transcript of my comments on Rebecca Nicholson’s Guardian Homeland Blog:Episode 8:Spoilers:Do not read unless you have seen this episode

  • 11 April 2012 12:00AM

    reply toTheNorthRemembers

    Yes, a poster pointed out that Mera left all her suitcases on the pavement! hadn’t spotted that..if so, very funny. Well about as funny as Homeland gets..Good point about the taxi and why Saul didn’t get in it, guess he had given up? kind of like me on the whole Saul scenario in that episode? Oh pleeez make it stop already..

    There surely must be some significance to having had to suffer through these scenes? later perhaps? i keep telling myself that about many of the scenes in Homeland..but an awful thought occurs that no, they were there for Meaningful Moments.

    i tried to liven up the tediousness by pretending that the cab driver and Mera were in cahoots and she is a deep deep undercover something(well the cab driver knew everything thanks to Saul anyway!) that’s why perhaps she didn’t need the suitcases, ’cause you don’t need suitcases where She’s going! Yes, Mera could be behind the mysteriously suspicious carpet cold call! it did, as a poster pointed out, bounce off India..

    Aha, i hadn’t spotted Brody “tearing up” up his return home and seeing the daughter’s bandages. i was looking for some reaction and thought he must have missed it. Then they were magicked away anyway..

    Yes it is a Drama but why should it be “only” a drama? Feels more like soap opera to me. The feeling of the enforced balance of themes just in case of appearing unfairly ‘unbalanced’ in it’s treatment of these themes and intermittent necessary ‘resolution’ is annoying. Cloying even.

    Why can’t it or dramas generally just go for it:art for art’s sake if you like? i started to wonder what the original was like and getting that feeling of it having been bent to the will of this transposition much like other remakes. Betcha the original is much better?…

    i dunno about the whole Carrie being watched possibility. i agree that it seemed just like that was her on her monitor at home. It was other posters who pointed out that this could mean she was being watched. You could take it either way. We don’t know for sure that what we are seeing is fully objective? could postulate that for us to see her on her own bug is only possible if someone is actually watching her? or it as just a theoretical reflection of her on a lone screen at home? Although a physicist would say that you can’t be seen without someone seeing you…

    the long shot of Carrie crying? good point. Could be. That achilles heel:again!

    n.b. best turn & line of dialogue in this episode after his Dad in the opening sequence and best spy so far was young Lucas: (to Estes)

    “Is this your office? i thought you were a spy. How are you supposed to spy on anything in here?”
    Exactly! how Do you spy on things then Estes?…

    Misogyny count:
    add one for the cruel and ludicrous line given to The Single Woman Carrie with her “epiphany” about how she was going to be: Alone For The Rest Of Her Life

transcript of my comments on Rebecca Nicholson’s Guardian Homeland Blog:Episode 8:Spoilers:Do not read unless you have seen this episode

  • 10 April 2012 1:45AM

    ”Tis true..


    I’m glad I’m not the only one to find Saul and particularly his voice, incredibly annoying!

    Same here! Hey, how’s this for a theory? Mera left him because she just couldn’t stand to hear his voice any more and Delhi was the furthest away she could think of to put him off following her. (and keep on blathering) 18 hours i think Saul said, in a shocked and sotto voice.. Remember how she sadly bowed her head in semi-defeat when saying “We’ll still be able to talk”!


    What’s the likelihood of stumbling into a Mosque in a US city when running away from the FBI in the dark?”

    Exactly! What are the chances? and that it would be open and or easy to get into considering um the past /current climate in the US?
    i agree that the whole Mike chase was very heavy handed. Why couldn’t it have been done more intuitively for want of not knowing the right word? You know, when seasoned Cops take it two steps back and some and if they’re any good, they shadow like ships in the night and their (ongoing) intel is so good and communication so practised, that they predict the movements of said quarry and lead them to a quiet resolution without harm? There must be a word for it. This wasn’t it I guess it was the ‘T’ for terrorist word wot did it…

    Then we have the terrible oops moment:described as a”nightmare” and yet the show must and did go on..but why? i mean why did Muslims have to be killed in the plot? point pushing for balance again? Bad thing happen on both sides. Yes, we geddit. Like with Saul’s re-iteration of his different childhood and religion for a statement of matching so called otherness? Possibly.

    Why are quite a few scenes in Homeland at all? i mean what was the significance of the daughter’s terrible accident and being drunk? Will this surface into something later? Or was it just for one off effect? There to make the Waltonesque moment on the couch watching TV all the more meaningful and touchy feely for us? Who knows..

    By the way:a poster or two has raised the possibility of there being a third party involved. i didn’t get the first significance of Carrie being viewed in the bug in the Brody family’s ceiling that she was taking down. i just assumed this was a portrayal of her back on the laptop. Yet posters pointed out that someone else could have been watching.

    In the episode at the cabin i did notice the unusual long shot of Carrie crying. Homeland doesn’t go in for a lot of arty camera shots. It’s mostly close-ups. It was an odd thing to do: showing her crying from that far away. My feeling about this was that it was possible someone was watching her there at the cabin. Who could be this shadowy nefarious (or not) third party? Obviously with better shadowing techniques so far than Carrie & her calamitous crew..

    n.b way to go Brody & Jess:if you go to a party and everybody is really nice to you is this so very unusual?! ( but Ambassador, you are spoiling us..)

    Also: how could Sadaam’s statue, or even a bust, really be small enough for a potato head?!