final episode of The Returned/ Les Revanants-warning-serious spoilers-posted today 2nd August 2013

Les Revanants-the final episode

35 ans plus tot/ 35 years earlier

Serge & Toni playing.

Mrs. Costas:
“The murderers…”
“They will get revenge one day”!

Lady in red dress:
Mrs. Costas:
“Les mort” (the dead)

A man walks along..

(present day)

Laure & Julie on the dam.
(inhales deeply)
Toni jumps?
No.  Julie saves him.

Oh dear.  The town isn’t looking too good.  (like after a mad Saturday night or summat?)

Adele & Chloe.
“You wanted to see Simon..”
Adele locks Chloe in.

At The Helping Hand hostel:
“and when the end comes there will be no more sorrow”
revelations 21:34

Sandrine & Claire: Sandrine lost her baby.
Sandrine says the most sensible thing yet.
“You know what i want?”
“Those monsters out of here!”

Back on top of the Dam: Julie & Victor whisper.

Julie to Toni:
“It was you who saved me from the underpass”!

Uh oh…looks like there’s a crowd coming..

Tomas & Policeman come to  the Lake Pub:
It’s a bit of a mes.

Loud slurping (subtitles)
a guy drinking from the toilet!
“Don’t move!”  Kerblamm!

Jerome smokes.  ( i like Jerome)

Pierre & Jerome.
At the bunker.
 (he’s not invited) Jerome:
What’s all this?”

Jerome to Claire:
“We need to get away from here”!

Adele & Simon.
“I won’t hurt our children..”
“You’re pregnant!”

Camille & Frederic-he was looking a bit weird.

Julie operates on Toni with no anaesthetic..

Adele & Thomas.
“Adele?, Adele?”
“They took her away”/

Thomas & Pierre & The Helping Hand hostel.
“Where is he?, Simon?”
Police Officer:
“Capitaine!  I saw them, about 100”..

Flashback to Victor & his Mother (2nd of the same one)
Victor’s Mother:
“Que’est Que y passe?” (what’s up?)

(Victor says he is worried about having nightmares)
“Don’t worry, I’m sure you will have lovely dreams”
“What if  you die one day?”
“Even if I do,you will have the fairy”
” She will look after you..”

Victor goes to sleep with his book next to him, a picture of a beautiful red haired girl.  With her hair up.

Serge, Julie & Toni.
Toni wakes up & dies, with a smile.

(Does Julie know Serge was her attacker? i think so-or is her reaction from knowing Serge is dead.)

Serge hugs Julie and cries!  She shrugs him off.  Quite right too babe.

Serge is really handsome with a sweet seeming face.  You can’t help but think so.

Back at The Helping Hand Hostel:
“Nous arrive!”
There’s a great big party on the lawn.  Of zombies.  NOt moving.

Pierre, helpfully, has floodlights.

Thomas & Lucy:
“Let the others go”
“Then you’ll let Chloe go?”

Pierre at The Helping Hand Hostel:
“but I can help you!..”

Julie: (they take Victor)
“No, No! I will go with him!
Laure”Stay with me,I beg you!”
“I told  you, I can’t leave him”
“They won’t hurt me”
& Julie goes.

Yes, I get the thing with the headlights, the torchlight.  Its meant to be like Auschwitz. The taking of people. Away from their loved ones.  The segregation of choice.

Yeah, we geddit.  But Julie? Julie?
Claire goes with Camille!

Lena weeps.

Victor stares backwards.

Julie looks.  As beautiful as ever. Told you she was a fairy.

Julie is even more beautiful now.  All episode the camera has played with her hair so to speak.  Raggedly, (with) lank low slung baggy trousers, lower than the crotch at the top of the dam.   I love them.  Then hair up to echo the painting of Victor’s book.

Julie put her hair up for the operation.  Then down again in various hardships.Then actually frazzled, bed head look.  But with the addition of a golden glow around Julie.  Hollywood style.

Lucy & her crew & Thomas wait.
Simon brings up Chloe.
Chloe runs to Thomas.

The Revanants walk by.

“There are some missing.”
” Adele, if she doesn’t leave with us we will take her”!

Thomas turns & walks away.  Shit I’m feeling cold..

“Close up the building!”

Thomas looks at Adele as Chloe whispers (to her):
“The want you, they want your baby..!”
A row of black clad Policemen line the corridor like a bad episode of Wallander.

Blue shadows & lit circles dance on the dark ceiling of those inside.

Really depressing music plays.  Serge sits with  Toni in the basement-Who was that in the background?

A sliding garage door opens-the Police come out, it is morning.  We can see the angle of a sunbeam shaft straight down from a small fiery sun.

Spooky piano. they all just stand & stare, hopefully, in silence.

The top of the city at the bottom of the lake has come back.  We can see the top.

Chloe leans down as she looks fixedly, at her Mother’s stomach.  As if an alien and or baby Revanant was already having accelerated growth.

Chloe puts her hand on her Mother and leans her head on Adele’s stomach.  The scene freezes.  The end.  Told you, the Madonna & child.

footnotes to the final episode


Here’s the thing . As Americans say, I really like that by the way and keep meaning to drop in into my conversation but never do. It sounds so usefully specific.

I have read that people love the music in Les Revanants.  They even, tonight have a new Ad right after Les Revanants i notice. Well, being that thanks to the combination of watching Les Revanants and the music, i developed the shivers.

I really don’t think i could have taken a minute more really.  Call me sensitive i don’t care but that was God-darned outright scary! (wasn’t it?)

I swear a hundred giant burning suns of golden yellow could not warm me up until that endless scene had ended.

So; a few pretty steeples & tops of houses.
One point! une pointe.

Great. I can deal with that.  I like that for my eyes right now.  Super.

Anything to get away from that music and the dreaded, wondering silence of those standing.  & complete quiet all around.

Now complete quiet is never good.  Except in the country at night when its normal.  But can be really weird if you’re from the city.  Creepy even, like a horror movie.

So it was with the end of Les Revanants as they waited.
 ( a small part of me was waiting for the metaphorical “Boo!” “We’re over here!” ha ha!” or summat)
and unseen invisible wholly imaginary cold molecules grew and divided and multiplied along my arms.  Always along my arms. Only with Les Revanants.

Me, i think what was really freaking me out was what was going to happen to Julie?

& all of the other brave people who had decided they were willing to go to the other side.  if there is one.

final footnotes

A bit about Victor.
Victor, is he the suicide child?  he handed the gun to Toni-we saw it-no flashbacks.  Why? is there a point to asking why?

 Probably not.

So Victor is dangerous and either causes or promotes suicide as a punishment for past sins.  This makes him look decidedly grim reaper.  (unless he is meant to be God as a small large headed child with a Cheshire Cat grin/ smile?)

So Toni killed his Mum we discover.  Why?  Was she too, a mad murderer like Serge?  Serge & Toni’s Mother could have been, she didn’t look too kindly.

Serge has the advantage of his wolfish looks.  Surely he wouldn’t be a murderer?  Not lovely Serge, now sitting in the basement operating theatre. Waiting for Toni to revive. But who was the pale faced person with an oval shaped face we see to  Serge’s left?

& Why weren’t the Revanants bothered about leaving Serge behind?  Did they not meet?, who knows.  This is the stuff of forums and conjecture.

Or another series.  & Pray, what was that gargantuan popping noise all night?  I was assuming it was the black lines of Police, killing all the zombies.  Until i remembered that they closed all the electric metallic shutters.  The Police stayed inside.  So was that the sound a sunken village makes when its coming up from the bottom of the dam?

Like being trapped in a nightmare inside a giant & monstrous popcorn machine.

(So) Well done les Revanants for terrifying me to the point of shivering me timbers with the sound of popping corn.