Clarissima’s Circulars and Newsletters from London. 16th October 2017.

Dear Readers, 
news of a new set of publications which are called Clarissima's Circulars.  

These are Newsletters from London detailing Television drama series and Netflix series I have been watching in the United Kingdom over periods of months in 2017.

Clarissima's Circular Number 1 for the months of June and July 2017 has just been published over at the sister site to this one which is:

This page left intentionally blank publishing

There you can find e pub 2 files for e books and Kindle for sale of my favourite drama series and most recently, a Newsletter from London for the months of June to July

All epub 2 files can be found in The Unbound Bookshop.

The Unbound Bookshop.
Illustration.                                          A Man Reading (Saint Ivo?)
Artist: Workshop of Rogier van der Weyden
Date made: about 1450



This image is in the public domain.
The Unbound Bookshop can be found at

Future new publications on this site will be in the form of podcasts reading out Clarissima's Circulars on my upcoming Youtube channel!

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Thank you all very much for your wonderful comments on my original handwritten work.

16th October, 2017.
United Kingdom.

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