Top of The Lake-final Episode-warning-serious spoilers-Episode 6

Top Of The Lake final episode-Episode 6

my rough transcript:

Detective Robin looks for Detective Al.

The Mother of the boy says she will testify.

Al is having his Mafioso style meetings in the cafe.
Al: (to the teenage waitress)
“Look at the customer when they’re ordering!”

Detective Al seems to have forgotten the boat incident.

Robin & Jonno
“You know what is special about today?”
“Tui’s baby is due”
she continues
“How is she going to manage?”
“When I was n jail in Cambodia I felt bad for not knowing a woman deeply”..
“Now I’m scared i do”

Copper Pete to Detective Robin:
“The recorder, these are the batteries, do be careful not to turn it off”
“I know that!”

Robin & The confession:
Has Robin forgotten the scene in  the boat?  Why is she trusting any of the Policemen to have her back?

Matt Mullan’s confession:
“Your Dad is not dead!”
video plays
“That’s not my Dad!”
“There was a lot of partying in those days..”

(He is her Dad)
“Kind of changes things, doesn’t it?”
“I loved my father & he died”.
“You’re my seed girl, my blood.”!

Robin: (to Jonno)
“Hello brother”, tries to kiss him..
“Do you think ts harder than being gay?”
she continues
“come here..”
But that would kind of put a fellow off.

“Bla Bla Bla.  Detective Al pretends he didn’t know about it.
(Robin’s father being Matt Mullen)
“That was what the boat trip was all about,”
“I tell you, yeah..”

GJ: (to Robin)
“Stop!”  “Thinking!”
“What are these crazy bitches doing?!”
“Stop your thinking, stop your planning”
“Your helping”
she continues
“Give up!”
“There is no escape we’re in Paradise!”
“How is that going?”
GJ gestures at the women:
“Look-madder than ever!”
she says to Robin.
“Here, lie down, rest..”
“The body’s intelligence is amazing!”

Sure shit Sherlock.
(this is embarrassing now.  Robin-get the F up )

Oh no.  Stupendous & shocking fight between Matt Mullan and his sons.

In the scene just before that I fully sympathised with Matt & liked him as a character as, clearly suffering from either a brain tumour or dementia, he rallies himself, packs swiftly and departs, warrior like down the corridor.

But then Matt Mullan nicks Tui’s baby!
shit.  This is not good.

Fuck.  Tui shoots Matt & Jonno.
Snarls rather oddly like a cat.
However it works in the scene.

Song: (girl with the electric guitar)
“Drag me down in the water”
hold me down untill I’m full”
“Until I struggle no longer”
“Untill I’ve drowned in my sinfufl will”
“Tie my hands to the stake,”
“Set fire to the belly ground”

Robin & Jonno
“Have the results come in?”
“Al wants to tell you himself,
“He’s coming out..”

Al lays out certificates and has a box on the dashboard.
“I checked the results with 2 labs because I’m surprised and sickened..”
“Matt is the father of Tui’s baby”..
“She won’t see Court, I can tell you..”
to Jonno:
“Sems you mother had her own winter madness,”
“Matt is not your father Jono”

Tui goes off with big Ole’ uncle Al..
I know he is the dark creator, well him or Jonno..

Robin is left with (baby)Noah.
“Lets have a coffee,
What do you want, a flat white?”

(something is not good.  This is not good)

Uh oh.  I’m getting that Les Revanants feeling.

Detective Robin & Al
Al appears, all jolly and loaded.
“What took you so long?”
“The waiting has been Fucking killing me”..
“Oo sexy!”
he continues
“Big gun,little girl!”
Places Detective Robin’s gun on his chest.
“What?  You gonna shoot me?”
he taunts her.

Er.  Then Robin does.  The gun goes off.

Oh shit.
Robin goes downstairs.  Opera plays.
“I don’t mind, the flowers or the stripes”
You choose” (an accented man’s voice)

So this is the sex dungeon.

Detective robin is filming it all as she goes.
“You!-turn around”
“hands behind your head=now!”

All the teenagers are lying prone on the floor.  Are they dead?

GJ leaves for Reykjavik.
Tui tries to stop GJ leaving.
“You have a real teacher now”
 “Listen to him!”

I dunno if GJ makes it to Keith Carradine & his master’s level but GJ is pretty damn cool.

So the women must have a generator from the looks of it of course.  & presumably compost  loos.  That’s them sorted then.  That makes me happy.

Poor Matt Mullan-blatted. However reckon a brain tumour, the inoperable kind, was gonna get him too.

You couldn’t help but kind of like Matt.  Evil barsteward that he was. He had a code.  I don’t believe it was his baby-Al lied.  Tui’s baby was his or any of the other men’s.

Then Jonno who miraculously got up after being shot!  Wow!  or was it just a graze.

I was kind of disappointed Jonno wasn’t Robin’s brother because he was just really annoying.  I don’t know why.  I know it maybe unfair and he’s a jolly nice guy. However Jonno is just annoying.

So was Robin gonna stay and help look after the baby and be Noah’s semi-guardian / Godmother in truly Hallmark style?

Who knows.  Who cares.  It all got a little too touchy feely for me, Coca-Coca style towards the end.  Although the rot set in quite early really.

I did like Top Of the Lake a lot.  I think it could have been even better.

Mind you, it did get nicely The Killing-ish right a the the very end.  & the scenery, which i fell in love with, was a character on it’s own.

Low Winter sun-My first Review-Episode 1-on in the UK on FOX Channel-# 157 on Virgin TV Fridays @10pm

Low Winter Sun

My first Review

So I was a bit distracted watching Low Winter Sun.

It all seemed fairly simple at first.

Being mainly about the hero, male heroes.  Or rather anti-hero & hero.  No.  Make that anti-hero & anti-hero.

The latter being how Low winter sun starts and as it carries on we  twig, along with Mark Strong as Frank Agnew, that he has been right royally screwed, by Lennie James as Gides.

Because before you know it. right after the rather horrific slo-mo murder that happens very early on in front of our very eyes, Internal affairs turn up.  The next morning.

Mark Strong or Frank in his 70’s met 90’s and had a hybrid baby suit.  He looks somehow slightly Mafioso.  Perhaps its the super sharp slightly silver grey suit.  Frank is kind of hot with his bald head and eagle -eyed silent yet moody stare.

I though Lennie James or Gides, was Frank’s partner the way Gides was acting.  I was surprised to discover that this was not the case. As they seemed so close.  Were they mates then?  Or had Gides just used the murder of Frank’s golden flashback lady in bed?

 Gides tells Frank that :
“big man Haddock” (this is what everyone keeps calling him a bit like Captain Haddock in Tin Tin eh)

Yeah, big man Haddock we hear Gides tell Frank. has killed Frank’s beloved girlfriend. The golden flashback lady.  Frank holds her golden heart shaped locket in his palm and looks at it mournfully.

Frank throws the locket into the toilet bowl,.  He gets up from his-knees.  Frank had been making vomiting noises as if ill from the night before.  Maybe Frank really did throw up.  He did have to get pretty drunk to do the deadly deed.

Frank’s sharp suited boss looks impossibly stylish and circa 1940’s in his trilby hat.  He calls out to Frank.  Frank flushes the locket away.

Frank and Gides think they have done the perfect crime, the perfect murder.  To cuff-or not to cuff?  that is the question. Myself i agreed with Gides that their decision on the cuffs might be their undoing.

Then there is a whole counter or is it sub-plot which involves fairly stylish as in cool crew on a boat kind of way, gangsters, as far as i can tell.

For a long while i was thinking that this tight knit band of variously bearded men might be deep undercover Police.  Who would at some time unmask themselves.

Did the show play with this conjecture of mine in it’s construct i wondered as we watched the handsome gangster man go towards where the real Police were.

Ah, here it comes i thought, the meet, the secret word even.  But no, the shot shifted leftwards to the guy throwing a gun out to sea.  He wasn’t with the Policeman at all. It was an editing sleight of hand perhaps or my imagination.

So its all quite moody and stylish.  The dialogue a little stilted.  All pretty gloomy as far as lighting goes.  As per usual.

It would be really helpful if all actors and actresses in such deep and meaningful dramas that are Stygian dense and shorn of light wore miners lamps, small ones would do, attached to their foreheads.

So as far as I can tell the gangster gang have nicked some coke & shot a guy for it and here is the connection they mention-big man Haddock. The now dead Policeman, partner of Gides. & up to his eyes in dodgy dealings it would seem.

So Gides had a game of his own going: well at least one which was, his latest bezzie mate Frank now realises, to get rid of Gide’s partner.

Gides knew about the Internal Affairs coming & so did his partner.  Things must have been bad.  Coming to a head.

Then, hey presto, whisper  in Frank’s ear  a bunch about the murder of Frank’s beloved being down to Big man Haddock, a bit of D.I.Y murder in the kitchen & problem solved!  For Gides.

Gides who is acting all injured and shouty right now.  Like he had a script prepared.  For just this instance.

Oops.  Frank sees the light.