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Newsletter Update January 2018.
Cesur Ve Guzel/ The Brave & The Beautiful.
In Turkish with English subtitles.

 The point of describing my journey into understanding or trying to understand the Turkish language in Love and Punishment/ Ask Ve Ceza series Two: is to announce what fun is was to have some of those unknown words confirmed.  Or explained.  Now this happened to me when I watched the next Turkish series  I randomly decided upon: Cesur Ve Guzel or in English: (The) Brave & The Beautiful. With English subtitles.

 Newsletter 2nd January 2018.
 Now when I say randomly it really was random but in that I did not exactly choose Cesur ve Guzel.  Somehow a description video with a list of top 10 series Turkish for 2016-20`17 led me onto Cesur Ve Guzel.  Like the video finished and then Cesur Ve Guzel started right after that video. Or so it seemed.  Or it maybe a menu of options just came up and I picked one.  I cannot remember specifically. 

 But I do remember Cesur Cesur Ve Guzel was on the list of 10 best series of 2016-17.  Plus I thought great, new series, they might be cool. 

 All of the ones i had seen were circa 2012-2013 roughly. Except for Winter Sun.  Which is 2016 and for once, entirely on Netflix.  As was Intersection and Filinta.  Ezel, most certainly was not all on Netflix and neither was Kacak.  Boo hoo.  I loved Kacak.
 nb. Series One of Kacak with English subtitles is on Netflix in the United Kingdom.

 Newsletter 3rd January 2018.
 Cesur Ve Guzel/ The Brave & the Beautiful.
In Turkish with English subitles.
 So I'm on episode 24 now. Or 24-1 as it is presented on Video Daily  Then there is 24-2 24-3 and sometimes a part 4.  I like this website for its clear design and how you end up with a screen and a row of available episodes on top. Although unfortunately the row of numbered episodes are not in consecutive numerical order.

 Quite a while into watching Cesur Ve Guzel on which was the abbreviation  for the website I spotted on my search on the TIVO box Youtube.  A fair bit of searching around was involved.  An especially irksome options on the TIVO box is the Youtube App/ Application because there is rarely an A present in the alphabet grid.  No really.  

However I was relieved to realise that Cesur Ve Guzel had no letter A in it. Yey.

 Since I had experienced the dreadful calamity of getting to episode 12 or was it 13, on Youtube on my TV: and discovering there were no more English subtitled episodes on there.  Anywhere. None past 12.

 What I did was look for the uploading channel names, and particular private uploader's names that might have translated some episodes. Already.  And so on. Then was cross referencing.

 Newsletter update 4th January 2018.
 Yes, long story short: there was a whole lot of research involved in finding the next episode 13, I think, of Cesur Ve guzel with English subtitles. 

 Of course it would all have been a lot easier if I and started watching YOutube on the computer.  Rather than on my TIVO box on TV.  Well I am assuming it would have been easier.  I don't know for sure.  100%. Since I have researched Turkish series on the computer to.  And got nowhere.  What happens is you just get lucky sometimes with random keywords, not even related.

 Newsletter update 14th January 2018.
 So I have just finished another gargantuan Turkish TV series drama: called Cesur Ve Guzel/ Brave and beautiful.  

Apparently this series is based on the American series or film (this was not specified on the information I found) the Bold & The Brave.  One or the other. Wasn't that a long running soap opera? Back in the day in America perhaps.  

I have a dim and distant memory of a fairly hyperbolic soap opera. The sort Joey Tribbiani in Friends, got a part in.
 But I digress.

 I have described Turkish series when I first wrote about them to be soap opera writ large.  They are in what we might think, or are used to, the style of soap opera.  But Turkish series are so much more.  

This soap opera flavour maybe because these series are slower paced.  Perhaps, and often OK always, seriously intense. As in emotionally intense.  It takes a while to get used to the slower pace, but after a while you are in the zone. 

 I grew to like and enjoy this deep immersive experience.  Be prepared for gut wrenching scenes of love, abandonment, orphanages as a common thread, orphans, befriending and brotherhood.  Then there is justice and redemption.  Justice both divine and legal. And fatherhood.

 Newsletter update 23rd January 2018.
 To continue with the subject of fatherhood in Turkish drama series..
 Newsletter update January 31st 2018.
 So I know I was going to discuss the theme of fatherhood in Turkish dramas but I realise that I think i have discussed this before. And this is self-evident throughout Turkish drama, I particularly like the fact that as I think I have said before, men are celebrated as masculine men too. Who are always deeply committed to fatherhood. And brotherhood.  And the chivalrous treatment of women.  And their mothers.  Of course. 

 Mothers are very big in Turkish dramas as in their son's lives-and often, as mentioned, powerful, deliciously evil sometimes as matriarchal figures. Then there are plenty of evil women characters: along with the good.  Plus some of the most fascinatingly evil and sinisterly evil male characters: the gangsters, crime family head, lone psychopath or powerful rich businessman.  Or clan leader. All of these and more.

 Newsletter 1st February 2018
 The point of talking about fatherhood being a strong theme, along with brotherhood in Turkish dramas was to say that I particularly like the equal treatment of men in Turkish dramas. Because recently it is my belief that men, masculinity, heroism and the handsome square jawed hero himself: has been all but destroyed, denigrated and degraded in Western dramas.  And or any politically corrected drama.

 I guess there are, or were, levels of saturation of political correctness in dramas now.  It just seems like this process of corrupting, co-opting indeed shredding, like with sliced up with knives: is just leaving a bare shredded threadbare bit left, waving in the wind, of the story.  The original story, which is no more. In my opinion.

 Newsletter February 2018 continued.
 Yes, it used to seem like dramas were still watcheable because you could just ignore or set apart the political correctness, the propaganda: but then at some point in time the propaganda over whelmed the drama.  The story. The muse. The art. Call it what you will. 

You know, when it used to be OK to show all sorts of things in dramas. Simply because all sorts of things can happen. In a story. Created by someone's imagination or muse.  Or mind.

 I am declaring approximately the year 2016-2017 as the year zero for drama on TV. And Netflix. All British TV channels certainly, they fell: one by one. The BBC blazoned the way. Then, slowly all the cable channels I had on my Virgin Media plan: succumbed too.  

That was when I finally migrated to Netflix. But then Netflix folded too. Even the obscure, I thought, series I had found. For example, Sniffer, series Two. Yep: all the new series of everything: were now ruined, seriously.

 So: long story short I am declaring the year 2017, approximately the year, although it may have been 2016 and 2017 is being kind. But I announce that the day that Grimm on TV ended it was over.  Drama had died.  On every regular British TV channel, cable TV channels and large parts of Netflix. Riverdale even, and that was tragic. 

Yes, I guess the signs were there, when Marvel comic books series became politically corrected. That was truly terrible. Yes, Stan Lee's The Lucky Man, Luke Cage. All went the same way. Propagandised. 

 The Originals too: oh woe is me. Not literally killed but in terms of the final series: all ruined. By the curse of politicisation.  Not that I watched it, I didn't. Beyond about half 1/2 to 1/3  of the first episode. when the annoying, cloying symbolism of a scene with my favourite character in: became too much.
 So to finish this long and boring story about propaganda in dramas and why I stopped watching them: I would have to add in music and radio. Including radio news. All of this too, became the same.  As described, so painstakingly in this long tale. Of the politicisation of art. all across the board. No really. Literally everything. 

 The news, the drama series, the beloved East End soaps, even the reality shows. And or they became hyper-emotional and tiresome explorations- of feeling.  Along with terrible music. It became the same in the realm of radio. Particularly as, on TV, the BBC Radio news on the hour, every half hour. Propagandised. all the way.

 Then they, the radio music folk began producing covers: of say one song, from one artist, by a completely different band. Who proceeded to murder it. I mean the song.  The song became unrecognisable. But we are told it is still the same song. Because it has the same name. And we know it's a cover. 

But the cover is terrible. And sometimes the cover politically corrects or emotionally, officially softens, the first, original song.

 This weird process reminded me of the series The Travelers, who are constantly uploading. You see there is no original. It's all adaptable. We are one. We are the Borg. Get it? But I digress.

 As one example: BBC Radio  produced a cover of I Took A Pill In Ibiza..
Did I mention a certain radio station started playing a more morally disapproving and dreary cover version of I took a Pill in Ibiza? When it was already a subtly dark song. I remember the DJ's (Disc jockeys) having a discussion about the song. A meaningful discussion. Presumably they felt the need to educate and morally disapprove. Sigh.

 February 2018 continued.
 Once I stopped watching British TV/ Television including all the alternate cable TV channels including American TV channels, I thought I would find solace in Netflix. For a while. And I did. For a while. Until it became clear that Netflix had fallen too. Well about a third of what I tried and watched. Then it became 2/3, often a half: of propagandised drama.

 Ozark, i tried, nope. Tired of small town stereotypes. Likewise, the beautiful creation of Riverdale. Such a shame. Because I had manfully been ignoring the tiresome themes. Even when it became clear they were pretty much portraying opposing American political parties. And even the role of the Press. Sigh.

 But when the Mayoress, yet again, declared that the hideous townsfolk were sending her death threats that included cutting out her heart along with the threat to kill and rape her daughter: I decided I had had enough. Of the small town negative stereotype. 

 The default offensive assumption of the theme that all the townsfolk that didn't look like her: were all raving bigots basically.  That wished her dead. And wanted to cut her heart out. That practice not really being generally an undertaking even dreamt of: in small town America, one would suggest. 

 But no matter. Because the Mayoress has been going on about the utter hatred, supposedly that she faces since being elected Mayor and of course, battling her whole life: on top of describing this non stop battle with the evil townsfolk and the rest of the world to her daughter too.

 The default narrative of these negative stereotyping of small town folk in America and Western Europe, is tiresomely repetitive now. Which is why I have described it as a default. I think that is fair. If it was an intermittent, more specifically, a random story-line, I wouldn't mind. Because that would have a story. An innocent tale, if you like. And not the negative propaganda that it is.

 I don't like writing about this stuff. It's tiresome and icky somehow. Like you're sacrificing your writing. Just to write about it. 

There are many more unhappy themes like this: the destruction of masculinity for male characters, the zealous extremism of the officially empowered woman character, that must rule all. Pretty much. Another emotionless zombie sort of genderless clone. I could go on.

 The officially positive role model character. Even if he/she is bad, they will still be cool. Or even if they're the murderer or mad murderer, that will be because they were really a victim. Of, guess who? 

Yes the negatively stereotyped officially uncool character. Even if they're bad. But they don't get the get out of jail (well they're not quite out of jail) card free. They really will be the super mad murderer. Or worse. If there is worse. 

 Anyway, they'll throw all that in too. And we know what the cowardly sniveling deeply and desperately uncool person will look like. 

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