A day in the life of a TV watcher.london’s Newsletter Number Six.

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A day in the life of a tv watcher.london's Newsletter Number 6.

Explanatory Introductory notes.

These newsletters relate in short note and diary form everything I watched on TV in the United Kingdom including on a computer screen from approximately the end of 2016 onwards. 

Please see the fixed Index called Clarissima's Compendium of Reviews or use the search bar to find full, in depth reviews of approximately 3,000 English language and international series that I watched in the U.K. from the year 2011 to 2016. 

This blog originally began to record my online discussion weekly forum comments in the Guardian newspaper during the time of a new appearance of foreign language shows in the United Kingdom in 2011 such as: 
Spiral, Forbrydelsen/ The Killing, Borgen, Wallander and many more.

The newsletters describe what happened after 2016, when I stopped writing full, in  depth reviews. I recorded my viewing experiences in these Newsletters instead, which will tell the story of how I came to be 
watching what I am now..

I am slowly bringing them up to date.

15th December 2019.
United Kingdom.

Newsletter from London 2nd September 2017.


So since pining in vain for the somehow to be resurrected by yours truly, return of Kacak and his merry band of men: I finally gave up on this possibility. and moved straight onto Ezel. OK after some humming and hawing. But not for long. 

Oh yes I tried Stranger which looked cool and stylish and was in Korean. However only 5 minutes or so of this drama looked a bit creepy and scientific for me.


I tried Ozark briefly too. Mainly because I thought, initially that Ozark was Turkish. because of the name. But Ozark is an American series. That is the name of the the place. Ozark. Finding this out I thought I would still give Ozark a chance. I say that not, for possible needed clarification, because it was American, but that I knew the drama was set in a small town. And this is a new series. Which tells me that there is a possibility of encountering the small town stereotype. 

On the other hand: nobody, possibly I propose, does small town dramas better than American drama. Like The Returned. Between. Teen Wolf. Riverdale. Pretty Little Liars, even though I ditched on it, I may go back on day. Then there are the idyllic, magical small towns of Once Upon A Time, Grimm, Good Witch, Witches of East End, actually I could be here for a while. I'm sure I have forgotten some.

However more recently, although this negative portrayal of the small town has always been present, particularly in BBC drama, people in small towns are always pictured just one step away form their supposedly stereotypical pitchfork. That is all I'm saying.

And so it was with Ozark. Plus the characters were both tiresome and hugely unlikeable. I mean the main characters. Of course we are meant to be horrified, along with the horribly predictable downtrodden wife, for example, when she meets the officially eccentric characters in the village. As does her horrible husband, along the way.

So I ditched.

Newsletter 2nd September 2017. continued.

Ezel is what I decided upon in the end. Did I mention, that 50 episodes in, Ezel is like Turkish Hitchcock. Ezel, well perhaps I shouldn't say too much since I'm on episode 50 something now, that this drama is suspenseful, stylish, (intensely emotional) heart-wrendingly emotional and intense.

There is a main story and there are multilayered stories all threaded throughout which are all related to the main character of Ezel..

Newsletter form London September 5th 2017.

What I like about Turkish TV series is that they don't find it necessary to have the eponymously fearsome and stonily snarling: female hero. Not just that; but at the the cost of male characters. Who I have been pointing out for a while now in politically corrected Western European drama: are denigrated, degraded and downgraded. Well unless they are an official positive role model. In which case he will be Jesus. On stilts. or even rollerblades. Or even a God-damned scooter. Or even a skateboard. But I digress.

Yes, the woman is always the hero, and unless the male character is officially and terribly right-on or anointed as saint on skates as previously described: he will be evil. He will be the mad murderer and or twisted rapist. Or if he is not a fashionable and suitably approved side-kick, he will be a snivelling, cowardly husk. A husk of a shell of a man.

OK, he might be a survivalist type. Or even a sniper. He might be allowed to pray. But he still has to be super duper cool. And down with the rules. The politically correct, rules. This was Shooter, first season really. These last few sentences. But then series Two was just drab. I couldn't be bothered.

Nor could I be bothered with Ozark. I couldn't bothered with Made In Chelsea, New series. I couldn't be bothered with season Two of Zoo. which I had really been looking forward too. And all I saw was a couple minutes glimpse: of a woman punching a pile of tyres. Oh no. A woman punching something. Not again.

I'm so bored with women heroes. I'm so fed up with the mistreatment of male characters. I actually avoid series now when the main character is a woman. I sigh when I still see that Netflix is offering me a whole row of series with the tiles headline: Women Who rule the Screen.

Newsletter from London 6th September 2017.

This includes an update on Nashville. (final series)
Yes, women who rule the screen. Or: Revenge of The Women Clones. As I have named this dire, dramatic phenomenon. And it's not just dramas. But TV advertisements, not that I see them anymore, except for the deadly drivel of the show formerly known as Nashville, still limping, over-emotionally on, through bucket loads, nay monsoon worthy floods of slush. On record.

Boy, do I wish they would put Nashville out of its misery now. Thank God all the (mostly ) good characters made it to dry land, got out early.

When I say mostly I mean well at least hunky guitar strumming and ever saturnine Deacon is still in Nashville. But they made him cry. Because even if something bad hasn't happened, every storyline and everybody in Nashville, has to be drowned in emotional mush. 

And yes, bar Deacon, all the old characters are gone. Long ago. Juliette perhaps might have made my good classification, long ago. But now she too has been bodysnatched, rehabilitated, reformed. By the emotional agenda loving blob. The blob....slushily squishing it's way:

"Squelch, squish, squit.."

And Scarlett, or rather her hairdresser, between series, cut her lovely long forever imaginatively braided, blond hair. And now she looks like a boy. 

You can tell it's one of those haircuts that you get talked into by the hairdresser, having already made the decision for the chop, which unfortunately only looks good in the hairdressers, with twenty minutes of artful styling. and several handfuls of anonymous gloop.

But when you go home an several days later, when you've washed it (or it just strangely sank) and you try and recreate this style: guess what? The magic it just hasn't transpired. You look like that pudding bowl haircut.. or a small elfin monk. After your Mum insisted on cutting it at home.

Newsletter from London 7th September 2017.

I know, I never got to the end or the point perhaps, of my theory of The Revenge Of The Women Clones: the attack of the women. But I will. Eventually. Possibly I started worrying that it could sound like I was maligning women. So perhaps I should say; this is not to malign women. I'm not. Just women characters.

Newsletter from London. September 9th 20177.

(later added note-this was written about the end of Ezel series One that I watched on Netflix-I didn't at first realise that there was a second series as Netflix does not have the second series and just ends on episode 71-this is quite a common practice with Turkish series on Netflix-they do not provide the second or third series-just the first one-this is why it is recommended to check for this before starting to watch the series as to whether there is a further series and can you get it in English subtitles)

So I am sad that Ezel has ended, all 71 episodes. Super duper wonderful stylish, suspenseful, fun. Though pelent dark and emotional too. As mentioned. As always, with Turkish TV dramas, I like the fact that men in these series get to be brave and heroic as well as emotional and upset too. Yes, gangsters cry. Sometimes.

Newsletter from London September 9th 2017.

So I have spent an inordinate amount of time researching the second series of Ezel. Warning: don't research this subject unless you want the whole final series completely spoilered. As in the true sense of the word: spoiled. Now I know the whole ending of Ezel and I really wish I didn't..

So the fruits of my research , spoiled as they are, told me that I could watch Ezel series 2 on Youtube, via a very kind translator from Turkey, well I am presuming. All you have to do is type in Ezel Season Two English subtitles.

Newsletter from London September 12th 2017.

So I am entirely obsessed with Ezel now, final series. Well you have to spend an insanely large amount of research effort watching youtube on a TV screen. For a start. I feel like I have an honorary degree now: in technical abilities required to get the Turkish TV series I wanted to see the end of successfully reproduced on TV, subtitled and running. Hot to trot. Of course it would have been a lot easier to watch it on my desktop.

So yes, my research on youtube on my tv satisfactorily along with ensuring, i am watching consecutive episodes Ezel series two: has reached intense proportions. of a degree level.

I now have a crib sheet with all the episodes listed numerically. Since the calamity of jumping from episode 36 to I think, 39 or 41. I hadn't noticed. that was reasonable because the episode I had leapt to followed on consecutively. In the videos. So that experience was really confusing. it was a while before I figured it out. That I had missed several episode.

Then I discovered, by checking online that there were episode numbers with up to seven parts.

Newsletter from London September 14th 2017.

yes, some episodes which are separate from the main set of episodes presented as series two: are missing. So yo have to search for them by number as follows: Ezel episode 37 English subtitles. Which will bring up another collection of Ezel series two episodes put up by Oraldhino. 

These are the missing episodes form the set of 88 episodes put up by Jana P. or more specifically, very kindly translated for us English speakers, form Turkish by both translators.

Just keep an eye on the episode numbers from the set of 88 episodes presented as the Playlist for series two. translated by jana P.

Because episode 36 jumps a couple and ends up on episode 39. In the set of 88. Then after discovering this: episode 39 then jumps to episode 41. That is when you have to research for the missing episodes: as described. Just type in a search with those keywords: Ezel Episode 437 english subtitles-series two. 

Then you see the subset of missing episodes in numbered parts. These are quite short episodes that end with out warning then morph into the next part with a continuous sequence in time of the action..Some of the episodes have small Ads appear. and a TV (channel) name. So must be from the original TV series.

So these missing episodes for the main set of 88 for series two from jana P: are all by Oraldhino. And the Orahldhino videos, as described, are in several parts. For example 36 part 1,2,3,4,5 6 &7.

Newsletter form London 16th September 2017.

So damn, not sniffer but Silver Spoon is back. With a second series. Hurray. I decided to defect from Ezel. Just for one night. I mean it was an almighty pain, continually having to play around on Youtube, just to get back to the next episode after the one you were previously watching. and that's just the start.

I actually have a crib sheet now: of episode numbers for Ezel. A whole written out list. Of episodes numbers and their parts. How many. Then I tick them of..And have taken to writing now. Next to the episode that I'm currently on. I may be taking this too far. 

However then you are faced with the conundrum: just when do you cross out now? But I digress.

Yes, I defected from Ezel because I just couldn't be bothered to search for the sort of subterranean mysterious missing episode. Yet again. Why is there no watch history working? This is really pants. Not very poetic, I know. 

They will sometimes get it right by presenting with the option of continue watching. wonderful. But then sometimes this is the wrong episode. For now. 

But you have watched that episode before. It might be a future episode in time. That you saw before you realised you had missed some: and had to back track.
And so on.

Yet Ezel is worth it. all that. it just is. And I may well return earlier than expected. because I don't want to get ut of the zone. too much. It might take me ages to get used to the music again and the intensely, achingly emotional pace.

Newsletter from London 17th September 2017, Sunday.

So I have returned to Ezel form Silver Spoon series two. because I was a little disappointed in SS series two. i swear they started playing emotional music. and had one officially meaningful moment. As in it felt corny. 

Although I found myself questioning myself on the music. here I was thinking the music was corny: when Turkish series are full of emotional music. Yet this works. It must be that in that case, with Turkish series, the music is all part of it. after a while you realise it has a language of it's own.

Newsletter from London on 18th September 2017. Monday.

So yes, I felt that Silver Spoon became a little saccharine at one point. Which was disappointing. Because this meaningful moment felt amiss. In this cheerfully zany tale. Or maybe me feeling this is just that a result of my complete and utter emotion overload, from the emotional overload pervading each and every form of drama at present.

Yes, Turkish series are emotional too-yet they are also chock-full of story. Story, story, story. And that is what I want. Drama was always meant to be about the story. That's all I'm saying.

So instead of returning to Ezel for a lunch time break, today on the grounds that I knew it was going to be a bit depressing, because something rather sad had just happened. Which I already knew: form having mistakenly watched several episodes ahead.

Tuesday 19th September 2017.
So yes, I jumped from my Illiad Odyssey through Ezel to something different-silly, lighthearted a bit enjoyably stupid. Even bad.

So hence I dared to delve back into BBC4, in the annals of my terrestrial TV recordings. That one interminably piling up on my TIVO box. Quite often the recordings reach 100%. 

So I delete a few from as series I gave up on. Every now and then. Meaning I watched the first 10-20 minutes and thought it was crap. Basically. I just keep one4 for reference. Thinking I might write about it sometime.

Midnight Texas as one such show. So was the second series of Zoo. Which I had really been looking forward to. What happened with zoo is I just saw a clip of an episode that was recorded. Showing a women character punching a pile of tyres. That was enough for me.

Wednesday 20th September 2017.
So on the subject of new series that I was looking forward to that I ditched on: I will throw in series Four of The Originals. When I say new series I mean a subsequent series to the original one. I ditched on The Originals series 4 too. what a shame.. 

I remember calculating that I only had to wait until August. Months ago. But I just wasn't feeling it. Plus my favourite character, the Cockney accented, sort of, Shakespearean thingy, was subject to some severely symbolic hobbling. Which I reject.

Perhaps you had to watch the Originals in a long period of consecutive series watching. To get into the zone. yet what I liked about The Originals was its fresh and original flavour, which was like a Retro classic vintage timeless sort of feel.

But now unfortunately I feel, the Originals has been politically corrected. Plus it's a story about cutsie soon to be horror involved, I am guessing, children. yawn.

Friday 21st September 2017 Newsletter from London.

So as mentioned previously, somewhere, I am on a rare dip back into terrestrial TV. To avoid some sadness inherent in a part of my marathon watching of Ezel. On Youtube. plus it is a real pain in the proverbial: watching youtube on TV. 

Why on earth they don't have a continue watching option on there: I really don't know. Don't even mention the glitch inherent in watch history. being unavailable.

So I dared to delve back into the dreaded BBC. The den of iniquity supreme: of politically correct TV. (the series) Black Lake beckoned. 

I used to love and look forward to Scandi-noir. Back in the day. Now I consider it to be at the very top of strangulated propaganda.

Friday 22nd September 2017 letter from London.

Actually strangulated is not strictly correct: ot is the drama which is strangulated. Now stories, if there ever was on as in original, heartfelt to the writer in some way even emanating form that traditional artistic muse: is now crushed and subservient to the dogma. 

I do suspect there are no real stories any more: if anything they are tacked on as the glib framework. Holding the twisted dreadful caricatures of characters twisting in their shredded state..of bloodied, dripping, glistening cardboard cut out stereotype. Held up by dark and dreadful string above: all for our perusal. Of the repressed, repressive, cut and sliced, primped and primed, properly, prepared: political propaganda.

So I watched another two episodes of Black Lake. I actually looked forward to a Scandi-noir drama on a Saturday night. Like I used to. Sad really. Like back in the day. A kind of Pavlovian response. Although strictly, scientifically speaking, speaking, the Pavlovian response is not what we traditionally think it is. But I digress.

That was before I saw through Scandi-noir. Or maybe Scandi noir was more innocent then. But I wonder. As explained elsewhere, it was a culmination of watching some old episodes of Beck, which jumped into new ones, Department Q: Keeper of Lost Causes (much as I loved it) and then Modus.

To cut a long story short, I began to define Scandi-noir as the most repressive propaganda of all. Well Scandi-noir and the BBC. 

Oh and count the Australian Broadcasting Corporation too. That might not be the quite correct name. But you can tell by the propaganda level: whether that company is the land of the BBC.

You see propaganda is everywhere. Yes drama as in pure and innocent stories, conjured up form the imagination, the muse. And odd idea, a memory. A dream. From pain. From whatever or wherever hence, the story came. Even happiness, I suppose.

Tuesday 26th September 2017.

Yes, happiness is not seen as the traditional urge of mysterious muse. But it equally well could be. In the the interests of fairness. In this description. The point is: it's all about the story. A story. Or used to be. That is all I am saying. I am standing up for the story. Against propaganda.

OK I was meant to be talking about Black lake.

Oh yes, Black Lake, yawn. Like I said, I actually looked forward to this. and re-entered the land of terrestrial TV in order to watch it. But you forget that you have to wait another whole week for the next installment. How tiresome. Now. Or nowadays. 

Once you live in the land of Netflix. especially with Turkish TV series, with their mammoth size. You have bounteous amounts of episodes and a great long story sorted. You can watch if you want to: without knowing that you're sacrificing the series somehow. Hastening the end. When the series is shorter. 

A longer series is a whole different experience. much more intense. And emotional. Well if the series is good. Which all the Turkish series I have seen so far: are. But I digress.

The problem or conundrum with watching weekly terrestrial TV is: you start to measure up whether the series is really worth it. There is a higher or increased, pressure. You weigh up the worth. 

In the case of Black Lake I have decided to stick with it. Although if I force myself to be objective, as against the call of my Pavlovian and pleasant memories of Scandi Noir Saturday nights on BBC4 from long ago: Black Lake is truly tiresome. If I'm honest.

Clunking with cliches that just keep comin a calling: Black lake, in spite of being entirely unoriginal in it's horror set up: still manages to be creepily sinister. 

Well a frozen lake and what is reported to have happened here: is more interesting than the interminable fixation of the camera on the elfin- faced heroine.

Thursday 28th September 2017.
Luckily the scenery and the setting which is like Cabin Fever met The Hole-lite make up for the boring pile-up of the clanking cliches of this boring horror pile-up. 

As in rather underwhelming since you are wishing, well I was, for the much speedier dispatch of the tiresomely tedious characters: than is happening. So far...

Saturday 30th September 2017.

So I should have known better than to watch another Scandi-Noir drama. And ditto, as they say in America, for the BBC. I should have known better to watch BBC Four. I was telling myself, it's OK, it's BBC4..

BBC 4 didn't used to be tainted. BBC One was the worst. But that was before Stan lee's The Lucky Man was on a previously innocent channel. Possibly ITV. 

And the Lucky Man was kind of if not, a Marvel style show. But that was around the time that I sadly realised that actual Marvel shows: such as Luke Cage and before that the thingy/ blind guy? had been politically corrected. Or maybe it had been all along? But I don't think so. OK possibly some.

But I thought that was the whole point of Marvel and or graphic (novel) comic books, that they were free from all constraints. Well no longer. 

Somehow Marvel succumbing to the outright and overt propaganda and or propagandising of the day: is the saddest thing of all.

End of Newsletter from London Number 6.

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