Clarissima a day in the life of a tv’s Newsletter Number 3

This Newsletter covers the day of the 4th August 2017.Previously unpublished Archive Material.

These Newsletters will detail the story of how exactly I ended up watching what I am watching now in the year 2018.

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The 6th day of June in the year 2018.
United Kingdom.
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The final series.

  (author's note-my newsletter from London used to be called Quick note to my readers on my blog clarissima-a day in the life..) 

So what can I say about Nashville.  That I haven't already signalled in this tome of a quick note already. As in Nashville generally descending into the sinister somehow, soup of seriously slushy mush-of emotion. 

Yes, a veritable tsunami of emotion has descended upon us lately: clearly dictated by some universal edict from upon up high.  

We must henceforth, as a population: be subjected to a a deluge of emotion.  Covering and affecting everything we have formerly known.  Not just in the real world: or rather the world we are offered up to experience as viewers of everything on screen.  But I digress.

Sadly, this curse of hyper emotional subjectively based judgemental rinse: has become a deluge.  All terrestrial TV/ television including the News has succumbed.  Been ruined.  And so it continues. 

Even reality shows have fallen into the craggy quagmire. Strange.  I'm sure some kind of ironic statement somehow exists within that descent of an already meta-reality into achingly uncomfortable reality.
But a reality unfortunately saturated so heavily in replicated half or is it whole emotion.

Or in a nutshell as experienced in or via the viewing experience: as total and utter cringe.  Toe curlingly so.

And so it was with Nashville.

Yes, they took away toe-tapping, black Stetson wearing, all round rock star god status and Country Western singer: like Luke Wheeler for a start.

4th August 2017.

Well I say TV watcher when strictly speaking I am now longer watching terrestrial television. No channels at all in fact.
Oh wait-Nashville on record.  Since it's sadly become a bit of a chore.  To watch.

But then that state of affairs has happened to pretty much every drama series and a soap opera, Eastenders. That I used to watch.
Come to think of it, documentaries fell by the wayside too. Long ago.  Yep. I have stopped watching them all.
Why? Because art became poisoned with propaganda. 

I feel like I'm watching some perpetual government channel.  Staffed and written by some kind of Pravda-like scribes.  Almost high priests and priestesses of morality emotion and hate. Or maybe that's just the News. 

But I digress.  Did I mention that comedy, satire, parody, surreal humour too: all fell by the wayside long, long ago?

So to cut a long story short or two rather weary, reluctant digressions..

Since to talk about propaganda seems a flat heavy word and to discuss it within a drama risks doing the very thing which which I reject: which is poisoning the very review itself. 

Doing the propaganda's work for it. 

In whatever (further twisted) way.  

This it's what known as a Catch-22 situation.  You would have to know the phrase.

So what to do? I don't want to  keep on encountering the same conundrum as described above: every time I watch and write about a drama.  Plus, the experience is boring.  So I am striking out further afield..

I am currently on an Endemol Shine Productions (which are Turkish) kick. Which means I watched Intersection 1 & 2, then Filinta, then back to Intersection new series 3.

to be continued.
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