Transcript of my comments on Vicky Frost’s Guardian Blog on The Killing II/Forbrydelsen II:WARNING! SPOILERS Only read if you have watched the end

  • 18 December 2011 10:54PM

    Hi all:
    lovely to share some questions and ponderings;

    oddities and explanations
    the too early & rather tiresome i felt at the time signposting of Ulrik Strange as Sarah’s new love interest. Firstly (groan) did Sarah really have to have a love interest? can’t we have one heroine who escapes this necessity/and/or obligatory snogging/sex scene?

    secondly-it rang as rather odd so early on that Strange said to Sarah in the car that “you’re jealous!” over his blond date:a claim which Sarah, surprisingly seemed to accept meekly (when she had only just told him she didn’t “do small talk”)

    yet suddenly they were best of friends/and or possible love interest sharing coffee cups and Lund was jealous? it seemed very un-Lund like to me..

    it just seemed unlikely and oddly early. Ditto the uncomfortable will they or won’t they snog scene in Strange’s flat. Pleeez don’t! i was wishing them…

    In retrospect it looks like Strange was playing Sarah right from the beginning:as somebody here mentioned, possibly even bringing in his ‘date’ to the station on purpose.

    I was alternating between thinking Strange did it and not after Raben’s identification. I did believe Raben yet then believed the official Army line. It was only when we started to doubt the army line about Strange not being there we knew for sure and that was very late on.

    However Strange turning up inside Sarah’s apartment building was decidedly creepy and special forces-like as was his obvious lies about his combat history to her.

    However the scene in the Jeep in Afghanistan where Strange answers “no, we just shoot at anything that moves” in answer to Lund’s question as to whether they, as Special Forces, had a radio & radio contact was a giveaway clue i felt. Yet i told myself perhaps he was just used to being covert in everything he said. However did anyone, including Sarah, really think that Special forces wouldn’t have had a radio?!

    Also, would not the Afghan Police chief have recognised Strange? Did love his “You little angry woman”! to Lund in perfect English which he knew all along.

    One small bugbear which is rare for TK was using so called ethnic music to denote that we were now in Afghanistan. Yes, we know that:we can see. Why do programmes feel the need to play what they think of as national music to denote a so called foreign country?

    tsk tsk TK. It’s never right anyway..for ex. when it’s another country’s depiction of Britain or Ireland they play a strange strangled kind of Irish pipe music!

    the Swedish Island conundrum:
    did think at the time that there was only a very few people who could have known the female member of team Aegir’s (whose name escapes me)-bolthole address. Only someone with access to army computer records apart from police ones?

    So how could the unknown killer have known this address and planted various explosives? We now see why Raben was so determined to get her away from Lund & Strange:or rather, Strange, which seemed odd to me at the time.

    I agree the Bilal thing didn’t swing:why on earth would he go to such extreme measures as kidnapping and gagging and whacking around Louise over some deleted messages? same goes for the suicide vest palarver. plus:would he not have known Strange by sight?
    n.b it was only a few scenes earlier that someone said to Buch”the queen is waiting to se you” & Bilal said “to God, my King & my country as he self-dispatched”! so is it a Queen or a King?!

    Also agree that the hooded killer Lund was chasing was small and slight:i even entertained the thought it was Louise!

    For me in this series the stand out hero and scene stealer extraordinaire was Thomas Buch. He of the endearingly pointy toed stance, chocolate munching and later pear then carrot chomping (they must have thought it a better health message!) & perpetual phone calls to his invisible wife. Note the Columbo trope of Buch looking perplexed when he is called out to see his wife who never appears in the drama…

    I don’t think it was his wife he was calling names, i believe it was the Newspaper lady who he had found out was a member of the ‘PLP’ or something, from the scarily powerful secret service. Buch did however at some point stop calling his wife entirely..

    Buch was the anti-Troels, for me, he stole the show from Lund. A bit tiresome the formulaic all politicians are corrupt and the innocent fall guy who is true and honest, must hence fall in with them by the end..

    Still don’t understand why Monberg committed suicide?
    How could lovely Herman Munsterish Brix have been “in on it”?

    Best bits: the rude wedding drinking song, Sarah’s Mum& hubby being comical.

    The Police were standing aside out of respect i felt for Sarah, who proper blatted Strange with 5 bullets representing for her the five murders, in her true Clint Eastwoodesque style ending with her walking off all High Plains Drifter, into the night..

    p.s love the way Danish people say”compuderr”

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