Travelers. Netflix. A Canadian Science fiction series. My First Review. Minor spoilers only. On Netflix in the United Kingdom.

A Canadian Science Fiction series.

My First Review.

So Travelers is reminding me of The Intruders. And Continuum. A lot. Plus quite a few other similar series with the same sort of revenant/ returned thing. Going on. If that’s not a spoiler to say. Hope not.

Now Intruders was a rather madly wonderful series on BBC two a while back. Which I lovingly reviewed at the time. I only happened upon it by chance.

I don’t remember reading or hearing anything about Intruders . But it was good. And had the wonderful John Sims as the hero. That was some seriously beautiful drama to view. But I digress.

Point is, I was getting flashback so to speak, them wise and story-wise to both Continuum and Intruders: whilst watching Travelers. I really liked Continuum too.

As apart from observing that the Travelers is not hugely original itself in it’s premise of time travelers returning back to fix that timeline: I still like the set-up. The story.

I am already predisposed towards this series. On account of the drama reminding me of two series I really liked.

I was however wavering for a while over Travelers in the beginning. However by episode four the series really got into its stride I felt.

I was originally not sure if the drama, or rather the characters and the story-line and their evocation of that story: was entirely successful. and I’m still not sure.

But once the characters shall we say settled into their roles: they became more believable.

Well except for the wife. In my opinion. And officially she doesn’t count. She was in her role already lets say. So has no excuse. for being a bit woefully unengaging. As a character.

But then I might just be over the whole saintly long suffering spiritual being persona of the FBI Agent and or either Detective’s wife: in drama.

It’s like you get either kick-ass babes: or Mother Theresa. Now of course the practically halo-wearing wife of a hero can go all kick-ass babe.

But kick ass babes never go all Mother Theresa. Do they. Except possibly with small children and troubled teens. Because you see, the kick ass babe had been in trouble too. Back in the day.. But I digress.

Yes, I may be down on the wife mainly because she was responsible for the fairly slushy romantic stuff. Which interfered with the really rather good and excellently building story-line, multiple plots and escalating tension. Throughout.

As the drama hits halfway and snowballs towards the end.

I am at episode ten now. I pretty much binge-watched after episode four.


To be continued..


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    1. Don’t give up the day job..
      Not sure if your blog is taking the proverbial ‘P’ or not.
      However if not-I would suggest writing stories that are not violent!
      Consider finding alternative words for some of the less socially acceptable ones you have used.
      They are also not funny.
      And try reading Raymond Chandler. Or Colette.
      All the best, Clarissima.

      I do like the last paragraph of your story:
      “Travelling to Another Realm”.

      This paragraph nicely ties up your story in time and has an atmosphere to it.

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