Clarissima a day in the life of a tv’s Newsletter Number 3

This Newsletter covers the day of the 4th August 2017.Previously unpublished Archive Material.

These Newsletters will detail the story of how exactly I ended up watching what I am watching now in the year 2018.

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Clarissima the Scribe
The 6th day of June in the year 2018.
United Kingdom.
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The final series.

  (author's note-my newsletter from London used to be called Quick note to my readers on my blog clarissima-a day in the life..) 

So what can I say about Nashville.  That I haven't already signalled in this tome of a quick note already. As in Nashville generally descending into the sinister somehow, soup of seriously slushy mush-of emotion. 

Yes, a veritable tsunami of emotion has descended upon us lately: clearly dictated by some universal edict from upon up high.  

We must henceforth, as a population: be subjected to a a deluge of emotion.  Covering and affecting everything we have formerly known.  Not just in the real world: or rather the world we are offered up to experience as viewers of everything on screen.  But I digress.

Sadly, this curse of hyper emotional subjectively based judgemental rinse: has become a deluge.  All terrestrial TV/ television including the News has succumbed.  Been ruined.  And so it continues. 

Even reality shows have fallen into the craggy quagmire. Strange.  I'm sure some kind of ironic statement somehow exists within that descent of an already meta-reality into achingly uncomfortable reality.
But a reality unfortunately saturated so heavily in replicated half or is it whole emotion.

Or in a nutshell as experienced in or via the viewing experience: as total and utter cringe.  Toe curlingly so.

And so it was with Nashville.

Yes, they took away toe-tapping, black Stetson wearing, all round rock star god status and Country Western singer: like Luke Wheeler for a start.

4th August 2017.

Well I say TV watcher when strictly speaking I am now longer watching terrestrial television. No channels at all in fact.
Oh wait-Nashville on record.  Since it's sadly become a bit of a chore.  To watch.

But then that state of affairs has happened to pretty much every drama series and a soap opera, Eastenders. That I used to watch.
Come to think of it, documentaries fell by the wayside too. Long ago.  Yep. I have stopped watching them all.
Why? Because art became poisoned with propaganda. 

I feel like I'm watching some perpetual government channel.  Staffed and written by some kind of Pravda-like scribes.  Almost high priests and priestesses of morality emotion and hate. Or maybe that's just the News. 

But I digress.  Did I mention that comedy, satire, parody, surreal humour too: all fell by the wayside long, long ago?

So to cut a long story short or two rather weary, reluctant digressions..

Since to talk about propaganda seems a flat heavy word and to discuss it within a drama risks doing the very thing which which I reject: which is poisoning the very review itself. 

Doing the propaganda's work for it. 

In whatever (further twisted) way.  

This it's what known as a Catch-22 situation.  You would have to know the phrase.

So what to do? I don't want to  keep on encountering the same conundrum as described above: every time I watch and write about a drama.  Plus, the experience is boring.  So I am striking out further afield..

I am currently on an Endemol Shine Productions (which are Turkish) kick. Which means I watched Intersection 1 & 2, then Filinta, then back to Intersection new series 3.

to be continued.

Clarissima a day in the life of a tv’s Newsletter Number 2


Previously unpublished Archive Material.
These Newsletters will detail the story of how exactly I ended up watching what I am watching now in the year 2018.
Clarissima the Scribe
24th day of May in the year 2018.
United Kingdom.
Series 12.

Television channel description:

"A reality show following the lives of twenty-somethings living in Chelsea, West London"
Television Channel E4 in the United Kingdom.

Since then (after trying the series Cardinal) I have been saddened to see the descent into emotional mush: of my much loved light hearted reality type shows.   Like Made In Chelsea.  Or not a reality show as such: Nashville.  

No. What have they done. First: Eastenders fell to the body snatchers.  I might have been next.  I had to stop. 

Made In Chelsea being now variable at the best of times but especially now without the fizz of the ever effervescent character of Lucy,  Oh well.

Then: Made In Chelsea actually did an odd thing and nearly if not just a little bit, morphed into actual reality.  As we watch bite sized pieces of the grand and tumultuous love story of Jamie and Frankie.  

Plus: Olivia and the interesting and irascible but ever gentlemanly, Julius. They are best friends. And then there is..but it will take too long. 

If you watch then you'll know.  If you don't then you probably won't be reading this anyway.

Yes, things got real in edited pieces.  Jamie as a character having grown up lately: before our eyes. Becoming a wise and calm adviser: to his now (comparatively) more reprobate friends.  

Jamie you see, having finally bended/ bent to the will of his fair lady love. Oh she of the Bergman-like looks looking like she could really be an avant garde actress: in a stylish Swedish movie.

But I digress.

But Made In Chelsea went all syrupy.  Right at the end. At the baby shower.  When someone (I should be able to remember but believe me-my mind went blank) sang an incredibly slushy song.  Which all the characters danced to.  Or hugged each other and smiled.  

But the music was so slow. And the slushiness just went on forever. And everybody was still smiling.  

If I had been there I'd have snuck out the door. To  escape from the saccharine overload.  it was an emergency evacuation situation.  Of toe curling cringe.


Television channel Sky Living 1 in the United Kingdom.

Oh yes and in Nashville everyone went soppy too. They are all having emotional (and necessarily meaningful) emotional journeys.  To the right place, I suppose.  

Bring back Luke Wheeler and his black cowboy hats.  And boots.  

However sweet songstress Scarlett is looking slightly doe-eyed at the eponymous and officially English Damien.  Of the curly hair and Captain Blackbeardish grin.

I am trying to think of any other series I have tried since then but nothing springs to mind. 

I search on Netflix occasionally and add randomly chosen interesting looking things: to my list.  


Netflix in the United Kingdom 
Two seasons/ two series.  
In Turkish with English subtitles. 
Update-series three has just recently added to Netflix. 

For some reason Netflix wrote to me about a series called Intersection. Which was weird since I distinctly remember looking at Intersection.  But not adding it to my list.  Does Netflix know everything? 

But I digress.

They, Netflix, wrote to me to tell me that there was a second series.  Of Intersection.  OK since this is a strange confluence of events: I am going back. To Intersection..


So here I am, at series two, episode approximately, ten I think.  Now be warned, and you would have thought I would have noticed this earlier: but I didn't.  I was that engrossed.  I suppose.  

My discovery was, much later, that each episode is around two good long hours long..

Now Intersection is a Turkish television series and is like a grandiose soap opera-writ large.  Well, that's what you think, at first..

If the first episode seems to get off to a shaky start: stick with Intersection.  You will be more than pleasantly and surprisingly: rewarded.

But then you have to watch till the end of episode one: to find out what happens in the cliffhanger moment which we see at the very beginning..


Series One & Two

Nooooo.  It can't be over..I still have the music going round in my head. I know the song off by heart. Well I say song, when the song is silent. It becomes a song-throughout.

So I loved Intersection.  I will have to find out if there's another series. It could be said to have ended on a cliff-hanger..

Yes, Intersection is slow moving.  But the series is a builder.  A grower. As Dj's used to call it.  

Things may seem a bit soap opera-y at first.  But do not fail to prevail: since there is some very suspenseful action intertwined beneath. And within..


For once: there are equally good and rounded parts for men in this drama. As there are for women.  

Indeed the hero is a man.  And he gets to be eponymously handsome (as well as seriously so) and run the full gamut of emotions.

He, the hero, Ali Nefat Karusu and his chauffeur, Ibo, were my favourite characters.

So after Intersection I discovered that there is a series three.  But beware. If you look up this information as I did-you may be subject to spoilers..


So woe is me I fairly OK quite literally: zoomed through Series 3 of Intersection/ Kordugum. And that is at 2 and a half hours long per episode! Careful, or you will find half your life gone, or rather day.  

Since you sat down to watch an episode at somewhere around lunchtime, then find it's 8 0'clock.  And you sat down to watch what happened next.

In that second half of the episode where you stopped last night. 

 And you completely forgot to have your dinner.


A British long running soap opera set in the East end of London.
Television channel BBC One. Several times a week.

Now I am looking for a new series.  There seeming to be a lot more time available now.  Since I deserted Eastenders. 

Considering that Eastenders is only half an hour long: this contradiction in my perception of it's length shows just how Godawfully dystopian Eastenders had become.  

But I digress.

Yes, when no longer appears the helpful BBC sign at the end of the programme offering help and a phone line for the issue that was the storyline in the programme: If you have suffered this problem: x, y or z.

Well now that no longer appears because the episode is one long, multifarious or multiple issues.  And the characters all spout the correct political dogma. 

The approved words with which we must deal with this officially meaningful situation. Etc.

The creepy thing about embedding all this baloney in a soap opera: is that we are vulnerable because the characters are our metaphorical imaginary friends to to speak.  

There is emotion brought into the bargain. Easier to slide the propaganda in. When we are officially emotional.


Netflix in the United Kingdom.

Two Series.  In Turkish with English subtitles. 

Feeling kindly towards Turkish series possibly after watching Intersection, I decided after some humming and hawing (well not literally but metaphorically speaking) to try something on my list called Filinta. 

I had initially stipulated to myself that I want a series with at least two seasons/ series.  One is too short. Two is bare minimum.  

More than two is even better.  But not always.  I mean look what happened to Once Upon A Time..

On further examination I discover the rather amazing fact: that Filinta has eighty something episodes for series one. And sixty something for series two.  Great stuff.  I'm good to go..

Filinta, a full review of series One & Two, can be found on this website. Accompanying opening credit sequence video is included. 


THE CLIENT LIST.  An American series. 
Netflix in the United Kingdom.

I did briefly experiment with the Client List.  It does have Jennifer Beales. And Sybil Shepherd. Those two actresses being my main reason for checking this series out.  

Now Jennifer Beals as I once surmised, in my reviews of The Chicago Code (i think that was what it was called) surely has the secret to the elixir of life. Since she remains ever youthful.  Just like in Flashdance.  Well to our eyes anyways.

A lot can be forgiven for a heroine who dances by night and welds by day. What can I say.  Her welding outfit was amazing.  Jennifer rocked it.

Then there is Sybil Shepherd, always a delight to see, here she is in a mad wig. A wig which may well be the sister to: the one on Jennifer Beale's head.  

Wigs notwithstanding Sybil Shepherd is as brilliant as always. Jennifer Beale or rather her character: is passable.

An interesting as in slightly 1970's VHS video storyline beckons.  Hard times hit for Jennifer/ her character's name who just happens to be a masseur. Or is it masseuse.  Wouldn't want to get the gender wrong.  Would I.  Who knows.  Who cares. 

So I think we can guess pretty much what is soon about to happen.

Now I can spot the tiresomely de rigeur now: female empowerment theme from a long way off..

But still, this story could be interesting. It's looking like we're going to be saved the gory details.  

Yet it's not long before things descend into emotional claptrap.  Sadly. 

As Jennifer/ Her character, who very fortunately has extremely handsome clients, is soon advising them on how to work things out with wifey.  Back home.  


A Box set on my Virgin Media TIVO box.   
(no I do not work for Virgin) 
Pilot episode One Series One.

Detectives Jack Roth and Pablo Contreras track a killer who targets aspiring starlets in Los Angeles, and a struggling journalist may be the killer's next target.

Fairly promising on the evidence of one episode. 

 This drama is set in the 1990's or it might be the 70's.  Deliberately retro dramas seem to mix and match the two periods.  

Suffice to say the Detectives look buttoned up and uncomfortable to our eyes: in regulation terrible tight suits and beige (sort of) shirts.  

This was before the word taupe was invented and sneakily made beige into cool. 

This phenomenon of the transformation of beige come to think of it may well be related to the obsession with Magnolia paint.  At that time.  Was that the 90's or the 70's?  I'm not sure. 

Surely the 70's was the king of orange, burnt orange and sickly green. Which was lovingly called Avocado.  

The orange could come in the form of madly psychedelic wallpaper.  Made of Rorsch-like mutant blobs and swirls.  

Now I always knew that all this was terrible. And magnolia was just cream and the psychedelic wallpaper was all wrong. So wrong it should have been illegal. 


It is weird that I was convinced I had written more about Wicked City but clearly I didn't.  

Because my imagined further review did not exist. On paper. Apparently it was all in my head.  But I remember the words. Roughly. 

I was gonna say that I wasn't entirely convinced by the character of the enigmatic and urban would-be murderer.  Mainly on the basis of remembering him from Gossip Girl. Which is, admittedly, unfair.

Yes, I couldn't get the image of the teenagerish but often come to think of it, convincingly evil anti-hero from Gossip Girl out of my head.  

But then that actor is probably older now.  Yet still. He looks the same.  A wee bit wooden. Of countenance and stance.

Then there is an interestingly dark and creepy story transpiring around someone officially unexpected that you were expecting to be the victim. Our first hint of this eerie situation arises over an encounter with a spider..

In spite of all these superficially interesting things as described so far in my viewing of this series: I ditched. 

There was a possibility of a pleasing and different vintage style of drama: which sadly didn't transpire for me. Instead the would-be retro staging just seemed stereotypical and dull.

OK.  In short, I really didn't like the whole thing with the spider.  And certain initially surreal followed by severely sinister events surrounding it.

I can say no more..


I did find myself musing on the tiresome possibility that perhaps women characters are not even allowed to be the victim anymore.


to be continued in Clarissima a day in the life of a tv's Newsletter Number 3.


Here endeth Clarissima a day in the life of a Tv watcher.London's Newsletter Number 2.

All for the perusal of peoples who doth loveth such entertainment, throughout the close and far away lands.