Quick note to my readers starting on 16th April 2017 ending on 23rd April 2017. Plus publication on This page publishing company news.

Quick note to my readers started on 16th April 2017 and ended 23rd April 2017. 


 This page publication news.

Published as a free pamphletino:

Silver spoon.  A Mini-potted Review.
A Russian detective drama series.

Soon to be published as Pamphlets:

Some English Noir.
Two different series.


The Legacy. 
In Danish with English subtitles.  
Series Three. 

I am open to suggestions for requests for particular series publications on Thispage..From my archives.

My favourite Top pick of this week:

One series.
A Netflix Original. 2016.
In Finnish with English subtitles.
Netflix in the United Kingdom.

Netflix description:
"A gifted Detective takes a job in a small town so the can spend more time with his family.  But he's soon drawn into a web of disturbing murder cases".
Rated 15.

So whilst watching weekly installments of Riverdale, a tiresome wait indeed, I discovered what I first thought was a Scandi-noir drama. To put behind my ear. Metaphorically.

Bordertown however, turns out to be Finnish. There is no indication of this unless of course you recognise spoken Finnish I guess. Me I was thinking the drama was in Danish or Swedish . I could not tell.

I only knew it was Scandinavian for sure because of the Hospital. It was so pristine.

My top pick favourite of the following week:

Two series.

Netflix in the United Kingdom.
In Chinese with English subtitles.
More information:
 from RTHK (a television channel I think):

 Elite Brigade


Elite Brigade Series One.
 here titled:
 Elite Brigade F.S.D:


This link below shows you all the episodes from series One:


The above link says there are English, French and Spanish subtitles available.

There is also a Chinese Podcast available from:
Main page.

An episode podcast example here:

No subtitle option.

Elite Brigade Series Two

OK it is series two.
This video definitely works in the UK! you can hear the music!!

Nb. This Series two link information describes only English and French sub titles available online.

There is a series three of Elite Brigade apparently but only in Chinese as yet and not on Netflix in the United Kingdom .

There are different translators for each episode I note.  From these links I discover that all the translators for Elite Brigade are voluntary.  So thank you translators!

My top pick favourite new series of this week:
Elite Brigade.

Netflix in the United Kingdom.
In Chinese with English subtitles.

Also, I watched two episodes of Elite Brigade, although the first one I realise was not numbered as one so may count as the pilot or introduction. The next episode is number one. If that makes sense.

The first episode is a sort of montage of the training sessions of a group of young trainees, firemen and paramedics. In Hong Kong.

Nb.Correction: the first episode is listed as number one I think.

So hey presto I had barely watched the introductory episode and the one after that, when i discovered I was on Series Two! How did this happen?

How did I get the introductory, heroic song about:
My tears never running dry..

And how:

My blood may run dry..

And how:

I will walk through the rain to be your hero..

(roughly paraphrased)

Yes, how did I get this singing, this song and it’s music, going round in my head?

I ask myself.

Because Elite Brigade is seriously, addictively binge-worthy. That’s why.


My other top pick favourite series.

Netflix in the United Kingdom.

In between enjoying Elite Brigade I have been binge-watching The Originals. Now sadly over. Well the end of Series three. For me.

However apparently series four of The Originals is already out in the United States. On CW Channel and Netflix. As far as I understand.

The rumour is, since no set date available for series four in the United Kingdom-The Originals series four will go on UK Netflix in August of 2017.

Since this month, August, would be the same month as in 2016: that series three was added to Netflix.

Series four is available on Amazon as DVD’s (Region 2 for the United Kingdom) and on i-tunes apparently.


The weekly installment series.

Riverdale update.
Netflix in the United Kingdom.

I am also keeping up with Riverdale. Which I note has now done that annoying two week gap: in the weekly installment thing. Not really weekly at all then.

Ergo next episode is on the 28th April 2017 (in the United Kingdom).

What a pain. This is really rather stretching the concept. Of watching a drama. Interesting. In a way.

Still, Riverdale is strong enough in itself to withstand this interval. In the story.

I guess you could say the effect is like Jughead, closing his laptop. For a while. The one upon which he writes the story..He’ll just come back to it. Later.


Update on Bordertown & The Originals Series Four.

So I am up to episode four or five now of Bordertown. which, as a series, I had metaphorically put behind my ear. For later.

So now sadly, The Originals has ended and I have spent probably far too much time, yes and inordinate amount of time: trying to watch series Four by other means…

August is too far away.

I will keep trying. There used to be a way..

Interestingly, more and more things are getting blocked. Or blocked off. On the internet. But I digress.

I have already seen some spoilers, just searching for Season Four. Oh well…

My lips are sealed.

So it’s back to Bordertown..and it’s looking, four or five episodes in: to be really rather good..


Danish Films on English Television: BBC Four.
Department Q: The Absent One (2014). One of a set of films currently showing on BBC Four.

A Mini-potted Review of Two films from The Department Q series has just been published as a free Pamphpletino on This page..
(see above for link).
BBC Four in the United Kingdom. Currently showing on Saturdays at 9pm.

Department Q: The Absent One. First aired Saturday 15th April 2017. 
(two hours).
Department Q: A Conspiracy of Faith.

There is one more Department Q mystery showing Saturday 22nd April 2017 at 9pm on on BBC Four.

This will be the last one in this random set of films and is called Department Q: A Conspiracy of Faith. (2016).


BBC Four next Saturday 29th April 2017.

Nb. The following Saturday on BBC Four there will be a Norwegian film called Pioneer. (2013).

More on English television.
An American series.

New series of Nashville-Series Five.
To be aired on Friday, 28th April 2017.  
Sky Living television Channel in the United Kingdom.


Country music of all different kinds including some sublime harmonising  live acoustic singing from Scarlet and Gunnar.  Many of the characters are real life Country & Western music stars.

Plus men in Cowboy hats with Southern charm. What’s not to love.

And of course soap operatic happenings..

I have checked out:

On Netflix in the United Kingdom.
Schitts Creek.

Netflix description:
"Suddenly broke, the formerly filthy-rich Rose family is reduced to living in a ramshackle motel in a town they once bought as a joke: Schitts Creek."

Catherine O’Hara having a great time acting everyone else except maybe for her husband: off the screen.

Actually, unbelievably (in this day and age of the death of comedy, humour and satire) this series is actually funny.  Small-town stereotypes notwithstanding.

Western small town folk being the only ones left now that drama  makers are allowed to caricature.  Something tells me however that the locals will be shown to get their slow revenge..

The Roses of course will no doubt end up all chilled out too and eventually loving their new home.  This is a classic story and set up which writes itself.

The only reason any of this is funny down to the most excellent classical comedy sit-com acting of all the players involved.

I see that the excellently funny (and with amazingly expressive eyebrows) dead-panning foil to Catherine O Hara is Eugene Levy.  He is the real life father of his son in the show: Daniel Levy.



I tried. I really tried. Just a bit underwhelming and dull so far. Has the actress who played Lori from the Walking Dead early series in it.

An interesting if classical science-fiction/ post-apocalyptic premise.

Yet we miss, quite literally as in dramatically speaking: seeing the beginning, Which is only described..

Also I checked out on Netflix in the United Kingdom:

One More Time.
A Korean Television series.
A Netflix Original.

Description of One More Time:

“Disguised as a bodyguard, a special agent must complete his National Security tasks whilst pandering to the whims of his ill-tempered world star”.

This series had an interesting and promising description. But I didn’t really get into it. Not sure if it is meant to be funny. Or not.
I may return and give this series another chance..

Now I am currently watching on UK Netflix:

The Nowhere Boys.
An Australian series.

Netflix Description:
"Four disparate teen boys who would otherwise never be friends return form a school trip to din themselves in a parallel world where they don't exist".

More shows on English Television:
Grimm Series Six.
An American supernatural drama series.

I see that Netflix has had Grimm series three and four added.
I am currently watching series six on W Channel in the United Kingdom.


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