transcript of my comments on Rebecca Nicholson’s Guardian Homeland Blog:Episode 8:Spoilers:Do not read unless you have seen this episode

  • 13 April 2012 11:56PM

    cheers, yes, it is possible although my first theory, like yours i believe is that Brody is a goodie but a double agent, in deep undercover, so deep that’s how he met the shark…(see The Shark’s Lament)

    by the way:isn’t there a point at which you, well i do, start to wonder if this is correctly termed terrorism? isn’t all this possible long term sleeper stuff with Brody or even the fairly lame lounging around on rooftops with improbable rifles with Walker (i missed that) a bit old school Cold war? wouldn’t the possibility of sniper strikes at Airforce Ones’ Helicopter have already been taken into account? it’s all a bit Maxwell Smart meets The Prisoner meets The Avengers isn’t it?!

    poor Mike, what did he do to deserve such an imaginary fate? he’s a good guy surely, treats his car like a maiden aunt:listen to it’s purr! (surely it’s fed on petrol equal to elixir from the Gods or Greek honey gathered from a mountaintop) n.b. yes i did write those lines about it sounding like a lion gargling in butter..Plus he’s been there for the kids and the ER visit, yes he did break the guys’ code, but hey, they thought Brody was dead!

    Yes i am definitely empathising with Walker, like i did with Aileen, this must be because we are meant to? Or maybe i just felt for her having to endure 30 hours of teen wolf look alike valium man Saul’s nasally challenged whining on about his love life and childhood..droning on and on and on, like Ariston.. Gee, they didn’t need to torture her:that was it! i kept fully expecting her to throw herself out of the car..

transcript of my comments on Rebecca Nicholson’s Guardian Homeland Blog:Episode 8:Spoilers:Do not read unless you have seen this episode

  • 13 April 2012 1:40PM

    What i Still don’t get is why on earth Carrie didn’t tell Saul everything about the log cabin weekend? eg. what Brody told her? and that she told him everything?! Walker turning out to be alive did not make the information irrelevant:that Brody told her he believed he had killed Walker and loved Abu Nazir? doesn’t this seem like really rather important ‘intel’?

    and, putting Carrie’s emotional connections/sympathy aside (as she should have done) the fact that Brody had been emotionally co-opted to Abu Nazir’s cause in some way? i mean surely Carrie as a seasoned spy would know that was of significance? Saul certainly would. Surely this would be a known method of turning a captive? Walker being alive or not this is still incriminating information on Brody. Which Saul knows nothing about!

    me no get it..brain strain ensues..

    Maybe brody IS the good guy, perhaps he just ‘turned’ to the Muslim faith, but it didn’t look like it at the end of the episode? However now he is ‘turned’ back from whatever plan he was involved in: is that it? just on the basis of discovering Abu Nazir lied to him and set him up. Therefore breaking his Stockholm like syndrome of attachment to Nazir? (which Brody may have confused with the spiritual solace he found in converting).

    whichever way you look at it, it was a bad move in my opinion to go public with Walker’s description which led to Brody being informed of Walker still being alive. Doing so let Brody know of the whole thing which should have been kept quiet. Isn’t it better to capture Walker alive and (hopefully) get information from him?.

    Doesn’t publicly broadcasting Walker’s status reduce that possibility markedly? from all sides:including is own handlers who may decide his cover is already blown? or is this all too darn spy-like and once somebody is named/suspected as a terrorist that’s it:finito baby? if it had to be this then why not get some covert solo guy to take him out with a minimum of fuss?

    i mean:why didn’t they just covertly follow Walker for a while? they might have spotted a meet;identified his handler and so on? he had no luggage/baggage on him:was he that much of a risk? Hadn’t they ‘traced’ his phone:couldn’t they have tracked him from that alone? no, instead they dispatch a large swat team crashing through public buildings at night, get shot by Walker (ok so he had a gun) and end up killing two innocent Muslim men?! great.all a little keystone cops…

    .n.b. the first morning prayer is at sunrise (about 5am) i believe-not in the dark/middle of the night..

    ‘nother n.b: Carrie is now acting as Brody’s own private handy CIA mole!..

  • clarissima

    13 April 2012 3:16PM

    or how about this:the CIA decided to blow Walker’s cover with the thought that if they didn’t get him then his handlers would?

    plus, what if Walker is really a good guy and the great big gun is to take out the baddie:Brody?!..

transcript of my comments on Rebecca Nicholson’s Guardian Homeland Blog:Episode 8:silly poem

  • 3 April 2012 1:02AM

    The Shark’s Lament:
    (for the purposes of poetic license all the aquatic mammals have been watching Homeland since it’s been hovering over the shark and the shark is now worried that Homeland may be going to jump the shark)

    Oh, Homeland, please don’t jump over me!
    it’s lonely here in the deep blue sea

    with only the sharks for company
    they’re really not that friendly

    when i invite them round for tea
    they chomp my best cups and my cutlery!

    what will i tell great Aunt shark Betty?
    (she gave me that tea-set for best, you see)

    and how will i view next week for free?
    there’s no virgin media out at sea!

    the whales are all crying
    (they have a crush on Carrie)

    the dolphins are demonstrating:
    “set Brody free!”

    he was trapped in a hole in captivity
    and they’re making him live in boxes you see

    when all he wants is a lake and some trees..