Tears of Cennet/ Cennet’in Gözyaşları in Turkish with English subtitles. The full You tube playlist of the series. Update: unfortunately the Turkish Dizi You tube channel has just disappeared!Update to this post-please see April 28th post with new, alternative You tube playlist for this complete series.

However there are such sites, to be found upon searching where you can find whole lists of series and one of them you can subscribe to for free. I would recommend having a good Adblocker on and avoid any sites that ask you to turn it off. 
Word is on my Facebook group for Turkish series and movies with English is that possibly Turkish series are moving towards paid subscription sites only. I am a little loathe to put up links to other sites I know of as some of them have weird and wonderful pop-ups depending on which player you use which can do strange things to your computer. This has happened to me with an Adblocker on.
Look for the MP4 version of the series, this format does not have these sort of problems in my experience. There are still many Turkish series with English subtitles on You Tube and a few on Netflix.  
Cennet's Tears can be found elsewhere online remembering these tips.

A New Netflix series is Love 101/ Ask 101. 
On Netflix with English subtitles. Brand new series which started on the 24th April 2020.

Another rip roaring binge-worthy series. It does have to be said that the heroine, called Cennet, really does cry, a lot. This series is not called Cennet's tears for nothing! 

Nb. If the second episode does not follow on from the link, use the playlist box symbol at the top right hand corner of this video to get to the next consecutive episode. Or if that doesn't work try going to the main You Tube Channel Turkish Dizi, where you can find this series among many other Turkish series with English subtitles.

Type the Turkish or English name of the series into the search bar of Turkish Dizi channel main page if the playlist box is not visible there: and the full series will then come up.

A short scene in Turkish from Kacak/ The Fugitive also known as The Runaway or: Leak. Update, today 22nd April 2020, on checking, I find that this series is no longer on Netflix in the United Kingdom. It was when I watched it. You may have more luck with Netflix in other countries. This does happen with Turkish series, I have no idea why: they just disappear from Netflix.

This is One of my favourite scenes in which Dadaylı, a deadly fighting man is overcome by a surprise vision…
..When he is forced to go out shopping for lip-balm by the computer whizz kid of their deadly fighting group (ex-Special Forces) who are currently hiding out in their cabin in the mountains..
Yes, there are no subtitles but really no words are needed..

Nb. I can't remember now, I would have to re-watch with the subtitles: but is our love-struck hero upset at the end because he didn't get her number: or because he gave her all his shopping?!

If you look closely at Dadaylı's shopping trolley, you can see a large tray of eggs. This is because the men only know how to cook fried eggs with sliced salami in a pan, which you eat from the pan on the table, with bread, Yum. 

The one time the men decide they will have something different and get steak: just as they are cooking it, they are called off on a mission, shame!