Homeland-Series One-Episode 9 Channel 4 Sundays @9pm United Kingdom Greenwich mean time

Homeland as it transpired:

(contains scenes of violence and sexual nature throughout)

Brody @supermarket
(supermarket music)

Jess at home (isn’t she always?)
(Hoover hums, mobile phone vibrates)

Brody shopping:
Brody phones Jess up:”what’s vitamin water?”

Daughter at home (watchng the News)
“Two Marines…one a Prisoner of War”..

(mobile phone rings)
As Brody gets beat up.
Funny tht Jess rings at the exact time Brody is attacked?

Carrie to agent:(at the Mosque)
“Could you take our shoes off please?”

“I want to know what happened”

“I alreay went through that”
(with the man)
Carrie:(to the Iman at the mosque)
“Salaam Alaykum””So sorry for your loss”
The Iman:
“Losses.  Plural”.
Witness from the Mosque:
Walker didn’t shoot anyone!”
“Anything you know”..
The Iman:
“What can you offer me in return?.  I have two families who expect no justice”..

(back to) Body) Brody:Flashback
‘Northern Iraq, 3 years earlier’..

Robinsoe crusoe in bed:in pyjamas (stripey!)

Abu Nazir:
“This is your home now”..come..lovely hot bath”..
(i expected Brody to scream out since the bath was obviously too hot!)

Brody looks a bit jesus with his long hair!

(sad violins play..return of the mood music)

Brody gets in bath.
(hopefully he doesn’t have to do anything too intimate for Abu Nazir?)

So Issa is not Brody’s guard he is Abu nazir’s son!

Abu Nazir:
“I want him to learn English”.

“I’m not a teacher”..
Issa runs away.
So what happened to Isa is Brody’s nightmare.

Carrie & Agent at Diner
“How did you find me here?”
(She’s a spy:duh)
“The trained me for eight years”!
“Justice, what’s justice?” (!)
“bla bla..shit happens!” he swears at her in every sentence.

“Any of my guys under the bus?  You’re F-ing  high!”
(very disrespectful to her)

Brody & Issa
(Brody) He’s good at kick-ups…
“This is soccer! Issa..”
Issa takes the ball and runs..
(i idid get a strange feeling of bomb when Issa runs away with the ball-this happens several times)

Estes swears at Carrie too!
“You’re really F-in something Carrie”!
(patronises her)
“With all due respect, I think I’ve been in the field long enough to know a source when i see one..”

Brody & Issa
“I knocked over some glasses” (Issa with the ball)
Brody takes the blame for Issa in front of Abu Nazir.

Carrie in Saul’s Office:
Swallowing pills. (why in there?!)

Brody & Issa pray together.  Ahh. i didn’t think young kids had to pray?

Carrie goes to visti the Iman and his wife.
“Salaym alaykum, please have some tea.”
The Iman:
“I understand”
“Your good work..”
“You now that we’re are already half turned in on ourselves”.  “If another terrorist attack, they’ll light a match to this place”!
(Lordy! err..)

Walker is now in a huge forest.  Hammering bulls eyes on trees.
(has a hammer too! plus paper-they thought of everything with his sniper kit)

Issa & Brody
Issa is reading them a book.
“That’s truly excellent!”
Issa hugs him.
(ethnic violins)

Saul is lying on the floor of his office!

Walker & man in the forest.
“What are you hunting?  office supplies?”

Hunting man starts fiddling nervously..What is he doing?

“What’s your name?”
man:Dan” (hmm? i thought Dan was secret service and that’s why he couldn’t think of his name straight off)

Zahira (wife of The Iman) meets Carrie:
“It was not permitted for you to be alone with my husband!”
she continues:
“Walker, he came to the Mosque 8 or 9 times, he comes to do business with a man who drives a car with diplomatic plates..Saudi Arabia”

Brody & Issa
Bad dream?  gives him a picture of him and Brody.

Brody finallywakes up!
Abu Nazir taps on the screen!
“Nicholas, can you hear me?”

“Anything I have done..what is Walker doing?”
Abu Nazir:
“Helping..don’t you remember?”

(this is his dream/nightmare)
(this is when Brody gets radicalised? was it an American strike?)

(more ethnic singing)
Abu Nazir comes to see Issa’s body..
they (just he & Brody) prepare him for burial.

Abu Nazir:
“I pray every day that your are still committed to do what you wanted to do in Issa’s name..”


News on the Tv)
“A drone missile..dead children, believed to be false..”
“and they call us terrorists!..that man, the Vice President, is going to ask you to run for office..”

Back at the forest.
Dan gets out his phone:

Middle Eastern man:
“The Doctor says you should take these with food”..
“take aright..back way..groceries are still in the car”..

Walker dries off with rock music playing.

Brody drives away just as Saul & Carrie drive up but they don’t notice!

“We figure out an elegant way to lit and interrogate him!”

“Where have you been?  I know you’ve got a lot to process”!

“I got mugged”..

“America’s a violent country, what can I tell you”!
“Oh and guess what?, there’s a voicemail from the Vice President”..