Quick note to my readers started on 18th March and ending on the 31st March 2017: News about my sister site-This page left intentionally blank publishing company.london & new and returning series on UK Television and Netflix.


Quick note to my Readers.

News about my sister site:
This page left intentionally blank publishing company.london
Some news about This page...my sister site to this one which I set up in order to formally publish my original written work.

So dear readers I am going professional as a writer and will be selling my published work and collections of drama series over at the sister site to this one:
I will be previewing here which series I am watching and will be, unless otherwise stated, be writing about.

The sister site will be e pub files of whole series. Or sets of series. Like Teen Wolf for example which I will be putting up soon as an e pub file for Series One, two, three, four and five.

There will be a mixture on the publishing company site of written pieces that are free-which will be known as Pamphletinos.

Pamphletinos will be mini-potted reviews, film thumbnail sketches and short One-off Reviews of a series.

Pamphletinos will be (free) blog posts on this page..

Pamphlets will be the whole series with all episodes often including notes and dialogue. Pamplets will be e pub files for download.

Pamphlettes will be One-Off Reviews sometimes with notes and dialogue made on first watching. Pamphlettes will be e pub files for download.


Quick note to my readers.
Some new and returning series on Television in the United Kingdom and Netflix series.  
 My favourite Top Pick of Series of last week!
Teen Wolf.
 Netflix in the United Kingdom.
 Five Series. Five Stars.

So I was having a great deal of televisual fun watching the third, fourth and fifth series of Teen Wolf.
Absolutely brilliant stuff.

Teen Wolf series One, Two, Three, Four and Five Review will be published for sale on:

this Page left intentionally blankpublishingcompany.london

Update: this e pub 2 file has just been uploaded.


My favourite top pick of series the following week!
East End Witches.
  Netflix in the UK.

Then it was equally fun watching East End Witches. Although not entirely a barrel of laughs. That’s all I can say.

An Pamphlette e-pub download file  will be published of a Review of East End Witches on this page.. soon.


Update 8th April 2017: A Pamphlette of Witches Of East End has been uploaded on:

this pageleftintentionallyblankpublishingcompany.london


 The Santa Clarita Diet.
  Netflix in the UK.

Before that I tried the Santa Clarita diet, the series, not an actual diet. Well that would be a little bit worrying If I actually did…

Nb. A free posting of a Pamphletino of a review of The Santa Clarita Diet will be published on thispage..soon.


Update 8th April 2017: A free Pamphletino of The Santa Clarita Diet has just been uploaded to this page..

(see link above)


The Series to put behind your ear! The one that grows on you..

  Netflix in the UK.

Then after of two episodes or chunks, ha ha, of the Sant Clarita diet, I hopped over to Riverdale. Which is really rather good. I am thinking. Watched two to three episodes. Some weekly.

Yep. It’s one of those annoying weekly series. So then I left it for a while, saving some episodes. To watch in a row. Whilst I binge-watched, gloriously, on East End Witches…

Now I have returned to Riverdale after semi-mourning the end of East End Witches and Riverdale is still good. And possibly getting even better..
But now I have watched my three episodes in a row now I discover that episode seven (the final episode I am wondering?) is not out until the 31st March 2017. What?

Noooooo. That is not weekly at all. Is it.


Nb.  I will be publishing a Pamphlet on Riverdale on This page..


  BBC One on UK Televison.
 (An English soap-opera set in East London-supposedly).

Oh yes and they killed Eastenders.

There is not enough space here for all I could say about Eastenders.

However now I am only holding on for the welcome but sadly intermittent now: appearances of Dot. Who can of course electrify the screen with barely a flick of her hands or sitting in the doorway with a hot water bottle on her lap, a rug and a plate of cat food calling for her cat.

And then there is my other favourite character, Phil. Who they have sent off on a much needed imaginary holday in: actually I cannot remember..

Abroad. That’s all we need to know.

Bald-headed, irascible, intermittently but very rarely now, violent (but with a heart of gold) and alarmingly yellow lately-Shakespearean Phil.

A true star.


My favourite Top Pick series on Netflix this week!
Silver Spoon.
 UK Netflix.

So then I dipped through my list. Randomly assembled at intermittent intervals. Then forgotten about. Till now..

Something about a guy who is forced to become a Cop/ Policeman, as punishment. I know it was subtitled but didn’t know what country.

I had been thinking maybe Silver Spoon was Eastern Eastern European, or Icelandic even.

But no, At first I thought the writing might be Greek but it was revealed to be Cyrillic. Since Silver Spoon is a Russian series.

And now I am four episodes in. I didn’t even mean to watch the fourth one. In a row. I was gonna call it a night. But Silver Spoon warms up very nicely in three episodes..

A kind of Russian Spiral (series) if you like.

A review of Silver Spoon will be published as a Pamphlet soon on this page..

(see link below)

  New Series.
  FOX Television Channel in the United Kingdom.
 A mini-potted Review.

See Thispageleftintentionallyblankpublishingcompany.london

For free Pamphletino-a Mini Potted Review of Legion.


Grimm. Series Six. Channel W on English Television.
Early series are on Netflix.
First aired on 

Hurray! “The Spirit Aspirateur” Oh no!


35 Diwrnod. Thirty Five days. A Welsh series. 
In Welsh with English subtitles. 
On Welsh Television channel number S4C in the United Kingdom. 
Can be watched online.
 New series Three.

Probably good. If not very good. Series One was. I just didn’t have the patience to go through a similar experience. Of watching another series.
Nb. I wrote about Series One of 35 Days/ 35 Diwrnod.

This will be published on thispageleftintentionallyblankpublishingcompany.london


Homeland Series Six.
 Channel Four, United Kingdom Television channel.
A mini-potted Review of The First Twenty Minutes.
 Episode One.

Please see this page left intentionally blank publishing company.london

(see link above)

For  free pampheltino.


Right now I am watching:
 The Originals.
 On Netflix.

More silly supernatural shenanigans.  With much gore.

Later update on The Originals.

I had tried this series once before. And ditched. Not having got into the story. Thinking that this was a silly and superficial drama. Not for me.

But then I came back to The Originals later. When I just couldn’t settle into anything else. Or just couldn’t be bothered. With anything else on offer. and I did try.

Principal, Greenleaf, I tried both. Principal being well acted and beautifully filmed but tediously predictable and sententious.

Somehow I’m guessing that this Australian production is the equivalent of the BBC.

Greenleaf, I ditched after the prologue and the opening credits. Tediously predictable too.

13 Reasons.
Netflix in the United Kingdom.

So now there is a new story or series on Netflix: the story of Hannah. Her suicide. Why did she do it? Seemingly a real life story. Great. I think I’ll pass.

The Originals.

So thence I returned to The originals. Being that they have made us wait untold/ umpteen weeks for the next episode of Riverdale.

I started from the beginning again. Of the Originals. Then after watching further on than where I had previously ditched: I was hooked.

The Originals is seriously binge-worthy.

Also: new series of The Legacy. Arvingerne. A Danish family saga drama series.

Sky Arts channel in the United Kingdom. Thursdays at 9pm First aired 30th March 2017.

Which brings us back to Riverdale, episode seven I believe, tonight, 31st March (at the time of writing) 2017..




I hope Y’all will find something to read that you enjoy on the new sister site over at my new publishing adventure!

Nb. All original written work of reviews in the form of download e-pub files will be only one pound!

I am happy to receive suggestions from readers for publications of series (I have about six years of back catalogue of work) and any feedback on possible bugs, layouts of e-pub books and so on..


Thispage works for future publication:

Some English noir..

This page publication news:

12th April, 2017.
Just published:
Midwinter of The Spirit.
My mini-potted review.

Coming soon..
Some more English noir..

The Legacy or Arvingerne in Danish.
Series three currently showing on English Television, Sky Arts channel.
Episodes One & Two.


8th April, 2017.

London, United Kingdom.

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