Note to my readers about Wentworth Prison Series One-Episode 6 & New Series coming-The Tunnel- On Sky Atlantic Channel-remake of The Bridge

Please note that i missed the identifying number 6 from my posting of the above episode 6 of Wentworth Prison.  This has now been rectified in the post.  (posted Monday 7th October 2013)


& The Tunnel
Starting 16th October on Sky Atlantic.
Nooooo!  I don’t have this Channel.

This is a remake of the Scandinavian series, The Bridge.

The Tunnel is an English-French collaboration and as The Bridge fans know-the body is found on the border half-way between two countries. In this case in the Channel Tunnel.  Apparently this is the first film ever shot in the Channel Tunnel.  Oh yes and a Detective from each country has to work the case together.  Cue supposed stereotypical differences..

There is a large and interesting preview of this series in The Independent which i will dig up soon and post the link.

Here it is:
The Tunnel-Chunnel Vision by Gerard Gilbert Wednesday 9th October
Nb. There is another review somewhere in the Independent but can’t rustle it up right now.

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