my posted comments on The Guardian Online Blog on BOrgen:Series Two episodes 5 & 6:in reply to a poster 22 nd January 2013

@HelleB – blimey, it’s a critique and as far as i am aware, there is no law which says a critic must genuflect at the altar of worship whilst writing?  i never understand why people confuse a critique with dislike:of course we like it, we wouldn’t watch it otherwise, would we?

& i for one agree with @William 1981, the storyline with Kaspar was out of sync with the rest of the plodding pedestrian storyline:they can’t have it both ways:superior sudsy soap opera mostly focussing on the problems of a woman being the P.M and/or dark, Wallander type Scandi drama, make your mind up please Borgen..

since the intersection of Kaspar’s story, on top of Laura’s story on top of Amir’s story just had the unfortunate effect of making me wonder who we would find hanging from the ceiling, or in Kaspar’s case, jettisoned off a bridge, any time soon.

 Being Interspersed with boring political details (i mean how exciting can you make a coalition government, they have already thrown in Somalian kidnappings and the Afghanistan war-what else is there? Oh i know-trees!) this type of dark drama just doesn’t work in my opinion

 Borgen is neither fish nor fowl and doesn’t know which one it wants to be.  Dabbling in one unsuccessfully (and rather clunkily as pointed out on these pages in the case of Kaspar’ story) just takes away from the other in my opinion..

p.s whilst of course i am sympathetic to your description of the news stories i would question why this means they necessarily have to be interjected into the storyline?  that is just my point about ‘right-on’ message moments in Borgen really, i mean, is it a Drama or a public information service?

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