New:Fun Film in a thumbnail:Equilibrium a film by Kurt Wimmer

Silly but fun.
Plus it has Sean Bean..
“At the end of the 21st Century there was a third world war. Those of us who survived knew that nobody could survive another war. We couldn’t have another war so therefore another arm of the Law was created to police the most dangerous thing known to mankind: man’s ability to feel.”!

This new world is called Libria. As the omnipresent giant video screen of the man called ‘Father’ intones amplified into the town square:
“Librians i congratulate you, at last peace reigns in the heart of man”
“There is a disease in the heart of man:
it’s symptoms is rage
it’s symptom is anger
it’s symptom is war
it’s disease is human emotion.”

Everybody in Liberia regularly injects themselves in the neck from their handy pack of self-injecting syringes. This is known as the ‘dose’ and it must be done by everyone. It is to keep emotions at bay. For the life of me i can’t remember what it’s called..

Sean Bean and Christian Bale are Tetragrammatons (seriously) responsible for policing people for any signs of human emotion. A transgression is known as “a sense offence”. The punishment is not good:

“take him to the hall of destruction for summary combustion”!

Sean Bean’s full name is Eric Partridge Tetragrammaton! As he is Sean Bean he still carries it off..

Christian Bale looks great, really impressive with his slicked back hair and super duper futuristic clothes. He is supremely impassive of face as befits a Tetragrammaton. We see from his flashback that Christian’s wife was taken and charged with a sense offence. He tells Sean “”my wife was arrested and incinerated four years ago for a sense offence”.

Uh oh, what is this? Sean has pocketed a book he says he will”check it for council” (he’s a renegade) I warmed to this film even more when i heard Sean quoting from his purloined book:

“But i, being poor, have only my dreams.
I’ve spread my dreams under your feet.
Tread softly, for you tread on my dreams”

Ah, what bliss, Yeats.

This book was taken in a raid by Christian and Sean when they blat to bits a whole room of people who have an old 45rpm record on a record player. Christian says to Sean:
“Every time we come from the nethers (lawless outskirts) to the city,it reminds me of what we do”.
Sean replies “it does”. However Christian becomes suspicious of Sean when he detects some emotion behind this reply..

Christian can do some insanely good martial arts. This part of the film was truly hilarious. I must have been bored and gone off briefly when the tetragrammatons started talking about their special training in the art of war. Hence i was rather surprised when it turned into something worthy of ‘Flying Dragons’ and that gloriously gory Japanese film called Zatoichi (The Blind Swordsman).

Christian can kill whole crowds of men single handed! In addition he has funny sticky out things that shoot out of his gun buts that he uses in his mad martial arts fighting.

During the course of the film and i won’t give away any more than this:
Christian comes across:
a beautiful lady who tells him:
“without love, without anger, sorrow, breath is just a clock ticking”
a really cute doggie ahh
a 45 record of Ludwig Van Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and a snow globe.

nb.A bit unlikely that Beethoven would have been on a 45 as it would have been a 78rpm record.

“Now you have let it get entirely out of control”!
“Not at all” says Christian….

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