April 9th 2018.

Some notes and dialogue from Kara Para Ask/ Black Money, Love.
In Turkish with 'English and other subtitles.
On Netflix now.
Also on Youtube at time of writing.

Tweets I made about the series at the time:
One hitman to another:
"As as far as the underground goes,
"It turns out you're the killer with the softest heart!"
Arda to Pelin:
"If I throw myself, as a rug, under your feet"..
Omer to Elif:
"I would die to save a single tear drop"
Exactly how can our heroine Elif, extricate herself from this conundrum? We shall see…meanwhile circa episode 28-20 Omer the hero's moustache is distracting me. He went to the barbers but the moustache remains untouched.
Elif to Omer:
Will my eyes go with you or will they stay?"
Elif to Omer:
"Your story is like a Turkish movie!"
Omer & Arda.
Omer: I hope I deserve your friendship"
What friendship?"
"I'm your brother"!
A lady singer (sings)
"The delicate rose of my thoughts.."
"The merry nightingale of my thoughts.."
Ali the police Chief keeps reminding me of a famous actor in a black and white Dracula movies. Especially in the dark..
The Kara Para Ask saga continues.
Ahaha The ex-girlfriend or fiancé of the hero turns up. wait, I know this one..
Levant in KPA is distracting due to his pink lips. Now he no longer has a girlfriend, this disparity is harder to write off.
That embarrassing moment in the life of a hitman when his boss, or patron, or just plain person he has been tasked in looking after and watching over: asks him to sit down and share a drink. Chill. and chat. Because the other guy is lonely.
So I'm starting to get worrried about the hitmen. Things are complicated. His ward or charge/ the man he is charged with protecting keeps getting worried that the hitmen wil kill him. (Even though he is meant to be under their protection.) He keeps running away. Things do not go well for hitmen who make mistakes.
The prisoner, because that's what he is really, keeps running away..Later, the hitman, convinced of their new relationship, attempts a joke. His charge, who now resembles Frank Zappa and Escobar combined, snarls back an insulting an angry reply. Poor hitman. I guess they weren't really friends after all.
The latest favourite hitman of the gangster is called Mumtaz. And Mumtaz is looking very worried indeed, because he has some very bad news..His head is bowed and his arms are down and crossed, along with his hands, palms flat at the bottom inwards. (as if he was praying).
Fatih to Hussain:
"With that kind of money even your grandchildren will live like Kings!
Song: (a lovelorn man/hero)
The Tandindarem song.
"…To see the face of my beloved again.."
"Aman aman, I wished to God..don't destroy this heart of mine..
for one of those eyebrows for those black eyes of yours, everything is worth it in this world..
i wasn't sdstined to live on your knees,
Aman, aman, aman
to live and look into your face
Aman aman, aman, to look into your face..
don't destroy this heart of mine
For one of your eyebrows..
those black eyes.."
Gangster to Mumtaz:
I hope you're here with good news…
otherwise you would not be here.
"do you have nuts in your head or brains!
"Good evening Commissaire…
To his hitman:
"Go do a Sukdoko so you won't be like a goldfish in a bowl!

Handy Yellow Taxis/ Taksi
Handy yellow taxis that appears at the most opportune times. The most officially convenient time for a Taksi to appear would be in Kacak, series one,. But I digress.
Tea Places.
Simply everywhere. Double teapots and concave tea glasses.
"It's only a teabag!" scoffs Omer, in Italy. In Rome. At a café. Just like an Englishman would say!

The Light House. Proper name-The Maiden Tower.
The light house in the Bosphorus bay. Ships and cruisers going back and forth. Small boat yards with dry docked boats where characters will hang out, hole up in sometimes or camp out with little fires, drink Raki/ vodka? cook, meet with other men or just sit lone, to ponder, sing, cry and drink.
The Bosporus bridge is made much of, deservedly so. Especially at night when the bridge is lit up with strings of neon light of blue and red and pink. We also see the bridge in the daytime with cars driving along it.
In Ask Ve Ceza/ Love & Punishments and possibly in other series when I didn't really understand this: these shots signify the characters driving across the bridge into Istanbul from the countryside.

The Bosphurus promenade ie the walkway at the shore: often with the tiniest tea places set out on the pavement. Although of course in some sereis, like Cesur Ve gzel for examaple, that are set completely in the countryside.
So every now an then in a Turkish drama: someone will burst into a silken song. Either on the soundtrack or an actual character. Sigh. These songs sound like Elvis was Turkish and had smoked a joint and or was very happy in heaven where he somehow became addicted to Turkish dramas like me and thought he'd have a go at a song.


The gangster to Mumtaz (the hitman)
"Do you know anything about dominoes?"
"They work on setting them for days and months"
"Then when it's showtime, and idiot comes, touches one of them, and all their efforts go down the drain!"
"Idiot Emmioglu toppled all my dominoes just like that!"
(All the time the gangster is doing a giant fish jigsaw. Tropical fish).
One hitman to another:
"Sorry?" "Do you think a sorry is enough?"
"I'll show you son!"
"You and everyone else from this our life."
"Give me another opportunity."
"Put me in front of him once more."
"I'll send them to dancing heaven."
I swear!".

Gangster to his son:
You know there is evil, and so you can't turn your back on those closest to you"
"You need to protect your arse".
"This is my new motto".
The hero and heroine in KPA are prone to taking romantic interludes where they declare their love for each other. In front of all sorts of officialdom. Everywhere really. Everyone waits patiently.

Author's note. Update. 11th of November 2020.

All the rest of my notes following this are dialogue from what I called Tales Of The Hitmen from Kara Para Ask/Black Money, Love.  
These notes are later explored, or will be, along with a few accompanying drawings I did for the Tales Of The Hitman and some of their dialogue from KPA.

In what format yet, I haven't decided. Perhaps on here. I am looking into starting up a Youtube channel. Watch this space..

8TH May 2018.

So having finished KPA I am trying out Biyah Siyah Ask./ Black and White Love.
Not on Netflix. Look for it online.
I watched it on a Facebook group for English and Albanian subtitles for this show.
But these groups are few and far between now.
Some sites, tho reportedly legit (tho be careful) you have to pay.
Try Turkfans. You can signup for free there. I did. 
The Teacher, on Turkfans, is brilliant. Tho I have to catchup on that one..
Watch out for any site that may appear to be Russian & or have porn pop-ups appear. Avoid, avoid..

Biyah Siyah Ask/ Black and White Love.
In Turkish with English subtitles. 
One series.

"Leave it, the hero says.."
"I don't like being touched by anyone..
"Now there was a man in the past.."
"He saw the serpent struggling in the water, he said, why let the poor thing/ him struggle?
 and he helped it. 
But he kept getting stung again and again.."

The Hero:
"The guy who keeps his heart quiet!".

So the hero of Intersection is in it. And he rides a motorcycle. With a back leather jacket. He looks like The Terminator. Great. Plus the lawyer from Gonul.

Let's just say that Ferhat is a man of few words.?

Postscript: Author's note added later, 21st November 2020.

The rest of this notebook, is again, filled with dialogue from Siyah Biyah Ask/ Black and White Love. 
Not as much fun as what I named, the Tales Of The Hitmen dialogue, from Kara Para Ask/ Black Money, Love so I probably won't explore this dialogue further, or I will literally, be here forever!

However Siyah Biyah Ask/ Black and White Love comes highly recommended.
 Mainly for the hero, as the heroine really became boring. In my opinion anyway. 
The guy who plays Ferhat is an amazing actor. Yes, it takes a little while to warm up to him, as he barely says anything. But when he does..

Check out his scene where he describes how he feels about fatherhood whilst drinking with his mates. 
Or the one where he carefully and patiently explains to the heroine why and when he has to kill people, as a hitman..

Nb. Only the second Turkish with English subtitled series I watched, was Intersection/ Kordugum, on Netflix, with this actor as the hero. So I already knew how good he was.
Nb. Very unusually, all three series, which is the complete series, of Intersection/ Kordugum are available on Netflix. With English and other languages available, in subtitles.

The first ever Turkish series I watched was Filinta, on Netflix which I have reviewed here, on this site.

I think the third Turkish series I ever watched, is my top rated Turkish series ever, which was Ezel. 
No translation, as that is the hero's name, Ezel.
If you  only ever watch one Turkish series, watch this.

But I digress.

Here is a brief description I found in this notebook, of Ezel:
Nb. From the original novel by Alexander Dumas-with many other TV & film adaptions.
I believe there is an Argentinian remake of this series.

So Ezel is a remake of The Count Of Monte Christo. 
This Turkish series is a crime drama series in the grand Guignol style. 
Emotional. Intense. Exciting. Intricately multi-layered story-lines.

Love, loss, betrayal. Revenge..
Kenan Imargioulou gives an amazingly incandescent performance of a conflicted soul whose past self does battle.
Try and decide who is the truly bad guy in Ezel? Well apart from the obvious. Hard, isn't it? I started totting up the numbers involved..

The end of Newsletter from London Number 11, April 2018.

Author's note: postscript 27th January 2021. 
This Newsletter will be followed by Newsletter from London Number 12, August 2018.
In which I review Maigret and and the last series of Nashville that I watched. 
With a brief note about the Turkish series on Netflix, Beni Boyle, Sev/ Love Me As I am. 

27th January 2021. 
I am currently bringing this website up to date, to 2021. 
I have decided that the last review of Nashville in the next Newsletter, will be the last written review in print form, for a long while, if ever now.

Just for ease of catch up I plan to record some of the rest of my reviews, up to the present date. So look out for a video podcast appearing soon. Once and when, I figure out how to do it..
It will probably be a video.
Watch this space.

Check out my Patreon page for more artwork. It's free. 

In the meanwhile, look out for illustrations coming soon as a new thing on this website which is hopefully what will be featuring in my podcasts, as art. Tales from the Hitmen..

27th January, 2021.
United Kingdom.



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