A short scene in Turkish from Kacak/ The Fugitive also known as The Runaway or: Leak. Update, today 22nd April 2020, on checking, I find that this series is no longer on Netflix in the United Kingdom. It was when I watched it. You may have more luck with Netflix in other countries. This does happen with Turkish series, I have no idea why: they just disappear from Netflix.

This is One of my favourite scenes in which Dadaylı, a deadly fighting man is overcome by a surprise vision…
..When he is forced to go out shopping for lip-balm by the computer whizz kid of their deadly fighting group (ex-Special Forces) who are currently hiding out in their cabin in the mountains..
Yes, there are no subtitles but really no words are needed..

Nb. I can't remember now, I would have to re-watch with the subtitles: but is our love-struck hero upset at the end because he didn't get her number: or because he gave her all his shopping?!

If you look closely at Dadaylı's shopping trolley, you can see a large tray of eggs. This is because the men only know how to cook fried eggs with sliced salami in a pan, which you eat from the pan on the table, with bread, Yum. 

The one time the men decide they will have something different and get steak: just as they are cooking it, they are called off on a mission, shame!


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