appropos of nothing:a tendentious spiral tale 5th May 2011 4:46pm

  • 5 May 2011 4:46PM

    appropos of nothing:(a tendentious spiral tale)
    i once went out on a date with a guy who (& this should have set alarm bells ringing) proudly announced that he had on his “shoes for Court” then proceeded to walk in a severely triangulated pattern scarily reminiscent of drunk tramps. He then angrily argued with the barmaid when she refused to take his brandished bit of old paper receipt from his pocket which he loudly declared was money!

    Moral of this story fellas, always remember your wallet..(well on a date) unfortunately the place we went to had open Spiral stairs, (there’s my link!) and after ‘my date’ had a nice rest he had decided upon by sitting down on the floor, i had to get help to push him back up the eponymous spiral staircase!…

Spiral 3 Episodes 9&10 5th May 4:23pm

5 May 2011 4:23PM

  • Just a thought:
    If Mr. Delacourt, one of the Mayor’s cronies, was ‘in’ with the Mayor then why did he install a secret camera in the Mayor’s office. Also who is this Mr. Dejain they describe as having been beaten up?

    The monumental mission of Roban& his fall from Lee Van Clint alike & Cowboy status:
    Wouldn’t it be great if Roban brought the Mayor & his motley crew down, cleverly leaving Arnaud out of it And Martin, his brother? Oh dear, quite a quest! It’s starting to seem like he will have to metaphorically sacrifice one. Biblical or what? Who to choose: his ‘son’ (perhaps his real son) or his brother?

    I’m sure Roban will pull it off. Somebody here called him Robin Hood with Marianne as Maid Marian-hilarious! He could also, i propose, be Batman’s Robin, grinning and forever boyish with his sparkling smile and silvery bright hair. Roban has a whole foxy like a fox thing going on..

    He wasn’t so cool as a drunk however. Lee Van Clint, nay Clint Eastwoodness himself would be grimacing, deftly moving their well chewed toothpick to the far corners of their mouth, whilst wincing at such cowboylessness. Tsk, everybody knows that cool cowboys, adept at whooshing the murky shot glass expertly from one end of the bar & back can take their liquor.

    You don’t “forget your wallet” nor do you phone up your girlfriend to bail you out then collapse crying into her arms declaring “I’m too old for all this”! No, you stagger outside, spurs clanking quietly in the moonlight and pick a fight with somebody, swaying slightly and sneering manfully whilst talking out of the corners of your mouth..
    You do Not admit to being old!

Spiral 3 Episodes 9 10 5th May 12:35am

  • 5 May 2011 12:35AM

    on screen chemistry:
    May i say that in that in the realms of history of on screen chemistry Bremont & Laure really deserve a written entry.

    Bremont &Laure sizzle with heat whenever they get a few inches away from each other. A smoking look from Laure from a few feet away, a declaration from her that she wants him, a burning look across the room.

    The slow dance from Bremont, who magicks himself to her side and somehow scoops her up in his arms, tilting her chin up in his hand. Like some smouldering and silent Master Flamenco dancer about to lead her, stomping, across the room..

Spiral 3 Random Musings:appropo of nothing 4th May 2011

I lived in Greece for many years and have seen all or most of the ancient sites, when i am supposed to be doing important stuff and am terminally distracted by this computer i find myself musing that the internet is indeed the modern equivalent of the Oracle @ Delphi..

soon i will be free to roam and i will be giving myself some light relief from the plethora of murders which i am finding infinitely and cumulatively quite depressing really and will be discussing the merits, plots and indeed exciting sub-plots of The Only Way Is Essex!