The Blog for all the Classic Detective Murder Mystery Series.

This blog started in 2011 to review TV series on British Television and record my weekly Guardian newspaper forum comments on the new, foreign language subtitled dramas that first appeared on BBC4, an English language channel in the United Kingdom. 

Famous, classic series such as the Danish series Forbrydelsen/ The Killing, the French series, Spiral and new American series such as The Killing as a remake of the Danish series and Wallander, the Swedish Detective series also appeared around this time.   

                                From then on, until late 2016, I wrote full and intensive reviews about everything I watched on British Television during that period. Specialising in Detective Murder Mystery series.

 Around the end of 2016, something happened which I began to record in these  Newsletters form London and which explain why I stopped writing full reviews of British & Virgin Media cable channel television series..

 Read them and discover what happened to drama in that time period and what I started watching instead..  

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