk)
“Here, fetch!”
throws the ball.

Erica & Franky.
Erica is blanking her.
“Nice ring, who’s the lucky guy?

Jacs & new girl she knows.
So Jac’s hubby really did bring her some cheese!

Jackson in the laundry room to the women:
Shut up!
(he definitely as a hangover)

Vera & Fletch .
(Fletch & Vera sitting on a tree)

Vera to Fletch:
“You can sit here if you like”
(she has her make-up really good now)

Jackson is being a complete arsehole to Vera.

Bea does Jac’s hair.
“Where is your daughter?”
“In the blue mountains”
“Where in the blue mountains?”

Liz:watching a soap opera.
“Why can’t they ever be happy?”
(Good point)

Jacs has something planned for Franky.
“It’s disgusting”
“They’re going to gang her, rape..”
“It happened to Sally”
“I took the screwdriver out”

Jackson is clubbing it and snoofing lines of Columbian marching powder.

He has a lot of lines all prepared on the coffee table.
Then Jackson gets a hallucination of Meg.  two in fact.  One in a glass-here comes the glass smashing against the wall:yep.

Bea & Jacs.
“Please don’t do this..
“I’m begging you..”
“You will get to go home one day,
“to your family”
“what kind of woman will you be?”

Will Jackson & Bea.
“there’s your stuff..”

Then Bea gets her head cut on the side of the sink.  & gets the shit kicked out of her.  Now one to the face.

Where the hell are the Prison Officers in all this?

& Doreen and Liz make up as mates.

Vera & Fletcher & his blood-stained shirt.
“Don’t use hot water, it will set the stain”

Erica to the women:
“What happened, who did this?”

Will Jackson to the women & Jacs as she sits there like a Godfather.
“Let me see your hands!
one of the women:
“I hit the door!”

Franky & Bea.
“Who did this to you?”
“I want to warn Frankt!”

Franky comes back.  Everything goes into slow motion.

Jacs smiles and sneers.
To Doreen:
“Keep an eye on her”,
“when she’s alone,
“let me know”

Will Jackson phones up Bea’s daughter.  Ah.
But he will most likely want payback.

Doreen & Jacs.
(Jacs is doing that starey Godmother thing again)

“She’s gone to the gym”

So: the screwdriver has no head.

Woah-Franky takes her revenge on Jacs:
“This one’s for Bea”!

Franky & Doreen.
“She got in your head, didn’t she?”

Bea & Erica.
“Jacs was attacked because of you,”
“next time it could be worse”
“You wanna see your daughter”
“tell me what happened!”..

Yet another nonsensical song.

“Time and tide wait for no one”
“They won’t wait for you or me”
“You got to know when to stay or go”
“when to go or be?”
“You just got to get out of the way”
“There’s nothing you can do at all but pray”..

end of excerpts


Blimey.  So pretty horrific and violent stuff.  I spent most of the time wondering where on earth the Prison staff were during all these attacks and how come the women had access to equipment or tools for that matter that could inflict so much damage on each other.

Yet take the stuff/ equipment away and there’s always the corner of the sink and hands and feet.  Oh and kettles.

It does seem that for women all presumably charged with similar crimes of attempted and actual murder: they have a fair amount of freedom to move around during the day and inside.  A set amount of time somewhere around twilight, to go into the yard.

And where are all the Prison officers when all these things are going down?  It’s not clear.  Other than being hungover in Jackson ‘s case.  & the much vaunted overstretched perhaps.

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