HOMELAND EPISODE 8:Transcript of my comments on Rebecca Nicholson’s Guardian Homeland Blog:Spoilers:Do not read unless you have seen this episode

  • 9 April 2012 1:23AM

    @Andy Bullock:
    Exactly! i agree
    & @ALL:
    Saul & his wife have been saying goodbye in their boring psychobabble monotonous way for several episodes now. At least this time Saul sounded a little bit more bothered than like they were discussing the cable subscription. I dunno why we are being subjected to this eternal Hallmark nonsense. What is it’s supposed significance? or Saul’s? who i find incredibly annoying for some reason. ( i did warn myself that his voice was cumulatively annoying). None i feel and i seriously don’t care.

    Surely the whole thing is stretched so painfully thin and is so paint by numbers as to be beyond parody now?

    It makes The Avengers look like Dirty Harry. In fact is it the new Avengers remake? is Brody in fact, really Steed? The only bit i really enjoyed and found realistic was the opening sequence.
    So far i am liking all the supposed terrorists the best. i liked Aileen. i like Walker.

    My immediate feeling at the end with the eponymous ‘Middle Eastern’ looking man
    (“zone 2:out”!) was that it was Brody who was set to kill and Walker who had been set to kill him (Brody) once he had done the job. Or before?…

    But gee, genius or what to figure out that somebody’s family was “their achilles heel”!?
    and boy did Saul keep repeating that phrase throughout. Oddly ascribing it a said by Carrie to moaning Mera as Saul had passed every other credit over to Carrie. Why? With a view to his imminent departure to Delhi? who knows..

    Notice how Saul blurts out the whole plot in front of the cab driver? These spies and their covert ways …

    “Mr. Potato Head” ha ha:Brody jokes about his mission to get Saddam’s statue err..
    Gee, he’s jolly?!

    As pointed out, Brody’s family turn into the Waltons. And Lo and behold, the daughters long bandages and umpteen stitches are disparu and never mentioned? Did Brody even see them?

    Carrie’s signposted Meaningful Moment when she realise she Will Always Be Alone was responsible for the return of the mood music:no…

    n.b apart from sleeping with him wasn’t it really rather dumb not to mention job-losing of Carrie to completely spill the beans to Brody last week and this week keep helpfully updating him? Should she really be giving him the heads up every time?

    contradiction of the week:Saul and his tiresome achilles heel:first his achilles heel was his wife and then it was his job. Was it me or did Saul seem a bit pervy when he complimented Mera on “being beautiful” whilst watching her bend over whilst getting ready? He suddenly seemed rather old for his young and beautiful wife..

    By the way:how did Elizabeth Gaines know that Mera was leaving “tomorrow night”?

    Why was the new Agent”Agent Marshall”, brought in peremptorily by Estes, sidelining Carrie & Saul and then later Carrie announces that Estes has put her “in charge of the task force”? What task force? the get Walker one? were not they already their own ‘task force’?

    All these implausabilities and so little real Drama. It is only really good when Carrie & Brody are alone as they can both act and simultaneously sizzle..Oh and Walker:he can carry a scene on his own.:”hungry here..God Bless the little children..”

    and it’s so very choppy in nature:the scenes lurch from one to the so far meaningless other..