Cesur Ve Guzel/ The Brave and The Beautiful

32 Episodes.
One series.
In Turkish with English subtitles.
See the bottom of this post for Youtube links for this complete series on Youtube with English subtitles.

Posted on 16th April 2020.

Cesur ve Guzel/ The Brave and The Beautiful, or more strictly speaking since I know a lot more Turkish now: Cesur (that is the name of the hero)the beautiful, since "guzel" means, wonderful, beautiful or great and can even be used sarcastically, by certain gangsters, but I digress.. 

Cesur Ve Guzel has possibly the most nerve wrackingly exciting opening of any Turkish series and is possibly the most enjoyable series overall that I have watched. It has to be said that Turkish series are often tragic as well as splendiferous in nature. 

See my Newsletters from London which explore and explain the nature and flavour of these series.  Please note, there is a huge fan base for Turkish actors and actresses and Kivanc Tatilug , here as Cesur, is considered a compete heart throb. I think you may agree..


Also in this series you will see the appearance, as often happens of a famous character from the best Turkish series ever, Ezel.

In a nutshell, Turkish series are romantic in nature, in the style of 1940's romantic dramas mixed with Jane Austen levels of dissection of love, trust, confusion, secrets, revenge from the past and various misunderstandings and mishaps that befall said couple on the way to their hopeful marriage at the end. 

There is often tragedy writ large too. The series mainly center around love (ask in Turkish) but also feature various evil plots, machinations and sometimes gangsters. 

There are solely gangster series but those are few and far between, the most famous of those would be Cukur/ The Pit, which is a hugely popular Turkish gangster series.

Some Quick Explanatory Notes follow now on Turkish dramas off the top of my head, but please see my newsletters for more full and complete explanations:

 Blood from an injury or shooting is not shown and is blurred out in Turkish dramas. Sometimes alchohol is blurred out in a glass, although this varies and is more common in older series or ones set in the countryside. 

A full on kiss is quite rare and would normally only happen when someone is engaged, or even later, at marriage. 

Hand holding is big and is usually the official sign that a couple is together and or engaged. Hugs are the thing and come in multifarious and munificent forms. There is absolutely no shenanigans shown. & No gore. 

These series are generally suitable for all the family and young adults, but not young children as they often contain very adult themes: such as scenes of burials, death, loss, orphanages, adoptions and abandoned children. Oh and people cry. A lot. 

Themes of the importance of Fatherhood and Motherhood is huuuge in Turkish dramas. As is brotherhood and the guidance and mentoring of young men by older, wiser men. 

Brotherhood is complicated and you learn about it as you go along but briefly brotherhood means a connection between men friends who may or not be related but who consider themselves to be brothers, the closest relationship of which is called "kardeche" which means a sort of soulmate, best friend of all and brother.

There is also something called a "yenge" which means sister in law. However the best friend or kardeche of the husband will call his friend's wife "yenge" as will all the male friends of that husband and they will all then, after their friend's marriage, consider her to be their sister.

Use this link above, only for episode One of Cesur ve Guzel with English subtitles as I see there there are no subtitles for episode one in the playlist below. The playlist below has English subtitles from episode two onwards.


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