New:Wallander:The Cellist: last Week BBC4 aired 18th June 2011

Saturday Night

Wallander was brilliant. Loved how it morphed into film Noir and Art House Cinema at the end with Kurt and the Bad Guy in the church.

When Kurt out Priests a Priest and talks the Leb guy into submissive surrender. With Wallander’s lovely lilting spoken English. In the subterranean seeming strange lit grove of the Church. Cave like in appearance. Silent and dark. With burn orange background, stone walls and candles flickering on an unseen altar.

Kurt is Priest and old wise cowboy and cool Chandleresque Detective rolled into one in that scene. Spahetti Western style in his white pale set face trilby hat and long cloak of black, bad Leb said little and moved slowly, silently. Persuaded by Kurt’s spiel. Softly spoken he walks over and sits quietly, obedient and submitted.

Kurt is a genius. He showed the Priest he could do that whole wise words thing to a tee. Without the flowing long black robes, fervent eyes of pale blue and rakish white beard. Just calm and cool and collected Kurt had sat and talked. Much like a snake with head so still, distracting and enticing, a gentle head shift from side to side for the snake. A silken smile from Kurt in it’s place. Before Kurt’s metaphorical tongue flicks out and strikes his prey.


Funny Dialogue from Wallander;

nb. Does Pontus have Shaft on his mobile ringtone?

Beautiful Lady Prosecutor Katrina asks Kurt:

“How many records do you have?”



(She looks round, amused)

Elderly Instrument Repairer to Kurt:

“So you’re one of those?”

(a music lover)

Wallander describes the methods of the Russian mafia:

“No luggage, scorched earth technique, burn and scorch everything so the enemy doesn’t get it”.

nb. Cello music plays throughout since it’s about a Cellist)

Katrina corrects the dishy Jens (“Oh, Jens!”)

regarding his pronunciation of Kurt’s name:

“It’s Vallander”

Jens and Kurt get existential:


“We must get to the bottom of this”!


“There is no bottom only an endless black hole”!

Jens repeats carefully in English:

“bottom” emphasising the “om” at the end (this is very funny)

At one point we think “Uh Oh, the old baby in the buggy trick” when a woman puts something under Wallander’s car. We spend the next few scenes worrying that Kurt will go sky high. The plot builds on this dramatic tension by getting Wallander to forget something just as he’s getting into his car. Like last week’s episode when they showed us Nyberg wandering into a Church full of gun-toting baddies late at night. Not showing us he was alive until the next day.

Orthodox Greek Priest to Wallander:

“The Church is is a sanctuary for the soul even for those who have chosen to defy him”..(eg you Wallander)

Wallander ties him up in theological argument: (so obtuse i didn’t quite get it)

“So your God wouldn’t even let you say you hadn’t seen someone?”!

subtitles for sound:

(sweet cello music plays throughout)

cello music plays urgently a lot.

Wallander’s advice on handling a gun to Katrina:

“Hold it firmly with two hands and aim to miss”!

Wallander to various baddies involved:

“Irina won’t be playing at your funeral”.

more subtitles for sound:

(knocking echoes loudly)

(Allegro Impassionata plays)

Katrina to Kurt:

“I watched you during the concert, she (beautiful Irina the Cellist) made you smile?”

“I’m a bit jealous maybe”


Ending Song:

“Quiet night, talk becomes a whisper.

Not a word you say could ever hurt me.

Screaming streets are quiet now.

They are sleeping like we’re about to.

You say it’s worth it, all the trouble and the worry.

I say it’s worth it, all the bad dreams…”