New! Alternative playlist found for Cennet’s Tears/ Cennet’in Gözyaşları in Turkish with English subtitles, now that the Turkish Dizi You tube Channel has disappeared.

Another rip roaring binge-worthy series. It does have to be said that the heroine, called Cennet, really does cry, a lot. This series is not called Cennet's tears for nothing! 
Turkish series often have sometimes, possibly mad matriarchal figures in them. 

In one series, a sweet little old lady who seems to just spend her time grinding coffee beans on the sofa, inherits the title of head of a village clan/ Agha. She has bevies of black suited henchmen who respectfully follow her everywhere, as her heels clip clop down the corridor, her head held haughtily high as she gives orders with a delicate flick of her wrist. 

In another series a nondescript elderly Aunty whom the family haven't seen for a while, turns out to be a secret gangster!

 Cennet's Tears has one of my favourite mad matriarchs, Mrs Arzu..
Plus she is a little pocket rocket and has great pantsuits amongst other mad outfits.

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