A short scene in Turkish from Winter Sun/ Kis Gunesi. This series is on Netflix with English subtitles.

A sweet scene from Episode/ Bolum One, in which a possible hero and heroine may just possibly meet and fall in love..
But do their eyes meet? Find out in the whole episode..

Orphanages, as I have described in my Newsletters along the way, are quite common in Turkish series. Including ones for dogs. 

Sometimes an eponymous evil character or anti hero, will be caught out visiting an orphanage and distributing gifts, by the would-be heroine. Who is going to fall in love with him, of course! But up till then, she had thought him wicked. Obviously the heroine is there because she is doing the same thing. 

It seems to be acceptable to just drop into orphanages and bring presents to the children. (Usually the hero/ anti-hero or heroine has been doing this for the orphanage over a long period of time though. So probably you cannot just walk in off the street).

Sometimes the character who does this good deed does so simply because they are good and rich at the same time. But sometimes..it is because they have a mysterious past: although rich now-long long ago, they too were in an orphanage. But nobody knows..
In this scene we see just how much the man who receives the gifts of food likes the would-be heroine, but not so much her fiance, oh dear!

As also previously described, graves and burials are big features in Turkish series. Often a character will go to a grave, to ponder, weep, think aloud and metaphorically speak to the deceased. They will bring flowers to lay on top, or to plant in the earth. 
There is a man at the graveyard whose job it is to tend the graves and provide water to mourners to water their flowers. Or sometimes it will be little boys who provide the pitchers of water and the mourner will give him some money.
If you listen really carefully to the interchange between the heroine and the man who works at the Dog Kennels, after a brief greeting and his reply, you will hear her say Super! 

Turkish people say this English word like a posh English person would say super, except they put the stress on the second syllable: su-per!

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