The Sniffer. A Ukrainian series on Netflix in the United Kingdom. A Preview and Final Review of Series One. By Clarissima.



I did find an enjoyable Russian series called The Sniffer.

Now I am quite into Russian series. Well purely on the basis of Silver Spoon (Series One) being so good. Russian series are fresh and different and less cluttered with the preachy-teachy politicking that we all know.

Men chatting up women at work! Shock horror. Women flirt back! I think I might faint. In utter horror. haven’t they heard of the isms and ists?

Quick-send them to the Gulags! Double-time (it was a joke). They must be shown The Way.

Sacre bleu. Mon dieu. I think we may all have to go lie down in a darkened room. Call for some laudanum. That will help.

Whilst we fan ourselves with our dainty hands. Or delicate fans. (not sure if they had them in Victorian times but you get the gist).

Yes, as we recover our damaged sensibilities form such indelicacies/ indelicate sights. Quivering on our day bed, an embroidered chaise longue. with drooping fluted pale hands on forehead..

Until we recover, but I digress

Russian series also have cool and funky music in the credits. You might find yourself singing along. or maybe it was jut that the laudanum was really rather good.


So I am on episode six now of Sniffer. Another good Russian series..

Don’t give up on episode one. If it seems a bit lurid. Because by episode two the series is warming up very nicely.

Without giving too much away let’s Just say a classic detecting duo soon transpires. Along with a nicely cogent central storyline running concurrently with various investigation.

Plus stunning sets and scenery and fabulous interiors. Of ancient stone brick houses from other centuries filled with gigantic ornate wooden framed mirrors. Propped up against the wall. Old and intricate armoires, and faded jewel painted walls. These are the insides of the old houses, apartments and tiny little rooms.

Then there is the industrial chic of steel and glass and silver toned offices of the SGB/ Special Investigation Bureau . And the penthouse flat. Which belongs to the best friend of a certain Sergeant. A Detective who works in the SGB.  The go-getting and serial romancer Detective is friends with a man with a very beautiful penthouse apartment: and a rather unusual skill..

Possibly my favourite piece of scenery so far in this series is a tiny wooden cabin, it used to be a sauna. Explains the beautiful elderly lady. There the cabin lays, only accessible by a boardwalk: facing the lake.



Further research on this show reveals the fact that I was mistaken to originally call it a Russian series: since it is in fact a Ukrainian series, but filmed in Russia and is in Russian.

Sourced and quoted from Wikipedia 22nd May 2018:

The Sniffer (UkrainianНюхач) is a Russian language detective series produced and shot in Ukraine by FILM.UA Television, created, co-written, and directed by Artyom Litvinenko.



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