Borgen Series two-episodes 1&2:My posted comments on the Guardian online Blog on Borgen hosted by Vicky Frost 7th January 2013

in reply to a poster:
Yes, i agree mostly, that side of things was all very unsatisfactory really from the last series. In that it never really gelled by way of making sense to most of us watching:well certainly not me. Considering their earning levels and the standard and availability of childcare in Scandinavia i didn’t really understand what all the fuss was about.

They could easily, or rather Phillipe could easily, have compromised. His teaching job presumably was fixed hours. I guess the head-hunted CEO job may not have been-i dunno.

I admit i did lose all personal sympathy for Phillipe in his supreme reluctance and general pouty huffiness at performing the day to day tasks of looking after children and the household that most women have to:whether they are working or not and sometimes on their own!

Whilst Phillipe had as much right to complain as any woman in his situation i do think more emphasis was put on his ‘plight’ by err both the storyline & himself! Its quite hard to imagine a similar storyline in real life or Drama with a woman complaining likewise! i mean who would listen?!

Oh boo hoo i’m fed up of my cool job lecturing and looking after the kids after school and now i want be be a high-flying CEO ’cause thats even cooler (even though I’m an Economics lecturer seems I’m not one of those leftie ones:)& my husband is the Prime Minister and he just doesn’t support me in this because there is a government link with the company or something. Its hell i tell you! i had to go and sleep with a head-hunter just to feel a bit better about myself-like i said, its hell..

Nb. It was never clear if they had help in the house, it didn’t look like it which was really rather daft.
Nb. “vaporised by the aspirational ray gun”! nice one:)

i tend to agree with you but on the other hand i do think the kids are being a wee bit bratty about it, they were particularly sulky when Birgitte first became Prime Minister and i think a lot of that was down to the way Phillipe handled it when he had their care. Plus, perhaps, his wilful pulling back and out of their lives?

Apart from the very early days of her job:instead of being proud of Birgitte’s job and encouraging the children in this attitude Phillipe did the complete opposite and sulked profusely whenever she couldn’t make something and even when she did!
T’was all very odd really and sadly meant to show us i guess the extent of personally constructed default sexist attitudes that still run deep, even in Scandinavia,..sigh

Nb. Not sure that Phillipe sacrificed his career as i think (others here will know) he was a Lecturer all along and then the other job offer came about because he was head-hunted, in more ways than one..

Trying to be sympathetic towards Phillipe i guess it would be tough being married to a P.M: whatever your gender-you really wouldn’t get much free time together, would you? However isn’t marriage a kind of i signed up for this and we’re in it together kind of thing?