Clarissima a day in the life of a tv’s newsletter Number Five.

Clarissima a day in the life of a tv's Newsletter Number 5
August 2017.

An Update on Kacak/The Fugitive.
In Turkish with English subtitles.
On Netflix in the United Kingdom.
Listed under the title Kacak.

So I was at episode 50 when I wrote that title. But guess what: the end of episode 50 is the end, as far as it goes on Netflix. There are no more episodes. The ending is not a proper ending as it finishes half way through a storyline. Well several stories in fact.

Since, like Filinta, Kacak is expert at keeping several balls up in the air: continuously juggling. Thereby keeping you in suspense. Depending on which story you are most interested in. But I digress.

So after suffering this catastrophe, this calamitous disappointment of a sudden truncated, nay unpredicted ending: I set to doing some research. Searching, in vain, for answers online.

Wel searching in vain really: for a satisfactory resolution. To the story. Because I could not be said to be searching in vain for answers: since I found them.

Remembering a nugget of information from an obscure blog that I found on Turkish dramas. ( Observe only because I like the word) and that I have no idea now where or how, I found that blog) well a comment on there had mentioned the fact that the series had ended before the complete set of episode. which meant that there were more episodes out in Turkey for series One.

According to my other research: these are 2 or more episodes. 51 & 52. However the sad news is, well unless you know Turkish, that these two episodes are on Youtube and only in Turkish.

However a quick glance at the beginning of episode 51 really made no sense at all. Although there was some text preceding the episode. Which may have been one of those: well some time later Serhat had..

That kind of thing.

Who knows. I am not prepared to watch it without understanding. and miss the fun of the whole experience.

To add to the confusion I have tested out other Turkish episodes on Youtube, by picking numbers that I knew I have seen. But they are different. So there must be a series 2. So for all I know episode 51 I am checking out: is really from series two. Oh what a conundrum.

24th August 2017.


So after some fair amount of research and some unfortunate encounters with spoilers in series three: I have reached some conclusions on the mystery surrounding the ending of series one.

In Turkey I have discovered: series one on Netflix was actually series one & Two. Series two started on episode 34 otr is it 35. There is a series three but it is not identified as such on the Kacak youtube videos. Confusing.. yep.

I know where I became confused: by reading a comment about Kacak on the one and only blog I found where people who al loved Turkish TV series like me. This person pointed out that Netflix had ended early and there were 2 or more final episode: 51 & 52. But only in Turkish on Youtube.

So that information distracted me. I tried episode 51 & 52 on youtube in Turkish just out of curiosity. I soon found out that these two episodes are way, way into the future. Of the plot. And story.

So having tested out my theory of these being a third series. By watching bits of duplicate numbered episodes. ie episodes 28 & episode 34. I know. it was my encounters with major spoilers which showed me there was another series. That I hadn't seen. And it was a lot longer than just two episodes. & 51 & 52 are the final episodes of the last series.

Please note, this review is also available on this website and can be found using the search bar. This one time I am putting up the mini-potted of Kacak/ The Fugitive review within the Newsletter.

So I loved, loved, loved, Kacak.. Kacak is like the Godfather met Dirty Harry met an intense and wonderful soap opera.. Kacak is a story above all. It is cheerfully violent. I mostly didn't look. However as per usual in Turkish TV series: you don't see the blood. Glory be to Hallelujah: I'm down with that.

The other thing I like best about Turkish TV/television series is that they are stories. It really is: just as story. Thank goodness. Because that is all I want. A story. What dramas used to be. Back in the day. Before political agenda. Political dogma, political correctness, positive role model/ characters (that could never be bad and if in the rare instance they were-it was because they were really a victim-even if they are the mad murder) but I digress.

Yes, bleeping out swear words (which makes it fun to guess what the word was-my theory is the f word and various insulting epithets which we can often imagine including motherfucker. 

Bleeping is a form of political correctness, so is blurring out blood. I guess. Plus of course, alcohol. But at least they are up front about it. We can see it clearly. Or rather, in the case of the bleeping hear something but not hear it. That does sound bad I guess.

But I quite like it. The Bleeping. Its funny. and I don't care. You are imagining the words anyway and sometimes they give you half a clue- by only asterixing part of the word. Hilarious. Point is, it's in your face.

There will be, in Turkish TV series a low to medium to high amount of religious iconography, rituals, especially funerals. Boy do I know all about Turkish and Ottoman funeral rites by now. Every aspect. It's all very moving. But then funerals are.

My main conclusion was that if you are unlucky enough to, God forbid, be buried alive. You could thankfully fight your way out: not being stuck in a coffin and all. Just boards above. But then, I forgot, you're tied up at two ends in a sheet. Oh well. Perhaps you have a knife. But only if you were buried with one..But I digress.

When I say medium to heavy that would be adding the praying. Praying. Praying. Praying. There is a lot of this in the early Filinta series. After a while I zoned out. As in concentrated on something else. In order to avoid it.

The more modern the series is, in my experience with Turkish TV series, the lower the amount of the religious element I found. however people still think about fate a lot. Only one person in Kacak, mentions free will.

end of mini-potted review of Kacak.

29th August 2017

Yes, only one person, in Kacak, mentions free will. There is good news for Filinta fans of a certain character in that series: for he makes a reappearance as a main character in kacak. I was going to say his name, but have decided I will not tell. But it's not Mustafa. Boo hoo. Oh yes and there is another actor from Filinta in Kacak, who let's just say plays someone completely different.He's a chameleon if you like.

I have noticed, with interest and amusement, that certain Turkish names are repeated through history. In say Filinta followed by Intersection. Amusing because it appeased that some certain names are always the baddies..

In summary, Kacak was jolly, exciting, suspenseful and intensely emotional. Serhat himself is a charismatic and wonderful character. We follow his journey from his idyllic life in the sun-dappled village in the mountains..

End of circular.
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