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Monday 2nd October 2017.

So to cut a long story sort I have come to the awful conclusion that Scandi-noir is the most repressive propaganda of all.. Well about equal to the BBC's output. That's all I'm gonna say. Let's just say I had forgotten the politically correct clangers in the beginning of Black lake. Or rather I had swallowed them. Tolerantly I guess. 

It's always a balancing act now versus the amount of tiresome propaganda and the quality of the story. That is left. Is the story good enough to carry on? Basically. Is the question I often ask myself. Subconsciously now. Because this battle is so habitual. In most drama, but not all, thankfully, dramas these days. 

And boy, to get back to Black Lake did the political clangers start piling up. Again. No, really? I had even relaxed for a while. The clangers are so predictable that they are almost a spoof.

Friday 6th October 2017.

Yes, Black Lake may well be the last Scandi-noir drama I watch. They are now a strange mixture of sinister and almost stoopid. As in a spoof of their own selves. Or rather the genre has become a spoof of itself..

Boy, I'm stuck in this self thing. Series then. I'm sure you know what I mean.

And the sinister side is not the actual sinister side of the story. In Black Lake. Which does manage to hold our attention in it's general creepiness. It's flavour-the setting really does help. However simple that setting is.

No-the sinister side is the predictable politicking and the creepiness of the conformity of the characters. For me anyway. The way they all, pretty much except for the officially alternative heroine: speak, act and seem to even think, the same.

And I remember how I used to think that conformity was sweet. Even laudable. Now I think that conformity is creepy.

page 18 in yellow notebook.

Monday 9th October 2017.

Why, why why did I do it? Waste my time on watching another Scandi-noir drama on BBC4. Or, put in another way, why did I watch another Scandi-nor drama? Why did I watch BBC4? because in the end, not to mention the extreme length of time, as things on the BBC are experienced, it takes to watch it, Black Lake was just plain stoopid. Yes I spelt it that way on purpose.

Tuesday 10th October 2017.

I would have liked to say more about Black Lake and its ending. But such pronunciations could be spoilery. However let's just say the end was very annoying. But then so were the character progressions. or rather these progressions were illogical. But then predictable based on the usual stereotypes. I can pretty much cross people off the list or put them on the list: based on these stereotypes and what people look like. 99.9% of the time.

Thursday 12th October 2017.

So I have been watching Ezel for so very long now, on a continuous basis, that I am practically living in Ezel world. Dramatically speaking. it is wonderful to have something good and reliable to watch every night: particularly when that something to watch is a continuing story. Every night. Oh and consecutively following on in the dramatic story line too. Wunderbar. I love that experience. Of watching a story told over time.

Friday 13th October 2017.

So hip hip hurray, Riverdale is back! I was notified by Netflix, one reason, in fact the only reason I have, for not sharing a screen. And not paying at all! Oh well. But it's worth it, just for the emails. Because otherwise I would never know. About any new series on Netflix. Especially since now I have been dwelling in the land of television watching on Youtube. For so long. Watching Ezel. Which I first started watching on Netflix. The first series that is. Then searched for Ezel with English subtitles on Youtube and ?? My tortuous travels and travails through the complications of setting up Youtube. To watch on TV. Subtitled TV series on youtube: have been recorded.

They, the travails, are too tumultuous to relate.      Saturday 14th October 2017.

So I passed on Beck tonight on BBC4 because I realised that I had already seen this episode. And possibly the next few as well. Plus I'm so bored with Scandi-noir and BBC4. I crossed off BBC One and two from my list: long, long ago. As being the most severely strangulated propaganda present. On public service TV/ television. As the BBC would be described in America.

Sunday 15th october 2017.
So who wants to keep talking about propaganda. I don't. It's boring. That's why I no longer watch TV. Except for the occasional reality programme. Just for a laugh. However I gave up on Made In Chelsea on account of it having gone all hyper-emotional on me. 

I briefly watched the new series set in Ibiza but it was severely bland. As in all the characters are just a bit of a bore. Bring back Lucy. Spencer. Any one with a bit of fizz. Stephanie was effervescent and fun. But we haven't seen her for ages. Oh well. I just couldn't be bothered.

Yes now I just watch Celebrity Dating as my secret reality show secret. Although, unlike in earlier series that came up in my TIVO box search still set on a reminder for Safe House. Just like TIVO records anything to do with the word: Bridge. 

Please, please, if there's a new series of the Bridge ever again, don't let it be ruined, by becoming overtly propagandised, as described aeons above.

see this website clarissima-a day in the life for separate and full review of Safe House series One & Two. 
For convenience, here is a mini-potted Review of the English Series Two of Safe House.

Channel ITV in the United Kingdom.

Yes, so Safe House was in fact the second series of a thriller series on ITV called Safe House. The first one was passable yet stereotypical. And the second one was too. However both series, and I have written about series one, are still enjoyably watchable with a tiny hint of sinister. with some acting performances engaging and good enough to keep you watching. To see what happens. 

Although the denouement of the second series was disappointing and laughable. I felt. The main star of the second series is the hero and the character called John, who well actually both of them do: give a brooding and enigmatic performance. Of quiet charisma. 

The other, third star of the second series is a house. The safe house..Shame that they didn't make much more of it I thought. The wonderful huge stone house and its bleak and lonely setting.

Sorry to break into the atmospheric place here, where the safe house is and all: but I just can't help wondering why is it safe? I mean one house, with nothing around it, out in the middle of nowhere. Once its location has been discovered: what is safe about that? 

No other houses for cover or to escape into, and nothing else around. No cover in fact. Just seems really dumb to me. Didn't safe houses back in the day, of the cold war, or so fiction told us, used to be in nondescript office buildings? Called Bell, Candle and Sons. Or photographic supplies. Or something. The whole point was it looked nothing like it's purpose-the building that is.

Monday 16th October 2017.

So I continue to watch Celebrity Dating as light relief. At lunchtime, and delve back into the all encompassing world of Ezel, every night. Sometimes, because you have been watching the series so long and particularly when you have guessed that something sad is going to happen: you need a break. 

I really wish I had never read that Blog on Turkish TV series: which completely spoilered that plot. Of the second series. Well counted as the second series after the end of seis one on Netflix. At a mysteriously numbered final episode: of 72.

That is how Ezel is experienced in a watching it on Netflix. Series one ends on there and it transpires only later, that episode 72 belongs somewhere roughly in the following series. that you have to watch on YOutube.

However if you watch Ezel on Youtube right from the very beginning then series two starts on youtube episode 34. But is still titled series two. Don't ask me. To explain it. Beyond my theory that two Netflix episodes roughly equals one of the original turkish TV episode. ie. A Turkish tv episode was two Netflix episodes long. Something like that. 

I could write a book on watching Ezel on Youtube. I have a crib sheet. It helps to keep note. Especially when there are numerous parts of one episode. But I digress.

So as mentioned, I felt like a break from Ezel due to some forecasted impending doom. And I was saving up Riverdale, series two. episode one.

Tuesday 17th October 2017.

So Riverdale is a treat to watch. As in a visual feast for the eyes. Awash win painterly watercolour washed neon pastel, faded, burnt and neon colours. Truly a successful rendering of the comic book world made real. 

Although for those of us who remember the Archie & Veronica comics: see that cheerful set of stories have now been warped into horror instead. 
Things like this, that happen in Riverdale, never happened in the comics Archie & Veronica. 

I seem to remember that Archie & Veronika's day to day happenings were mainly centered around who they might be going with to the prom. That sorta thing. Who had a secret crush or not so secret crush on who: and so forth. Oh Happy Days.

Whereas in Riverdale compared to the comics is a whole darker alternate and cruel, reality..

Personally I feel sorry for the characters, in their reflections of the life of a teenager, in High School. circa 2016-2017.

Yes, social life was always, or could always. Be tough. You could get bullied. Hey, I got bullied a bit, in American High School, for having an English accent and a habit of asking if anyone had a rubber, in class. Well I didn't know, did I..

But then I wrote a poem that was in the School Magazine and they left me alone. But I digress.

OMG it must be hell to be a teenager. Or younger. Not only are you expected to be superficially perfect, you are expected to be emotionally and mindfully perfect too. Not mindful as in Buddhism. But intellectually. No, intellectually is not the right word either. Mentally, that's it. In the very way you think. 

So these youngsters, well at least in the prevailing Western Orwellian Groupthink that prevails: are expected to be perfect, perfect. Perfect. Perfect clones. Perfect looks. Perfect and all suitably corrected: inside. Emotionally and mentally: politically corrected. In fact. Poor them.

Including Episode Seven.
Nb. Please see: 
for e-book Review on Riverdale

So I stuck with Riverdale series two in spite of it devolving into tiresome predicatable themes. It would be spoilery to mention them. However these righteously propagandised teachy-preachy themes in dramas: are annoying.

The surfeit of amped up emotion for example in a scene..For no real apparent reason. As in there is no real lead up to, or explanation for such a sudden deluge of emotion. Other than that character is upset, in that moment. Either on their own or upset at another person. But it all goes on to excessively long. 

My own theory is that dramas recently have become hyper emotional in character, and for the characters in them: all the better to slide that propaganda in. When you are all weak and emotional. No, really. 

Some of this surfeit of slush may just be incidental of course, perhaps part of the whole emotion led culture around at present. with the politicisation of everything.
But I digress.

Monday 23rd October 2017

EZEL Update.

So I am at the very end of Ezel now. One more episode to go. I am saving it. Because, and this is why you shouldn't? look up Ezel online, I know exactly what happens. Even Wikipedia spoilers Ezel. Don't go there. I think this is the last review I will do. I may stop doing these newsletters too. Because I think I've said it all now really. 

Long story short: 99.9% of all western and of course some other country's included, well all of the dram now has been either politically or emotionally corrected. or both. Corrupted, if you like. By ideology. And in doing so, to drama series, they, the makers, the eponymous they:have killed art. With propaganda.

The reason I like Ezel, and generally speaking, Turkish TV series, is that you are simply getting a story. Well in the modern Turkish series I would say. More. 

Much as I loved the historical series of Filinta and it will always have a special place in my dramatic memory and heart:objectively speaking it was chock full of propaganda. so was, more seriously so (on the basis of half an episode) Resurrection. 

So perhaps, for me anyway, I can only watch one historical series. Well it (Filinta) was about A hundred and something episodes long.

So Filinta, that said, Intersection, Kacak and Ezel were all rip roaringly wonderful series. Searingly intense,, emotional, exciting at times. Kacak being more fast paced and exciting in that sense: than the other series.

Yes, I like the stories, the heartache, the burials, the graves, the flowers growing on top. The equal treatment of the men as characters, along with the women, for once.

Yes, in Turkish dramas men are brave, heroic and therefore get to keep their masculinity. At the same time the men are allowed to be fully rounded characters and will cry, weep, crack up and cry. They hug and declare their love for their :"brothers" their mothers, their friends. without ever saying the words.

I feel like I should mention the women characters out of a fairness of description Even though I am personally bored to death with women characters generally. As I have previously described. Along the way. In my transcripts and reviews. 

It's just that I reached overload: on necessarily fearsome snarling women. That are there there purely for political agenda. Because they have been anointed as positive role models. For all women everywhere. Well except in those places where it really might help. But pretty sure those ladies can't get Netflix on TV. Not that I subscribe to the notion of role models in drama. I don't.

Who cares if it's a man or a woman anyway? When I ever needed a bit of extra swag in my walk: I used to channel Rick, in the Walking dead. Back, way back now, when the WD was still good. But I digress.

The point is for me, who is so fed up with women characters being at saturation point with them due to propaganda overload as described, yes for me to like any women characters at all in Ezel. they must be good characters. And they are.

Yes, men express themselves fully and properly in Turkish drama: emotionally, metaphysically, philosophically and poetically. As well as being heroically brave, compassionate and fiercely protective of their loved ones. 

That includes their family, mother and father who they often have an intense relationship with, especially a son with his mother. And on top of that their brothers, these are their men friends they consider to be actually their brother too. Like family. Just not biological brothers. That's all. 

Probably my favourite characters in Ezel were of course Ezel who put in an amazing performance as an actor (without giving too much away) and then Ali and Teflik. I can say no more. And of course the men characters have women friends and sisters. 

Sometimes a woman, with no family will ask a man friend if they can be sister and brother. There are excellent, brave and courageous women characters too. They are in no way supplementary to the men characters. 

Yes, in Turkish series there will be death and loss, funerals, past crimes, flashbacks, revenge. Love and loss and grand guignol, operatic style. Along with delicately painted day to day relationships of friends, brothers whether real or siblings, mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, and fatherhood. All of these relationships are dissected and discussed, taken seriously.

People pledge to never leave their loved one and (to) "never leave" them and "always be by your side". Hitmen discuss earnestly their honour, loyalty and duty. 

Probably my favourite line from Ezel was:"The murders are going on strike, tonight, we're going to murder whomever we like," "It's a revolution!".

Well not I'm not 100% sure of the character said that last bit.

There will be some point in the story, Ok maybe not all but most, Turkish TV stories, an orphanage. Stories of abandonment and loss of family.

Then there is often literary and poetry quotes, as mentioned previously. particularly in Ezel. And in Kacak. There will be a big beautiful red roofed house, up in the hills. Above Istanbul. 

The literary aspect and references to poetry and books is one of the things I like best about Turkish TV series. Although you do get to a point in Ezel where you have had enough of the wise sayings of a certain character: they stop. Luckily.

There is often some kind of mafia family in Turkish TV series. To one extent or another. They are never called that and of course they never call themselves that. In fact somebody jokes about the word in Ezel.

Whilst the dark side of the crime family's deeds are not glossed over and laid bare: at the same time they protect and serve their people. The leader and his men will dispense justice, when one of that part of the population that is loyal to that leader, come to him or his men with a problem. An injustice.

26th October 2017.

Oh yes and I'm afraid that i'm going to have to add The Walking Dead to the sadly growing pile of recent drama series, whether new or further series of the same series: that are now rubbish. Or more bluntly and most un-poetically, crap.

So many series that were once good, have now been ruined beyond recognition, from the original series you remember so fondly, by political correctness and or:emotional correctness. 

I always used to accept a certain amount of this: that was indefinable. As in terms of the amount of propaganda present. The deciding factor for me: was simply whether the story was good enough. As in captivating enough as a story: to be able to ignore the rest of the claptrap. As described above.

So this is how I have continued, and concentrated on the series that succeeded in flying above, or maybe under, the radar. 

But now I have reached the tipping point. Of propaganda versus story. Where the story has been squashed. And strangled. subverted to the strictures of the required over reaching requirements: of the modern day morality play. That that drama, if we can still call the series that: has now become.Instead. Of art.

Yes, there are black and white cowboy Western films with Doris Day singing in them, I propose, that are less sickly sweet and emotionally loaded, romantic violin music on top: than the series 8 of the Walking Dead.

end of October 2017.