Wentworth Prison-Series One-Episode 8-Minor spoilers only-on in the UK on Channel #5 or on Virgin TV Channel #105

Wentworth Prison Episode 8

Jac’s Episode.


Erica & Jacs
“I haven’t heard much talk on the ground..”
“I would like you to agree to go into protection..”
“If yo don’t take my offer,”
“I can’t tell how long you’ll last”..

Flashback to Jac’s Life.
“How dare Vinnie put out a hit!”
“I’ll rip his heart out!”

(back at the prison)
But what’s this?
Jacs is panting once inside her room

(muffled voices)

(steam press hisses)

Bea to Jacs:
“I only spoke up…”
Jacs (dreadful flashback)
“We all get what’s coming to us in the end…”

Bea’s daughter to Brayden:
“Is it better than smoking it?”

Fletch & Vera at lunch.
“It’s Mediterranean couscous..”
“em, there’s a Bond movie marathon”!..
“Well maybe..”

Jacs & simone.
“You’re a good woman Simone…”

& Jacs gets some bad news.
“Seven year I’ve been in here and another seven years all because of you and you’re sorry“!

Jacs walks along the corridor in slow motion…

More horrible flashbacks.

jacs to Brayden:
“It’s time, time to break up with Debbie..”
“Time’s up..”
You’ll be back!”
No, I Won’t”

end of excerpts


Well I have to say i nearly baulked about watching or writing about Wentworth Prison any more.  Since relating sexual shenanigans is one thing but describing verbatim violence is another.

Thing is, I found the ending of this episode to be utterly horrific and deeply upsetting. Not much fun to be had in writing about that.  No Siree.

I suppose i could say that Jacs takes the ultimate revenge.  Looking back on the episode we see that it is  tit for tat escalation of violence.  Predicted and warned about by Erica to Bea.

Loyalties are fluid and moving and some of the women, or nearly all and certainly Doreen: are subject to brainwashing and blackmail from the sinister power of Jacs.

Franky fearlessly fights Jacs on behalf of her gang/crew and as a lone power struggle one on one.  Indeed like the two matriarch Hippos in my original allusion.

Hey you don’t mess with a Hippo.  Ever seen two fight?  It ain’t pretty.  Likewise they could be any primates locked in a fight to the death battle.  Or at least a mortal wounding leaving the other to limp off, preferably seen as useless now and lost in status to the rest of their group.

Often left isolated and alone.

Erica too, is a powerful contender.  As once she leaves off fiddling about beneath her desk and mooning over Franky she too is battling to enforce some order, some power.

 & Erica is playing hard to get with Franky.  Either that or Erica has decided she really is straight.

& We see a whole other side to Vera that is rather unexpected. & Just what, we are left to wonder did Jacs ask Vera to do that caused Vera to have a full blown panic attack in the corridor?

Hopefully it just involved needles.

Yet how sweet and swift was Fletcher with his brilliant cure for panic attacks?
“Breathe in through the heart.”
“Breath out through the stomach.”
Look at me, look at me”

Ah.  I had high hopes for Vera & Fletcher. They may well still go to that movie.

Fletcher, whose blood-stained shirt changing caused Vera to increase her speed to furiously scrubbing the stain as we all, along with her, paused for an infinitesimal expectant moment for Fletcher to take his vest off too.  However this apparition never occurred.

But sadly Vera has given Fletcher the we-are-colleagues-and- I-wouldn’t-want-to lose-a-friend speech.

So there will be no Vera & Fletcher.
Sitting in a tree (on the steps at the prison)

Wentworth Prison-Series One- Episode 7-Warning: Adult themes which some may find upsetting-Minor spoilers only-on in the UK Channel #5-or on Virgin TV Channel #105

Wentworth Prison Series One

Episode 6

Mr. Will Jackson’s episode.


So Mr. Jackson is getting drunk and shagging.
(Whilst looking at the photo of Meg)
& is in a right bad mood the next day.

Liz to Mr. Jackson:
“Why have you done that?”
“What are we going to play with now?”

Jacs to Bea:
“Did you ask to be excused?”

Bea to Mr. Jackson:
“Can i have it back please?”
Mr. Jackson:
“So you want another favour?”
“I’m stil waiting for you to pay back the first one..” Uh oh. (He is still drunk)
“Here, fetch!”
throws the ball.

Erica & Franky.
Erica is blanking her.
“Nice ring, who’s the lucky guy?

Jacs & new girl she knows.
So Jac’s hubby really did bring her some cheese!

Jackson in the laundry room to the women:
Shut up!
(he definitely as a hangover)

Vera & Fletch .
(Fletch & Vera sitting on a tree)

Vera to Fletch:
“You can sit here if you like”
(she has her make-up really good now)

Jackson is being a complete arsehole to Vera.

Bea does Jac’s hair.
“Where is your daughter?”
“In the blue mountains”
“Where in the blue mountains?”

Liz:watching a soap opera.
“Why can’t they ever be happy?”
(Good point)

Jacs has something planned for Franky.
“It’s disgusting”
“They’re going to gang her, rape..”
“It happened to Sally”
“I took the screwdriver out”

Jackson is clubbing it and snoofing lines of Columbian marching powder.

He has a lot of lines all prepared on the coffee table.
Then Jackson gets a hallucination of Meg.  two in fact.  One in a glass-here comes the glass smashing against the wall:yep.

Bea & Jacs.
“Please don’t do this..
“I’m begging you..”
“You will get to go home one day,
“to your family”
“what kind of woman will you be?”

Will Jackson & Bea.
“there’s your stuff..”

Then Bea gets her head cut on the side of the sink.  & gets the shit kicked out of her.  Now one to the face.

Where the hell are the Prison Officers in all this?

& Doreen and Liz make up as mates.

Vera & Fletcher & his blood-stained shirt.
“Don’t use hot water, it will set the stain”

Erica to the women:
“What happened, who did this?”

Will Jackson to the women & Jacs as she sits there like a Godfather.
“Let me see your hands!
one of the women:
“I hit the door!”

Franky & Bea.
“Who did this to you?”
“I want to warn Frankt!”

Franky comes back.  Everything goes into slow motion.

Jacs smiles and sneers.
To Doreen:
“Keep an eye on her”,
“when she’s alone,
“let me know”

Will Jackson phones up Bea’s daughter.  Ah.
But he will most likely want payback.

Doreen & Jacs.
(Jacs is doing that starey Godmother thing again)

“She’s gone to the gym”

So: the screwdriver has no head.

Woah-Franky takes her revenge on Jacs:
“This one’s for Bea”!

Franky & Doreen.
“She got in your head, didn’t she?”

Bea & Erica.
“Jacs was attacked because of you,”
“next time it could be worse”
“You wanna see your daughter”
“tell me what happened!”..

Yet another nonsensical song.

“Time and tide wait for no one”
“They won’t wait for you or me”
“You got to know when to stay or go”
“when to go or be?”
“You just got to get out of the way”
“There’s nothing you can do at all but pray”..

end of excerpts


Blimey.  So pretty horrific and violent stuff.  I spent most of the time wondering where on earth the Prison staff were during all these attacks and how come the women had access to equipment or tools for that matter that could inflict so much damage on each other.

Yet take the stuff/ equipment away and there’s always the corner of the sink and hands and feet.  Oh and kettles.

It does seem that for women all presumably charged with similar crimes of attempted and actual murder: they have a fair amount of freedom to move around during the day and inside.  A set amount of time somewhere around twilight, to go into the yard.

And where are all the Prison officers when all these things are going down?  It’s not clear.  Other than being hungover in Jackson ‘s case.  & the much vaunted overstretched perhaps.

Homeland Series 3-episode 1-warning spoilers-My Review-Homeland on in the UK Channel 4 sundays @9pm or Channel # 104 on Virgin TV-available on catch up TV-4 On Demand/ 4OD

Homeland Series 3 Episode 1

Is that Quinn with his shirt off making a bomb in his basement?

Carrie comes before the Congress Committee.
“How can the CIA be expected to protect this country if it can’t even protect itself?”
“You will be questioned by Majority and Minority Counsel..”
What is that?

Minority Counsel:
“What was the aim of this taskforce?”..
“If you’re asking me if he outsmarted ome?
“Yes, he did”
she continues
“If you’re asking me if I’ll ever forgive myself?
“This is the Department of Justice Exhibit A Document..”

Saul & Other nasty beardy guy.
“I won’t thrown Carried under the bus!”
“OK we’ll just jump and down up up and down her really hard!

Carie finally blurts out:
“I don’t believe Congressman Brody planted that bomb!”
Committee Man:
“Yours is a minority view”!..

Dana is in some kind of Rehab place!
“Coping tool?”
“Who else wants to share?”

Mrs Brody.& Therapist
“She’s doing really well..”
“You mean for someone who slit their wrists and got in the bath?!”
“I have no income, no money…
“We’ve had death threats”

Dana is snogging someone who looks like the son of Quinn.
He has got to be a spy/ undercover.

Mom is plagued by the Press when she comes out.

Saul and his beardy friend:
“There’s a lot of moving parts, but i don’t think we’ll get another chance”
beardy friend:
“What about the Iranian?”
“We know him as the magician”
“So he was the Shah’s man before the Ayatollah’s?”
“So, do we get the green light?”
No, we’re still deciding..”

“Javadi is the man we should be getting!”
beardy man:
“You hear about Carrie today?”
“She’s blowing it”
“Someone’s leaking documents!”
Saul looks at him accusingly.

Carrie’s Dad & Carrie. (Carrie’s Dad is brilliant i think)
“What’s all this?”
“You’re off your meds, aren’t you?”
“I missed it, it was right in front of my eyes!”

Dana comes home and has a new Grandma and a whole different brother! i mean actor.

“I have homework!”
“tell that to Beowulf”
“I don’t know who that is!”

Dana looks at a family photo.  Brody is in it.
She puts it in a drawer.
There is a pink haired troll and a note in her bag.
“Dear Shiva the destroyer..”
Dana reads it..

Then takes a photo of herself topless!
Uh.oh.  This is not good.  Not good at all.

Know that vampirish quinn look-alike guy at the Centre was up to no good.

Mira & Saul
(teaching moment)
“We’re not assassins Mira..”
“We’re spies..”

Is Saul drunk?
Not sure about Mira undoing his shoelaces for him.

“We’re still sleeping in separate bedrooms, it’s been two months”
“I’m just waiting for the right answer to present itself”.

Why is Mira still there then?
Why is she acting so obedient and submissive?
Is it meant to be because she is meant to be Indian?

Back at The Committee
“We have testimony that she (Carrie) left the building with the Congressman”

To Carrie’s Lawyer:
“Why is it that you are doing all the talking and your client is as silent as the Sphinx?”
The questiong Committe Man continues:
“Trouble is, I’m not buying it.”
“I don’t believe half of what you and your colleagues are selling”
“Not half!”
“You have done great damage to our country,”
 “you and your colleagues will pay for it one day”..

The Two Beards (Saul & his fellow beardy friend-Quinn’s ex-handler) gather at the window.
this maybe the last order we ever do”
he continues
“Take them, take them all!”
including Brody? Oh. No.

The Mighty Quinn is going al Jason Bourne on us.
In a hunky leather-OK sorry scrubb that-he’s on a motorbike with a bomb.  Then spots his target has their daughter with him-we hear her voice.
Quinn turns off his handy mobile bomb.

They are in The Control Room.
“GH3″..stand by..”
“Red 5, I have Wizard..”

Quinn: (calling in)
“I had to abort, there was a kid in the car”
“What do you what me to do?”
“He has to be part of the kill”
“Otherwise he will crawl back into the woodpile”..
“He has ten minutes!”

Now he is doing his Bourne thing.  Ten minutes. Seems like a suicide mission to me.

Quinn disables the alarm and then shoots a cupboard which turns out to have a man behind it.  He takes the photo ofthe dead man.
Shit.  Quinn as killed a child by mistake.
Oh. No.  In his pyjamas.

Control Room.
“Here comes Tel Aviv”..
“Toto is down”
“Cowardly Lion is down!”.
(so they’re all Wizard of Oz names)
Saul walks away.
(he doesn’t know about the child yet)

Brody’s Family.
You have a case!”

Dana to her family.
“What did the optimist say as he jumped off the building?”
“So far so good!”
Saul & Beardy guy.
“We are not keepers of the flame”
“No. we’re meant to stamp it out!”

Carrie comes and accuses Saul,with the newspaper.
Beardy guy:
“It wasn’t me Saul!”

Dana rips down her posters.

The Grandma talks complete shit about suicide:
“It was a cry for attention”
“If she really meant to kill herself”
“She’d be dead!”

Saul gives a televised address to the congress & the nation:
“three separate strikes. terrorist strikes..”
“Meticulously planned, text book”

Senator At The Committee:
“So they were curious as to the timing..”
“frankly this..
“if the information is correct, the Agency brought this down on i’s head

“The information was flawed”
“It wasn’t entirely an agency matter”
“She was diagnosed as Bipolar”
“So did she conceal from you the fact that she was sleeping with the Congressman?”
“Yes, yes she did…”

Carrie cracks up weeping, watching Saul at home, on the news.  Sitting on the sofa.

Oh no.  Her best friend and mentor and Uncly friend.  That she trusted.  He shafted her.


end of excerpts


So there was so many teaching moments hammered home in this episode,as there has been before in Homeland, that it virtually flattened it for me.

If there was a metaphorical hammer banging this message into uor heads we would have a headache by now.

I do find teaching moments very irksome.  Yes we get it.  Gosh, how terrible.  But really, i just want to have some fun watching a drama.  Not the living news.

So we are deliberately shown Quinn as the mirror image of the original bomb maker.  In his basement.  & yes, just as with Abu Nazir, we are taught that every act, however noble in orientation has collateral damage.

 Cute little children.  someone’s son or daughter.  Someone’s Daddy.  Yep.  We really did know all that already thanks.  Yes, we get it.  The good guys are acting like the bad guys & Abu Nazir was nice to his son.  All that and more.

The memories of the Bin Laden photo-op of the war-room was written all over this episode.  A thousand fold.  & likely other stuff too.

More shadows played over Homeland Series 3 of other, more recent things, possibly post-dating it a little.

Instead of all this lording urgency and bite, it only felt like murky platitudes swimming in an ever muddier sea.

This first episode was strangely uninvolving.I missed Estes and his ever interlacing long fingers and his hot pink shirts.

Saul grumbles along gruffly.  Always failing to convince.  His new beardy best mate who i think was the mysterious handler of Quinn in Series 2, was much more convincingly sinister.

Saul’s new beardy mate half looked like he might have a magical orb or sceptre somewhere and preferred to wear a cloak.  i swear he had black eyeliner on.

Carrie, as ever, manges to be electric on screen by not doing anything much in particular but charging around from here to there.  With her giant Manga saucer like eyes.  & often trembling lips.
( Oh yes and they have given her an officially mad scribbling notebook.)

Of course all this is nothing without Brody.

He and Carrie literally fizzle off each other like static shock on screen.

The first two episodes are sans/ minus Brody.

We will have to leave Brody, safe and peaceful in our imagination in the eponymous log cabin in the Canadian outback forest.

Building log fires. chopping wood, reading his Qur’an and praying on his little red prayer mat in the sunrise.

Note to my readers about Wentworth Prison Series One-Episode 6 & New Series coming-The Tunnel- On Sky Atlantic Channel-remake of The Bridge

Please note that i missed the identifying number 6 from my posting of the above episode 6 of Wentworth Prison.  This has now been rectified in the post.  (posted Monday 7th October 2013)


& The Tunnel
Starting 16th October on Sky Atlantic.
Nooooo!  I don’t have this Channel.

This is a remake of the Scandinavian series, The Bridge.

The Tunnel is an English-French collaboration and as The Bridge fans know-the body is found on the border half-way between two countries. In this case in the Channel Tunnel.  Apparently this is the first film ever shot in the Channel Tunnel.  Oh yes and a Detective from each country has to work the case together.  Cue supposed stereotypical differences..

There is a large and interesting preview of this series in The Independent which i will dig up soon and post the link.

Here it is:
The Tunnel-Chunnel Vision by Gerard Gilbert Wednesday 9th October
Nb. There is another review somewhere in the Independent but can’t rustle it up right now.


Wentworth Prison-Series One-Episode 6-Minor spoilers-on in the UK on Channel 5 & Channel #105 on Virgin TV

Wentworth Prison Episode 6

So its Vera this week.



Vera is in front of her mirror.  She has one of those cards with a face on and her recommended colours from having your make-up done in the shop.

Young Vera.
Some girls can wear make-up and some can’t”!
“You need to know now..you..don’t”..

present day.
Hayley the News Reporter & Vera.
So first Hayley:
“I like what you’ve done, it looks really good”,
“If you like, I could make a suggestion?”…

Vera: to Mr. Fletcher  (the ex-soldier Prison Officer)
“Fletch, do you want a coffee?”
“Mr. Fletcher, i was thinking that wearing my hair back all the time was giving me a headache”..
“and the volley-ball?”
she continues
“uhum, think it would be good to spend some time together”,
“outside of work..”
“What about the boyfriend?”
“Oh, I’m sure he would be fine..”
(yeah, coz he is made up, right)

Will Jackson & Bea.
“Stuff from home..”
“Just wish I could reach out to her”..
“She is only a teenager”
“If there’s anything I can do to help..”

Toni comes to to the Yard from Cold Turkey isolation and sits with the girls from H3!
“The boss wants a word with you..”
“Come in..”

Ton goes into slow motion..down the corridor.
“I haven’t asked you”
“If you want a cup of tea?”
“Milk? sugar?”

No thanks.”
Jacs pours boiling water over the cup!  Toni sees it coming a long way off!
Toni collapses in slow motion too.(scream)
An horrific scene.

Lets start with who supplied you the drugs?”

I just love how Vera with her new lippy and make-up on so once long ago scarred by her horrible evil Mother: is getting lots of positive feedback on her looks by all the prisoners!

Franky & Erica.
“Acts that violate normal human rule of ethics and human behaviour”
“Right Conduct”
“Laws control the lesser man”..
“Right conduct, she better..”

Franky is aceing Law and walking all over Erica.

& Vera dares to say so!

“These sessions are at the direction of the authorities..”

fight-fight!  Toni & sue fight.

Bea comes up and asks Jackson, begs him to let her use the phone at night outside hours.

Its all on the CCTV-we see.

We also see the heartbreaking situation of Vera. Her fake boyfriend Adam is actually her elderly Mother.

Vera walks into her Mum’s bedroom with a pillow in her hands!
(she has had enough)
We have seen Vera walk down the corridor in slow motion to that effect.
We are let to wonder: s Vera going to be going to clink/ prison?

Because it looks like Vera is just about to murder her Mum..

Mum wakes up-looks up with frightened eyes.
I’m going out”
Says Vera woodenly, imperceptibly holding the pillow aside.
However her Mother isn’t fooled.  Not for one minute.

We are in Horrorsville.

So Vera is hungover.

I always thought Franky had a cruel streak”
“but to do that to one of her own?”
Jacs gestures to Franky.
“Ask Toni who got her back on the drugs”
“Franky gave me the drugs”.

Jacs & Toni.
“More tea?”

Toni & Erica & Vera.
Franky gave me the drugs”

Erica to Toni:
“We both know it wasn’t Franky!
“You’re lying now”
“prove it!”
Man in suit:
“Franky Doyle”..
“do you have anything to say?”
“You are a complete waste of time and resources”
he continues
“Put her back in the slot for an extended stay”
“Stop it!”
Man in suit:
“Are you going to let one of the prisoners F up your career?”
“Are you going to be the Governor I know you can be?”

Franky & Toni are locked up separately in solitary confinement.

Franky looks out in to the CCTV-knowing Erica is looking!

Ah. Vera & Fletcher.

The Trouble With The Templetons is playing:
“fevers raging beneath those bones”
“tales you tell”
“seen to tide you well”
“but all my rage & scorn”
“let off course when I’m done”
“Fathers tell their sons”
“go and run”…

Vera’s Mother smiles,
“You are all I got”
“I don’t want I would do without you..”
I’m here Mum..”

Jackson & Bea.
“If there is anything I can do to help..”
“Mr. Jackson..
Walks, looking  suspiciously at Jackson.

At the end of the episode Liz warns Bea to watch out for Mr. Jackson.
“Oh, but he is only being kind”
says Bea.
“It isn’t anything”.
says Liz sagely.
“Believe me,”
“anything is always something..”

end of excerpts

So now i remember about the original Prisoner Cell Block H & Vera & her Mother.
Because the storyline was in the original and it was equally horrific then.  If not more so. Because Vera’s life was all so very ordinary.  Until then. That pillow moment.

At the same time you can’t help liking and feeling sympathy or sorry for Vera who is trapped inside the confidence of a young girl.

Due to years of psychological abuse by her Mother.

Mind you, it isn’t easy asking someone out.