Travelers. A Canadian Science Fiction drama series. My Final Review. Minor spoilers only. On Netflix in the United Kingdom.

A Canadian Science Fiction drama  series.


Final Review.

So I really was over the whole Marcy thing by the end of Travelers. Much like the FBI Agent’s wife. They were just a bit sappy. As story-lines.

We seemed to spend an unholy amount of time staring at Marcy’s face. For some reason Often-as she stared at herself in the mirror.

Likewise the saintly and equally officially feisty-FBI Agent’s wife. Although Marcy had the extra ability to stare down people menacingly but upwards, through or with her chin.

I liked the officially un-likeable Cop, yes I know he was meant to be boo-hiss bad. But I did. Because he was an interesting character.

Some other excellently played parts I felt were the character Phillip and Trevor. Both were intensely convincing in their roles.

The FBI Agent, who we are introduced to in the very beginning: is an enigmatic yet heroic figure. Throughout. If a little stony in countenance.

There are some madcap moments and some almost if not quite downright horror. In this drama. Not quite in that I wasn’t always buying into the most obviously horrific scenes.

Yet I found a more subtle horror in a quietly understated boardroom scene..I can say no more.

I’m not sure all of Travelers is always entirely successful as a fully fledged dystopian Sci-fi drama. However it is successful in being so for enough of the time.  For me.   Often punchy in pace, snappy in dialogue and original in ideas: as in some enjoyable and interesting inventions.


Some dialogue.

David to Marcie:
“So you’re….Batgirl?”!




At one point one of the travellers superiorly and smugly advises a present day person that a particular “phobia” and “sexism” well they: “no longer exist in the future..”
Yawn. Yeah but you lived in a basement and had truly terrible jumpers.



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