transcript of my comments on Rebecca Nicholson’s Guardian Homeland Blog:Episode 8:Spoilers:Do not read unless you have seen this episode

  • 11 April 2012 7:12PM

    Saul being a seasoned veteran observer of the human psyche i’m pretty sure he twigged on the day when Carrie asked That question! Who wouldn’t:it was so obviously out of sync with the others..He was probably waiting to see if Carrie ‘fessed up to him or not. Hence his lack of surprise when she finally did? What i wondered was why not tell Saul all? eg. the info she had gleaned from Brody at the log cabin eg. him ‘killing Walker’ (as he thought) and his admission of love for Abu Nazir? i would have thought those factoid nuggets were of a lot more significance?

  • i mean why confess that and not the rest? isn’t Saul supposed to be her trusted mentor? so why is she keeping secrets from him? i think Saul already knew Walker was dead then however he didn’t now Brody believed he had killed Walker? if Carrie had told Saul, he might have been more aware of this technique (of letting a prisoner think he had killed his best mate) as a blackmailing /co-opting device? really rather important then?

    For Carrie to subsequently promise Brody that she “wouldn’t betray his information” was just crazy i felt. or was she playing him? but to what gain? why be loyal to Brody and not Saul? was it all on the basis of having slept and fallen in love with Brody? it didn’t make sense..Was it meant to be Carrie just being soppy?! more like sloppy, especially when we discovered that Brody is not all he seems (or is he?) and apparently has played Carrie as she played him and yet they both, believably, fell in love..Ahh

    Carrie also neglected to tell Saul that she completely spilled the beans to Brody over her intel on the “turned prisoner-of -war” the very last thing she should have done with Brody:whether he is innocent or not..she also let Brody know it was just her, and not “the CIA” who believed it, putting herself at risk from Brody (if it is him) putting him and his handlers on alert and or the real turned prisoner of war if it is Walker…since Brody, whether the baddie or not definitely has contacts and has declared an allegiance (of sorts) to Abu Nazir..

    I guess if Carrie had blurted all this out she would have been fired and quite rightly really. The sleeping with the possible enemy was firing material already i would have thought..this was most likely a calculated gamble on Carrie’s part, having sussed that Saul had already guessed at the very least on the evidence of the emotional argument in the lift if not before on polygraph day..Presumably she escaped scot free since Brody was then considered to be a goodie?

    But no, i agree it seems unlikely and illogical for Carrie to have dropped simply all her suspicions of Brody on the basis of his impassioned and deliberately emotional recollections…Oh and falling for him big time too as a poster here has pointed out:it wasn’t so much a case of Carrie playing him through getting up close and personal:it looks like it was Brody doing that to Carrie. and yet, he did fall in love too? ahh..

    Saul’s typing was a rather ageist TV trope i felt-(The phrase “press enter”and the younger person having to show the older one where it is). Like Saul had managed this long in his career without being able to use a keypad? and doesn’t know about enter since they didn’t have that on typewriters? C’mon, he’s not That old! he just has a lot of face fuzz..Also, most people these days haven’t learnt to touch type and it was usually women who did so back in the day..

    i felt a bit bad for declaring Saul old earlier (compared to his wife) so i’m absolving myself now by declaring that if he shaved all that darn fuzz of he’s probably only young! i notice his much to be praised weekly shedding of said fuzz has sadly stopped now..

    i would guess that Elizabeth Gaines made it her business to ‘bump into’ Brody en famille as part of her evil plan… Plus, in military circles it’s a small world, they would all tend to go to the same things and places.

    i agree! plus wouldn’t it have made a lot more sense (but have no dramatic scope) for Walker to have simply recorded his family’s voicemail message on his mobile?! it was, we were told, an untraceable pay as you go disposable, what would have been the risk to Walker to have done so? none that i can see..there would have been records on it already from his dialling anyway. It was already a bit of a cover blower thing to do for an undercover guy in the first place..

  • clarissima

    11 April 2012 7:23PM

    Yes, i agree, although, much like the Killing remake, lamentable as it was ,i am hooked now..
    That is what American Dramas do so well, isn’t it? however i will probably metaphorically kick myself when it is not resolved at the end of this series as happened with the Killing remake..
    It looks like we have the name now so that should be easier to find and i believe by some quirk i have Sky arts but not Atlantic-so great! i do have fun taking the p out of bad TV however this one is stretching it even for comedy material now…plus i am seriously tired of terrorist obsessed plots: i mean even in the Killing remake:enough already..