Low Winter Sun-Episode 4-on in the UK on FOX Channel #157 on Virgin TV

Low Winter sun Episode 4


Maya and ex-husband Sean:
“You look pretty, something different with your hair?”

“The bird man gets inside you and before you know it, words like known sound wrong..”

Geddes & Frank.

“Nine 0’Clock, Nine 0’Clock..”
“Nine 0′ Clock..”

“Billy smoked menthols, Trapp house..”

“Not the Raven, the Raven gets us in trouble..
Fat men roll in twos..”

“McCann’s jumped by Billy & Osama…”

(Why do they always have to play Jazz)
(Jazz music plays quietly)

“I used to tell my friends my Dad sparred with Sugar Ray Robinson”..
“We’re drowning, we’re drowning, the whole damn city is on us and you’re over there worrying about lint!”

“last slice..”
“It tastes like a foot!”

The boxing match.
“That was a deliberate head butt ref!”

Khalil goes in for a kiss!  She thought Frank took her on a date.

“Yeah, this was fun!”..

(knew this would happen)

Boyd investigates..

***end of excerpts**

So our sympathy dissipates towards the gangsters in a Spiral-esque scene and we are back to a mostly dull and pedestrian drama. In spite of all the right ingredients and so much effort.

There was a point at which i almost felt Low winter sun had finally coalesced.  It had come together at last, it seemed believable for a minute.  All the interaction of the characters were credible and made sense,  it was realistic.  Whatever that is.

However that feeling was only momentary and brief.  & disappeared as quickly as it had come.

I don’t mean the plot which is fairly run of the mill.  I mean that the whole thing just doesn’t gel somehow.  it’s a shame because the sets are great, what you can see of them in their terminal gloom.  So is the scenery.  It must be as a dramatic construct that it fails/ falls down.

There just doesn’t seem to be enough gaps, no pauses for breath, no real background.

The characters are forced to explain their own background, in the already top heavy dialogue.

The dialogue is mostly clunky and unreal.  Whilst Gedde’s dialogue is wildly over the top and surreal.  Surreal for it’s surroundings.  It seems unlikely that other Cops would not have told him to shut the F up about religion. religious quotes, foretellings of doom generally and giant shouting bouts down at the station.

Wonderful though Gedde’s dialogue is.  It is daft in reality.  Which is meant to be what we believe in when watching.

The dialogue & verbal interplay between Geddes and Frank is a delight to the ears.  However it is almost too perfect, too street, too poetic.

Would weary long serving Detectives really talk like this to each other?  would they be quite so verbose?  So flowery?

Wouldn’t it be much more likely they would grunt, short monosyllables at teach other in a spare, energy saving familiar code?

I suppose that Gedde’s speech is synonymous with the young fighter.  For Geddes, his words are his weapons and his arsenal.

For me, on consideration, Low Winter sun suffers from having started when it did.  Sure it was fresh and different to do that as a Drama, however the lack of believability of the whole thing hinges on this.  We needed more explanation, more character build-up.

It is like there is at least one episode missing before the first.

That said i will stick with it since i’m kind of fond of it now.  I do glory in Gedde’s dialogue.  See what i did there.

It is unclear whether Geddes really believes all the religious declarations he makes or is being supremely sarcastic.

Such is the plethora of religious quotes i wondered if even “9 0′ clock” was a religious allusion.
(since as in T.S. Elliot’s the 4 Quartets- 9 0′ clock refers to the time that Jesus died)

Who knows.  Possibly.  We are just along for the ride.  Myself, as mentioned in my review for Hatifum and along the way, I like dramas with mainly male characters in them.  Since such dramas are relatively rare.  Which makes them interesting.

I like Low Winter sun because it is different.

Even though it mostly floats along buoyed up on a bumpy sea of clichés.

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