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 Newsletter from London November 2017.
 November 9th, 2017.

On Netflix in the United Kingdom.
In Turkish with English subtitles.
One series: 50 episodes.

 So this is my latest Turkish TV series I have settled upon after the wonderful saga of Ezel. More correctly, I went for Winter Sun first after Ezel.  Since I had mentally filed Winter Sun away.  For watching.  After coming across it advertised as a new Turkish series, in my online research on other Turkish shows. 

Warning: do not do as I did and look up Ezel online.  Or any other show to be safe-just in case.  Because reviews on Turkish series have comments and or text in the review that gives the whole series away.  As in serious,heavy duty spoilers.  Which completely ruined several of such series for me.

 Winter Sun was very enjoyable, if slightly slishy towards the end.  however Winter Sun was just the overall uplifting and cheerful ticket.  For me. And a medium sized length long.  At 51 episodes.

 Now Winter Sun is quite modern as a series, in flavour and in date. 2015 I believe.  Intersection has a modern flavour too. Ezel, possibly suffering more from the blurring effect of watching it on youtube, (the second series) seems a little dated too. Yet is cool, extremely cool and classic in style enough to remain mostly unaffected.  

The fact that Ezel has an ongoing flashback story set in 1970's Istanbul for much of the time: helps cement Ezel's timelessness. But I digress.

Series One is on Youtube.
Two Series.
In Turkish with English subtitles.
Unfortunately only series One is translated into English.

 After the fun of the fashion and satisfying drama of Winter Sun, which I note again has a wise older man figure or mentor present: I randomly went for Love & Punishment.  

Now Love & Punishment is dated to 2010 and is rather unfortunately dated to watch as a series.  Yet half of it, or rather half of the story, is good enough and atmospheric enough, to carry on.  Reminiscent of the early Godfather films in fact.  If a little melodramatic in parts.

 Latest transcript
 November 20th, 2017.
 So as I mentioned along the way, I went from watching the hugely wonderful Ezel, which to carry on watching on Youtube on TV was surely a labour of love, then to Winter Sun.  

Now Winter Sun is the most recently dated Turkish TV series I have seen.  I really enjoyed Winter Sun too, and it was just the tonic to watch after the gargantuan series of Ezel.  

 Now Ezel may well be my favourite series of all: OK neck and neck with Kacak.  Closely followed by Filinta and Intersection.  Although of course Filinta, being historical is perhaps unfair to compare.  With the modern Turkish TV serial.  But I am putting Filinta neck and neck with Intersection anyway.

SUBAT. No English transaltion as Subat is the name of the hero.          
On Netflix in the United Kingdom. 
In Turkish with English subtitles.
 I dipped briefly into Subat, which was unfortunately dated in appearance to watch.  Although there were some excellent performances in Subat and especially from one of the male actors from Intersection.  

 You do recognise some actors or actresses you have seen in one Turkish TV series, in another one.  So far I have spotted some actors and one actress from Filinta in other series: I should say no more.  Who am I to spoil the fun.  I caught myself half expecting a new character in Love and Punishment to be another old face.  But it wasn't.

 Now Love & Punishment is unfortunately truncated on Netflix.  At episode 43.  Right in the middle of the story.  Like with Ezel.  Nooooooo.  And there is a continuation, in the from of one, continuous series on Youtube.  However, there are no English subtitles available.  believe me, I have tried.

 Transcript of newsletter November 2017. Continued.
 So I have an update on Love & Punishment or Ask Ve Ceza, in Turkish. Which I believe I am actually learning Turkish by osmosis now.  Well in my mind anyway. 

But the point of this missive is to announce excitedly, that I, after much intense research (and a brief dalliance at watching series two in Turkish for part of an episode which I had to admit  to myself was a bit daft).

 Yes after much intense research I found by pure fluke, a summarised translation of series 2 of Love  & Punishment/ Ask Ve Ceza . Hurray!  There is a God. And or a very wonderful Turkish translator. Or a translator of Turkish.  As in this one it may be, from my take on some of the comments with the translation, that Turkish was not their first language.  Of course, I could be wrong. 

No matter.  Hallelujah. I can carry on with series two.  Hip hip hurray.  Because I like Turkish series.

I will always have a special place in my heart for Filinta and Ezel as series.  

Of course Kacak was probably my favourite of them all.  It's really hard to call.  Intersection too.  Especially as I suppose we had the luxury of Intersection's all three series being on Netflix.  With English subtitles.  

 Yet I enjoyed my labour of love involved in the gargantuan effort involved in watching Ezel on Youtube.  Meaning mainly fixing the settings to deal with the varying activity of the subtitles for example. Believe me, I could write a book on it.

 (postscript written later-I was watching Youtube on an old TV screen on a Virgin Media TIVO Box)
 (I was using the Youtube App/ application).

 Newsletter transcript December 2017.

 So I have finished Ask Ve Ceza/ Love and Punishment, wonderful stuff.  However it was a bit of a shame I spoilered the ending for myself.  Well, truly wonderful as it is to have a summary translation I did get distracted sometimes.  

Not all the conversations were translated after all.  And my eyes started wondering.  Down my handy summary translation of the episode on my tablet to hand. I started reading what happened next.  Oh well.. 

 I have added to my list of Turkish words.. And feel I am getting to know and understand the meaning of some words, beter.  As in better than before: when I first started watching Turkish series.  

I am still confused as to the niceties of the difference in use and formality of: Bey, Effendi. Just when I thought I had the level of formality involved in each greeting: worked out.  Bey is Sir, Effendi is a more formal version.  Bey can be Mister as well.  

 I became confused in Ask Ve Ceza/ Love and Punishment because close friends would answer the phone to each other saying: Effendi.  So Effendi cannot be formal then. So scrub that.  

I had that idea because in Filinta they would call each other Effendi. And that was set in the Ottoman Empire so I thought or presumed that in the past they were more formal.  But I digress.

 Newsletter December 2017
 22nd December 2017.
Love & Punishment/ Ask ve Ceza.
 So yes I have finished Love and Punishment now and I was quite sad.  Because Ask Ve Ceza was very good.  Classy, addictive, a satisfying saga, and one of emotional growth of the storyline. If that makes sense.  As in you see the growth of the character and the story. 

 And having the extra aspect of a crib sheet on my tablet of the dialogue along with some amusing description was was a different  experience.  Along with watching the untranslated aspects which forced me to try to understand what was going on. Which as an undertaking wasn't really successful. 

 However I did start picking out certain familiar as in recurring words.  Then I made some guesses as to the meaning of the words based on what was happening in terms of the action, what time of day or night  the scene was in; and so o

 I started to pin down regular greetings that were obviously good morning for example: Gunaydin is good morning.  Then, thank you, welcome and see you later.  Or some kind of variation of that. Also yes, no and I promise.  Words like that. But I digress.

 The only trouble with not understanding, really, whole scenes that don't have these words in is you get distracted. As I did and then my fingers start to walking down my tablet as I scroll down to the end of the episode. And read all the description of the action and dialogue on the way. and find out what happened.  

Then, if you're really bored, you might wonder on to the next episode description- oh dear. In this way I spoilered myself . Or rather Ask Ve Ceza: several times.

 To be continued.
 End of 2017.
 Written today, 15th April 2020.
Since writing this in 2017, unfortunately Ezel has disappeared from You tube with English subtitles. Although you may be able to find it on several paid Turkish fan sites. I only watch Turkish series on free sites and Ezel is not on such sites, in full. 

I will go into more details on Turkish links towards the end of these updating Newsletters, however there are many Facebook groups for specific series, which usually contain all the helpful links to sites with English subtitled Turkish dramas. 

Auto-translate as an option on the YouTube video should be looked out for and has taken off in leaps and bounds in terms of the quality of the translation since I first started watching Turkish series. Auto-translate  is an option on the settings and will be found in the settings option and is signaled by the usual small CC symbol, to be found on the bottom right hand corner of the YouTube video. 

Many Turkish series will have this option. What happens is a new episode or "Bolum" for episode in Turkish, comes out, wait a few days or more, OK a week thereabouts and then check back to see if the 'CC' symbol has been added, to show that translations, including English, have been added.

Auto-translate gives options for a long list of languages and the English translations are nearly perfect although can vary for certain idioms of language and sometimes, rarely, personal pronouns can be wrong, ie. her instead of him and so on.

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