Shooter. American noir. Some notes and dialogue and a One-Off Review. Minor spoilers only. On Netflix in the United Kingdom.

American noir.




Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Random episode notes starting with episode One.

“But what if my instincts are wrong”
“Then you adjust your dope and you fire again..”
I double checked, she did say dope, not scope.
“A modified Amber Forsst” or something. So funky rock music plays when guns are involved.

So there is a slightly superficial side story involving FBI Agent Memphis.

I like that the hero is called Bob Lee.

The opening credits are a shock between episodes!

Alexander Prososvich to Bob Lee:
“If you ever got out of here”..
“You should go to Hervitica”..
“You would have a lot of friends”
“I like you Bob Lee, you don’t talk very much”!
Predictably, Agent Memphis meets up with the hero’s wife.

So if you have seen Secrets and Lies series one, you may appreciate the dramatic completion inherent in this story line.

When Bob Lee talks someone down who is trying to shoot him, he just talks to them about their gun and bullets.


Review Of Shooter.

So this series was really rather good fun I felt. To watch. Well I enjoyed it and happily binge watched in three to four episode lumps. Until the penultimate episode. At which point I thought the series had ended. On one of those dramatic high notes.

But no. I later spotted that new episode sign and there was one more episode to go. Next Wednesday. This handily synced with the weekly episode of Frequency. On Thursday. Netflix is actually turning into TV.

But that next really was the final one. Of series one. Not really sure if there is another series as Shooter appears to be based on the original film. with Mark Wahlberg starring as the eponymous shooter.

However, it could well be that this original story will be the jumping off point for more story lines or strands.

Putting aside a slight suspicion of mine about shall we say the timing of this story line in real time: I also note the rather unfavourable treatment of a certain nationality. In this series. Without giving too much away. Clue:
I will keeel them!” Ambassador shrugs.


I feel like I should explain more than I have however the title is self evident really. And the plot is not an unfamiliar one either. Yet the story line bundles along very nicely in terms of pace, action and interest.

Barring the slushy stuff. Or that could just be me.

I liked that it was a story about an eponymous square-jawed hero. The classic macho man. He has a gun. He’s a Marine. He’s a sniper. He gets to do all cool survivalist things.

Myself, I particularly enjoyed seeing how Bob Lee survives. His trials and tribulations shall we say.

Bob Lee also gets officially macho music. For his scenes. This must be the first drama I recall which describes in the sound description: enthralling rock music plays”.

Or it could have been “enthralling music”. There was a lot of “Rock music plays”. Great stuff And hilarious. The “enthralling” I mean.

Such is the fresh and funky style of Shooter. I found myself appending the word funky to some of the music descriptions. In a kind of interactive intellectual enjoyment.

This was all very deep and meaningful. Honestly.

This drama may not be hugely deep and meaningful. But I don’t care. I’m fed up to the back teeth of deep and meaningful anyway.
Shooter was one of those drama series which is more than the sum of its parts.
The drama had an intricate and interesting plot. Some excellently acted baddies/ bad guys.

Such as the incandescently evil apparition of Captain Johnstone. As a character. Brilliant stuff. As in a wonderful performance.

Likewise Bob Lee, though baby of face, is eminently and increasingly convincing as the driven, yet soft spoken sniper. With a deadly aim..



I wasn’t sure about the opening episode credits at first. Wondering if they really did the series justice.

But perhaps on reflection the shocking at first visual and auditory interruption of the sort of 70’s/ 90’s style credits come on screen-after the episode has started. Hence the feeling of surprise. Possibly.

Still, the credits grew on me. They were kind of sweet and snazzy medium classic retro.

Oh and if you’re thinking-boo hiss-man with a gun, this is all most morally reprehensible and I would never watch this drama: do not be afeared.

It is made clear very early on: that sweet baby faced but stony eyed (when he needs to be) Bob Lee: is terribly and assuredly right-on.

(and somewhat stereotypically) He prays and everything.


Clarissima. 12th February 2017.


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Final Review of Braquo. A French Police drama series. Series One, two, three and four. Minor spoilers only. In French with English subtitles. This final review follows on from my first review posted on the 4th of December, 2016.


French noir.

Final review.

So Braquo just got better and better really. Although it did suffer a case of minor re-programming by the time it got to series four.

Braquo was really rather wonderful. What can I say. Words are superfluous and I don’t want to spoiler or ruin it. Certainly watching all four series in a row was a rare treat.

Plus as always watching a series set circa early 2000, is fresh fun and different. Compared to now.

As you watch the years ticking on however, in the dates of the series: you know that time is running out. Sooner or later, it’s going to get re-programmed somehow. and so it does. But not too irrevocably thankfully.

Although they may well have stopped swearing, lustily and gloriously, in French. Which of course was incorrectly translated anyway. At least one of those words, never is. In dramas. As it’s too rude I guess.

But it’s the nuances of the word. How it means a myriad of different things. At that time. And it sounds so great when they say it. But I digress.

Yes, Braquo was, as previously described (in my first review) very understated. As a drama.

I like how the team barely speak to each other. Théo, Eddie Caplan, Walter Morlighem and Roxanne. They don’t need to. They know each other so well.

They, the old friends, don’t hang around on their mobiles either. Plus there are no computer screens come to think of it. Not that I barely noticed. But thank God.

I like how the series doesn’t translate text messages either. Which are in a different language than French. We are left to figure it out on our own. As we often have to do within the drama too.

You are having to calculate some behind the scenes action and consequences.

I liked that everything wasn’t spelled out for us. This aspect of watching the drama reflected that same reality for the crew too, sometimes. Although they were obviously a lot more clued up then we were!

This is a show where you can’t really afford to miss a minute of action or even silent cogitations from the ever effortlessly effervescent Eddie Caplan. Nope.

If you miss a minute you may well miss a whole link in the subterranean and increasingly gargantuan, elephantine even, every growing plot. Serpentine in it its constrictions, as it wriggles and constricts around the characters inexorably toward the end.

One text message is shown translated at the very end.

I think I mentioned in my first review of Braquo, episode one of series one, that Braquo was unutterably, irrevocably cool.  Well yes. Braquo ate cool for breakfast.

Braquo chewed down cool. digested it, imbibed it, exuded cool.

Braquo was so cool it made uncool the new cool.

Be careful or you may find yourself wearing a vaguely sheepskin or leather jacket, strutting moodily down the city street, impressively impassive of expression.

My favourite gangsters were: Jordania, Atom the Armenian guy and Lemoine. Plus the apparently bumbling and ineffectual Police Chief.

After a while you realise that the crew are permanently and ever professionally on call.  They just rest in between jobs.

Plus we discover an interesting link between their SPYG/ Special Forces Unit and some of the other characters.


His crew pronounce Edie as: “Edeeee”.




We love you Paris.