Quick note to my readers started on 30th April continuing until 13th of May 2017. Series I have been watching on Netflix and Television in the United Kingdom & This page left intentionally blank publishing company.london publication news.

Quick note to my readers started 30th April 2017 ending on 13th of May 2017.

Netflix in the United Kingdom.

So I am over the fact now that there is a wait in the United Kingdom for series Four. I can do it..

Plus there will only be five episodes. Boo hoo. And we were used to great big galumphing nicely meaty twenty to even twenty three: episodes. In a series.

My top pick of last week:

 Netflix in the UK.
I gave this series five stars.

So having zoomed enjoyably through Nowhere Boys I discovered this:


My top pick of the next week:

 Four series.
 Netflix in the United Kingdom.
I give this series five stars.

According to IMDB there are five series.
Nb. If you look this series up online you will find it listed only as Der Bestatter.

OK it’s a Swiss series in Swiss German. With French and English subtitles.
First released in Switzerland in 2013.
Most recent series five is dated 2017.
Only four series on Netflix.

Der Bestatter has won two awards: for the award of best actor and actress for Mike Muller and Barbara Muller.

Netflix Description:
"When a former Detective takes over his fathers's funeral home, his close encounters with unusual deaths inspires him to continue investigating murders".
2016. Four seasons.

Finished this drama now. All four series. No series five yet.

My top pick of the following week.

Right now I am checking out:


Netflix in the United Kingdom.
In Spanish with English subtitles.

Which was randomly added to my list a while back now.

(in my randomly chosen intermittent sweep of Netflix for series that look interesting)

I’m on episode two now.

Mar de plástico
Netflix description:
"In a town in southern Spain where racial tensions run high among the workers in it's many greenhouses, a cop investigates the murder of a young woman".
2016. Two seasons.

Nb. This series is only listed as MAR DE PLÁSTICO.

I am seriously into this series now. Somewhere around episode eight of series one..

Later update.
Yep. Warning-this series may keep you up at night-or you may even find yourself watching during the day-just to find out what happened next..
A stonkingly good murder mystery.

Whilst superficially shlocky at times-there is enough good acting and characters along with a satisfyingly good puzzle for the viewer to figure out whodunnit..

I think my inner voice may have changed to Spanish.



Grimm Series Six.

TV Description:

"One day you're a normal Portland homicide cop.  The next: a warrior battling fairy tale monsters.  It's been quite a week."

Channel W in the UK.
Four series of Grimm are now on Netflix.
Grimm series five has just been added to Netflix.

Oh yes. And Grimm ended-nooooooo!

Sadly the series was cancelled and episode thirteen was the final episode.

I think I may agree with a comment I read somewhere (whilst attempting to unravel the gargantuan plot) that the world may well be a sadder and duller place now without Grimm.

Yep I will add that to the list of series I have loved that were cancelled: Residue. Magic City. East End Witches.

A United Kingdom British Broadcasting Services channel.

I see from a television trailer I caught whilst venturing into the dystopian hell of Eastenders tonight: that there is a bucket load of new series coming to BBC One.

So many in fact, that they, the titles of the series fill the screen at the end.

Me-I could only admire the font and sigh. I have learnt, to my cost in time and pure, dragging, dirge-like dreariness of drama series on this channel (nay- on all even commercial channels now) of hours of time spent uselessly that I will never get back. Wasted watching things on this channel.

But I digress.

Yes-I have learnt that not even the presence of a recognisable and good actor is worth putting yourself through this proselytising propaganda-fest. Which each drama is. I predict..



The Legacy Series Three.

On Sky Arts Channel in the UK.

So I am trudging my way through this series. Which has been surprisingly un-engaging this time around. For me anyway.

I really thought it was the final episode last week. But no. It’s not great when the watching of something feels like a chore. Is it.



Still keeping up with Riverdale. A bit turgid all in all however a beautiful and amazing piece of filmic work. In my opinion. Successfully creating that Gothic depiction of a comic book with characters made real.

Even if the original Archie & Veronica comics were not this dark..

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13th May 2017.

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