Dear Readers, this blog has a sister site which contains some of my favourite shows reviewed in an e book format which is easily downloaded onto Google Play Books. My special collection of reviews can be found in The Unbound Bookshop at: This page left intentionally blank publishing Or you can use this shortcut link below..

For this week only, I am making my tongue-in-cheek lighthearted set of installments reviewing the Canadian Werewolf drama series Bitten for free!

 Just for my readers and so you can check out how to use the format.

Notes on how to upload this e pub file into an e book reader-tested on the free Google Play Books App for e books. My e pub files have been designed for and road tested on this App.

First, you click on the free download red button at the bottom of the posting for Bitten in The Unbound Bookshop  at   

 Or you can use the shortcut here by clicking on The Unbound Bookshop link in the heading, The Unbound Bookshop at the top of this posting, to go straight there. You will be sent an email. Click on the link in that email, which will download the file. Nb. Do not click on the downloaded file!

Use Google Play Books or other e book reader of your choice to upload this file. In the Google Play Books App,  look for the option 'My Books' directly below the blue heading of 'Books' in the left hand menu of the main screen and click on My Books.

 look for the blue 'Upload File' button on the top right hand corner of the screen for My Books and click on 'Upload File'. Then click on the blue button inside the box that will appear in the middle of the screen with the words: 'select files from my device'. This will take you to your computer files.

look for the downloaded file in your downloaded computer files, the Quick Access option to view your downloads  will show you the most recent one downloaded. Open this file and it will upload into your Google Play Books library.          
I have tested this e pub file on Google Play Books successfully and I found this e book reader the easiest to use. You can change the font style, size and layout of the text.

You will then see the cover of the e book for Bitten appear in your bookshelf of your Library. 
The cover of Bitten has a moon on it..

London, United Kingdom,
21st May 2020.

                          The Unbound Bookshop

Design for Summer Smoking room- Cardiff Castle.

Watercolour by Axel Herman Haig from drawings by William Burges.
Exhibited 1870
English Wikipedia
Axel Herman Haig (1835-1921) 

Sourced from Wikipedia on 21st May 2020.
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